Dangrous Attractions

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chapter five


We enter my room it’s black, the color that matches my soul I have black walls with red plush carpet, and red curtains and red marble dressers. Everything is over millions in here, Bella is looking around with the lights that look dim from the dark walls and curtains hiding the light from the outside world. I let go of her arm, grabbing the dress, pulling it down letting it fall to her feet as she steps out. Her pale skin is on display light pink nipples are ready for me to suck in them, her breast is perfect. I must say I have never seen a woman with a body like hers, tiny little thing with small curves, she is trying to cover herself up.

“Don’t. Take the panties off.” I demand her.

She looks everywhere but at me. I walk over, grabbing her face hard, making her look at me. Our eyes connect she has desire in her eyes. She should enjoy it this we both can make the best of this, Bella probably doesn’t want this I am too selfish and cruel to care. If she said no, I would stop; she is not objecting—we are not strangers to one another. We have talked many times, especially during the process of all the paperwork for the wedding, and I am not a good man I step away as she nervously takes her panties off as her bare little pink cunt is calling for my beast, and I can’t be gentle; it’s not in me.

“Don’t be scared, let me fuck you.” I say in a growl.

“Please.” She whimpers.

I need to be careful. She is beautiful, my monster can almost feel things, and I find myself needing her already. What the fuck? I am not fucking allowing my beast to feel not ever, I don’t want to feel it gets you killed. Bella stands there looking at me, searching for something again, I fucking hate that. I watch her closely, I smile again.

"Touch yourself, I want to watch you play with that pretty little pussy." I say with sly smile.

She moves her fingers slowly to her pussy, her fingers move on her clit hard, and those fucking eyes stay on me, I am fucking hard and growling out I have never seen such a beautiful women in my life play with her self and make me act crazy. Bella is moving those fingers and I see her throw her head back, she moaning and her juices are dripping down her legs, I walk close as I hold her up.

"Sir, please..." Bella has no idea what she is pleading for.

"Cum for me, Angel cum hard." I demand her.

My Angel is climaxing hard for me as I hold her I look into her eyes that lock with mine, watch the facial expressions she makes as she cums for me, I hold tight and want to touch her but I like her doing it, she is panting and she tries to move her hand I shake my head no, I want her to finger herself now, playing with her little clit wasn't enough I need more, my beast want it.

"Now, Angel I want more fuck that pretty little pussy with those fingers, I want more." I growl out.

Bella says nothing as I am sure my eyes are dark, hold no emotion and I watch her push her two little digits inside her little pussy that I bet is tight as fuck, I can't wait to feel her and fuck her, wreck her, Bella will know who the Dom is, she is going to always bend to my will, when I say jump she will say how high, sir.

"That is a good girl, do it harder, pinch your nipples." I growl louder.

"Fuck, Vitto!" Bella scrams out.

I watch her go faster and harder, she is so fucking wet for me, she is not ready for my beast just yet, but I will tear her in half from the view I am seeing she is tight her fingers are stretching her, I rub my hard aching cock through my pants, I hate this feel like a child ready to jet off in my pants just by watching her fuck herself, She is close and her eyes roll back as she lets loud moans slip past her lips.

"I am going to cum, sir!" Her screams are fucking music to my ears.

"Cum hard for your master." I let a sadist chuckle out.

Bells is gushing around her fingers and down her legs, she is magnificent, fucking what a sick joke to play on me by sending me this creature, L is right I need to watch myself around her because, I am starting to feel something and that is stopping here right fucking now, I can shut them off. I am cold now as I step back and I grab her throat as she is still fucking that little pussy for me, she is going to cum again for me until I say stop.

"You will keep cuming for me, when I say enough then it will be enough." Bella shudders.

I watch her as she wants to object to me, but she doesn't as she keeps going, if I was nice I would let her have a breck, take care of and be gentle but I am not a nice man, I won't be doing gentle. Bells is climaxing again, screaming and shaking and my cock is fucking hard.

"You can stop, it is my turn now." I growl out grabbing her hand.

Bella is panting and I grab her, I find my lips touching her lips as I kiss her hard and nothing is gentle about this kiss, I bite her bottom lip there is a little blood, I lick her bottom lip with a sly smile.

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