Dangrous Attractions

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Chapter six


I Am exposed to a man I have always felt connected to since I was fourteen, and that was when my obsession with him started. I loved when he paid attention to me, when I was asked which one of the twins, of course I picked him. Now that crush I had on him for years, and my choice is starting to seem like a mistake, and there is no backing out now. His red eyes burn right into my soul, I am not sure if it’s a good thing or a dreadful thing. I can’t read him, and he is a dark man, nothing like his father or mother, brother.

“W-what are you going to do to me?” My voice is timid and shaky.

He smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes, he is not a man of many words. I have tried to make conversation with him, and he ignores me a lot. Now he has me naked, and had me touch, fuck myself for him, and he wants me. I am not sure if he would rape me or not? I should feel ashamed of myself right now, I can’t ever divorce him. That is in the contract, I have to give him a child that is also in agreement. This is the man I have wanted for many years. My sister said, enjoy myself, the sex, the money, all of it, and she said he is into some dark shit. I am curious about what she is talking about. Now, how does she know? I need to get this over with, lose my virginity, and get used to being his whore. He said I would be his sex slave; he will be dominating me. I somehow found those words hot and made me wet for him, and he told me to get rid of whatever schoolgirl crush I have. The thing is, I have more than a schoolgirl crush on him. He said he is not a good man, will never be faithful. No man is in this world, the only man I see who loves his wife is Vincenzo. I wish I could have that love, and I was stupid to think Vittorio was like them, he is nothing like them at all.

“I am going to take every inch of you make you beg me to leave you alone and wanting more. I am going to take your innocence and light away. Lay on the bed, I can’t be gentle if you are a virgin; it will hurt.” His cold words hit me as he smiles; this man has a twisted mind.

I am game to him this will never be love; how could I have been so foolish to think an arrangement like ours could be more than just that? He will be unfaithful; I have to play by the rules and be the good little submissive wife. How could I think this family was going to be a great idea? I am stuck with a monster. Red eyes are all I am focusing on now. As he throws me on the bed, nothing is sweet and romantic about this. He is malicious, not the man you want to cross, I see it all now.

“I said to lay the fuck down.” His words hit me as he shouted at me. I hurry and lay down on the bed.

This was not how I was supposed to lose my virginity; I thought I would be with a wonderful man, you know, maybe fall in love? Perhaps it would be lust, go to college and make mistakes. I am about to be married and lose my virginity to a monster I have been drooling over for five years. What a mistake I have made there, and picking him was the second mistake, wanting him is probably my third mistake. Letting him have his way with me, we’ll be my fourth, I lay on the bed, not wanting to piss him off more than I have already. I feel even more exposed to this man. He takes his clothes off, leaving me to see how big and muscular he is; this man is over seven-foot with black hair, his eyes are blood orange but look more red. Those eyes are what attracted me to him. His face is beautiful; it’s unfair how beautiful the Basilischi men are, Vittorio is in his category. The scars he wears make him even more dangerously hot. The scar-like his father down his face is fucking captivating. My eyes travel all over his tattoos, scars and then I reach his cock, and holly shit that is big!

I am scared he can’t fit that thing inside me. No way in hell! Have you ever watched porn or been to a sex novelty store, and there are big dildos? Do you wonder how the hell will that thing fit? Yea, that is what I am wondering with his cock. He smiles at me, a smile that makes me pant for him. I Can’t deny the attraction I have for him. Do I have a fucked up twisted mind too? He doesn’t say anything; he leans down. I hold my legs shut, but he pulls them apart, he is inhaling me. I am lost and want to say no, but the words won’t come out. I am petrified to say no! He claims he won’t hit me or rape me; how can I be so sure? A chuckle leaves him as he growls after I feel his soft wet tongue touch my clit; it’s rough and not gentle; this feeling is different from when I have done it to myself. I feel a sharp pain that makes me scream out; he has what feels like more than one finger inside me, stretching me, it stings my eyes start to water as warm tears fall down my cheeks; he is right; he is not gentle.

“W-what are you doing? This hurts.” My voice is shaky, and I am trying to pull away; he keeps me in place.

“You need to be prepared for my cock. If you are crying over three-fingers, Imagine the pain of a cock over eleven inches and thick.” He growls out so hot, husky.

I close my eyes, concentrating on my breathing; once his tongue hits my clit I feel myself relax; the stinging is fading away; I know I am starting to think of this unexplainable feeling. My eyes roll my pussy starts to clamp his fingers. Stars danced behind my eyelids.

“Fuck, you are magnificent. Cum now!” He was demanding like the obedient whore he wanted me to be. I climax hard as I scream out, and he growls.

I come down. I watch as he gets up, licking his fingers, and his eyes are dark red. He looks like a mythical creature. Is this man real? Before I can say anything, he slams into me. I screamed a blood-curdling scream. I am in pain. I am crying. I manage to look up. This man is satisfied.

“It’s going to be painful. I told you I don’t know how to be gentle. I never was with a virgin, I can’t even feel pain.” He is cold, but there is something there.

I can’t breathe; he thrusts into me hard and won’t let up; it burns so bad. He does something; he slows down and stops as he looks at me. He wipes my tears, he rubs my clit; he starts to move slowly, thrusting in and out; this feels much better. The pain and burning are fading. I close my eyes, almost forgetting to breathe. Why do I feel this way with him, why did I have to be attracted to him? Now I have other feelings, is it because he is my first kiss, my first everything? Am I developing Stockholm Syndrome? His eyes are rolling as he goes harder. I feel my walls go tight around his cock. I feel this strange feeling as stars dance around my eyes. He is growling like an animal, he was yelling in Italian. I wish I knew what he was saying.

“Ho bevuto la Figa così bene che cazzo mi sta tormentando?” (I have never had pussy; this is good. What the fuck is wrong with me?)

“What,” I say as I lose myself in my climax. I am shaking and scratching him down his back as I did to him many times; I can feel the blood.

He grabs my throat hard, I can breathe, but it will bruise me. He keeps thrusting, and I am again climaxing at his touch. He is letting me know who the boss is, and I am gladly obeying. I feel my juices leak all over as he throws his head back, yelling. I feel him pulsate deep inside me; he is still thrusting and eyes rolling.

“Such a good girl. Take a bath, Angel; you will need to soak after what happened. I have to go to work and don’t wait up. I will be late.” He is back to being cold. What did I expect him to do cuddle me and kiss me. Tell me he felt it to, and the fire my soul connecting with his? I doubt it.

“Be safe,” I say as he looks at me with a smile.

“Cute.” He says as he Chuckles heading to the bathroom.

I am soaking in the bath to relax and listen to music. Will he allow me to have wine, should I ask? I am not sure what I should do but fuck it, I am going to ask.

“Think I can have wine?” I ask, not sure if he will think I am a drunk, but that wine was good, helps me relax here I have nothing else to do with my time.

“I don’t care. I need you to be up early have breakfast ready we will be attending to my parents tomorrow.” He says as he gets in the shower.

Alley brought in wine, V is in the shower still, I am sore all over the place. The way V and Alley interact it is as if they have had sex, of course they have.

"Hey, will you be fucking the help, have you with Alley?" I shout out asking out of curiosity.

“Yes, so did Massimo, and L we normally share. Not a big deal." He lets out a loud chuckle. "Maybe Alley and us all can share you."

I don’t say anything; I can’t form words. I have to obey all these rules, so is that going to be a rule fuck Alley and Massimo? I hope not, and that is one thing I will gladly take a beating for, and I don’t do girls, I mean at least, I think I don’t ever get a chance to explore my sexuality. My eyes are closed, I am starting to enjoy the music and wine. I open my eyes, shocked to see he is still in the bathroom, and he is watching me; he looks amused, maybe.

“I thought you were leaving?” I say, and I cover my mouth, realizing it was harsh.

“I think I rather stay here with you for some sick reason you are entertaining. I was going to head to my strip club see how things are running, and maybe fuck a girl anyway.” That stung me, his cruel words.

He gets in the hot tub with me; he calls for Alley, asking for his whisky, I feel Claustrophobic suddenly with him in here. Seeing Alley is going to be different after he said he and his brother share her. How does she do that? She still stays professional and very friendly and respectful to me. He gets closer to me, making me lose my breath. He leans in my ear.

“Watch Alley suck my cock, so you know how I like it for when you do it because when I come home after dinner, I expect you on your knees for me waiting in a room ready to please me.” He says with his hot breath in my ear.

“Please don’t,” I say it like a child lost and not wanting her daddy to leave her—weird way of putting it.

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