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Club X

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Do you want to come and play? For one month only, we invite you to come and get a firsthand look at how we live our lives. Club X has a lot to offer. From our BDSM room to our romance for two suites. There will be something to tantalise you. We are Club X, and we can’t wait for a taste of you. Copyright © 2021 Lisa Procter (LisaWritesx) All Rights Reserved No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without the written permission of the copyright owner.

Lisa Baillie
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It’s time for an anthology of short stories.

For those of you who have read Witching Hour (WH), you might have clicked on this book to see more of your favourite characters. I promise there will be some familiar faces as well as some new people for you to fall in love with.

For those of you who haven’t read WH - don’t worry! Though Club X is a follow on, there’s no chronological order in which to read them. Personally, I would check out WH first, but it’s not important.

Club X is an anthology of short stories/one-shots focused on a specific sex club owned by Alarich and Kendra. There will be thirty stories all together, focused on the month leading up to Halloween and then one last steamy story on the big night itself.

In WH, there was no fixed timeline. Often, we saw the couples as they were meeting for the first time. In Club X, the contents take place over a one month period. I will make clear in each story if it takes place before or after the couples story in WH but a good rule to follow - if they're with the same person, it's after ToT!

Like with WH, there will be some heavy focus on the paranormal. Weres, vampires, demons and a whole host of supernatural entities visit Club X. It’s their sanctuary, where they’re free to be themselves.

With that said, let’s talk Triggers.

If you could handle the contents of WH, nothing in this book will upset you. Both books take place in the same universe, with the same characters, and so, of course, they share similar themes.

Although I’ll try my hardest to give you any warning on potentially triggering scenes, please understand I cannot possibly know every single person’s triggers. If WH wasn’t for you, then Club X probably won’t be either.

We’re dealing with supernatural beings and as such, they play by their own rules. They don’t give a shit about what humanity says is wrong or right, but that’s why we love them, isn’t it?

Below is a list of potential triggers. Please read at your own discretion.

- Dubious consent / Reluctance / consensual nonconsent

- Same-sex couples.

- Group sex.

- Light/heavy BDSM

- Daddy Kinks

- Older/Younger pairings.

- Name calling/degradation

- Power play

- Orgasm denial/ over stimulation

- Begging

- Drug use

- Paranormal/Supernatural ... weirdness.

(I will add new things to this list, so keep checking back if you want content warnings)

I think that’s everything. As always, I hope you enjoy!

Much love,

Lisa x

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