Complicated Friendships

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Blair is an enigmatic grad school student, artist, writer and creator who is in a complicated "friendship" with a married man. She is an attractive and down-to-earth girl with a personality that people gravitate towards and looks to compliment. Hunter is a successful man with a cushy finance job who just got out of an 8-year relationship after walking in on his girlfriend cheating on him. Hunter is handsome, witty and charming, but his judgemental temperament can make him seem like an asshole at times. Conservative Hunter and wild-child Blair are the polar opposites of each other in too many ways to count, but end up striking up an odd friendship. But is that all there is between them—just friendship?

Erotica / Romance
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I let out a cry as Noah pushes into me faster and harder from behind, his entire shaft filling me inside out over and over again. I can’t help but cry out—mostly out of pleasure but partly because I feel like I physically can’t take anymore of him inside me. I scream and moan in a voice that can be mistaken for an animal and I forget where I am and who I am for those brief moments.

He grabs one arm and pins it behind my back, pushing my face into the pillow and pulling my ass closer into him. His other hand rests on my hips, pulling me against his hot skin, pulling me closer and closer to ecstasy. He knows exactly what I like and exactly how to give it to me.

"Uhh, I'm gonna come, baby..." he groans as he moves the one hand from my wrist to the other side of my hips.

"Oh yes, daddy, pleeeease" I scream, reaching back and grabbing his ass with one hand, feebly pulling him into me even deeper.

He gives one last pump, pulls out, and rips off the condom, spilling his juices all over the rim of my ass and down the lips of my opening.

With my ass still in the air, I can sense his cream dripping down my lips, onto my sheets, but physically I'm too exhausted to even move my hand down to prevent this. I collapse onto the bed and sprawl out like a starfish. I feel my eyelids getting heavy and I'm ready to take a nap.

Noah collapses beside me on his back, with one leg hanging over mine and an arm on his stomach. He runs his hands through his hair and lets out a sigh of satisfaction.

"How was that, babe?" He asks coyly, turning on his side to face me and playing with a few sweaty strands of my hair.

I sigh, knowing that he's fishing for a compliment even when we both know one isn't necessary. "How do you think?" He knows I'm not one to stroke egos.

He moves his face closer to mine and touches the tip of his nose to mine. My eyes are still closed but I have a feeling he wants to kiss me, which is something we've never done after sex ever since he got married. We use to cuddle and kiss after sex, but that was a time long ago. When I was younger and more naive. But things got messy. Things are cleaner the way they are now. Well, as clean as an affair with a married man can be, anyway.

I blush, suddenly feeling vulnerable despite the past couple of hours we spent exploring the deepest intimacies of each other's bodies.

Something inside told me it is time to go. The fantasy is up. Time to return to reality. I get up, and let him know I'm going to have a cold shower.

I step inside the shower, hoping to clear my head with cool water but I'm still hot and throbbing below. As I'm washing my hair, I hear the shower door open and a warm body presses against mine but not for long. Noah quickly soaps himself and jumps out, giving me a quick peck on the cheek before getting dressed.

"Sorry B," he always calls me B after sex, like we're just buddies or something "I've gotta head home now" he says, speaking more to his phone than to me really, "hmm, and apparently pick up some milk on the way too..." he voice trails off as his fingers start typing away on his phone. The same fingers that were just inside of me not long ago.

I know it's a message from Jessica, his wife. But I don't say anything. What can I say, really? I just give him a nonchalant "mhmm" and continue my cold shower.

I hear him grab his keys from the coffee table and then moments later, the door closes behind him.

I jump out of the shower and pull on a lose tank top and shorts, gather my soiled sheets and head to the first floor of our small apartment building where the laundry machines are. As I open the door, I notice that the unit across from my apartment's door is wide open, I peer inside and see moving boxes and unassembled furniture lying on the floor of the living room. Yves, the guy who uses to occupy the unit just moved a few days ago.

As I stand, wondering who my new neighbour is, a tall, and decidedly handsome man with broad shoulders, dark brown hair and deep brown eyes appears in front of me bare chested and sweaty, holding a few miscellaneous items in his hands. He looks like he is in his late twenties or early thirties, likely not more than a few years older than myself.

"Excuse me." He says, in a tone that was not exactly friendly.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" The Canadian in me apologizes instinctively, although I secretly think to myself 'boy I'm sorry you didn't move in earlier' as I take in his deliciously visibly muscular frame.

He stands there, waiting for me to move. I stand there, still holding on to my stained sheets, not realizing for a hot second what he was waiting for. I finally move out of the way, apologizing again, and let him pass.

Our landing space is small, with each floor only having two units. I suddenly feel naughty and wonder whether he heard Noah and I earlier as he was moving in, or whether he could smell sex in the air from my sheets as he brushed past me to go into his new apartment. As he walked past me, our forearms touched. I smiled in what I thought was a friendly and non-creepy manner, but he didn't even bother looking back before heading into his unit.

I go downstairs, throw my sheets in the wash and head back upstairs, hoping I'd get a chance to introduce myself now that I've taken a few moments to collect myself and also to get rid of the evidence of debauchery.

But I don’t spot him again on my way up the stairs. When I get to the top of the third floor, the door to his unit is already closed. I hesitate for a second and wonder whether I should go and introduce myself, but decide against it. He doesn’t seem like the neighbourly type anyway.

I shrug and go into unit 301, plop down on my sofa and think about the amazing sex I just had. A cold breeze from my open balcony window hits me I become very aware of my hard nipples against my lose tank top. Gosh, if my balcony door was open, whoever was outside definitely heard me. My balcony faces the road, where my mystery neighbour's car must have been parked while he was moving.

The thought of him having heard me sends a rush of blood to my head and to my thighs... I gasp. Anyway... what am I to do while I wait for my laundry? My hands move down instinctively to my thighs as my head is immediately filled with the very recent memories of Noah fucking the shit out of me. We finished before I could come and my inner thighs are still throbbed for something warm and hard to fill me up and bring me to climax. I imagine Noah pleasuring me with his hands and mouth as he often does. I imagine the roof of his tongue massaging my nub as he works one, then two finger inside of me.

My breathing quickens as I feel myself closer to release. I arch my back, pressing my ass into the couch to apply pressure to my opening. My fingers pick up in pace, and in my head, the man eating me out lifts up his head to watch me come as my inner walls contract against his imaginary fingers. But it isn't Noah. It's the man with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. I stare into his eyes as I come and he watches me from between my thighs, without any indication of emotion on his face. But somehow his impartial expression makes my orgasm ever more intense. I let out a yelp without thinking, then quickly cover my mouth with my hands as I return to reality and realize I'm in the living room, where sound definitely travels to the hallway.


When I come to, the sky is already dark outside. Which probably means that it is likely past 9PM already, considering the late sunset in Toronto summers. There is someone knocking on the door.

"Hello, anyone home?"
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