Pick Up The Pieces

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Someday, someone is going to hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will get back together ... Matt is a succsseful, eligible model with a rough history. He went through hell and survived but came out broken. Alexander is a rich man with a bossy mother who wants to call the shots and decides on everything. A chocolate donut will bring them together and, with the valuable help of Jace, Alexander's foster brother, all the broken pieces will get back together. This book is a Prequel to my other book " The God And The Maid " which is Book 1 of my " Magic Of Love Series " Matt and Alexander are based on real people and many events in the book are real events ... My best friend Odysseus and his amazing husband Alex, to whom this book is dedicated ...

Erotica / Romance
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The Way It All Started ...

We are on a cold night of February 1991 ...


Matt : No. No! Please! I don’t want to die.

Prisoner : You must die. Now sit still. I have to cut deep!

The man laughs.

Matt : No!

Matt wakes up screaming in a cold sweat, breathing heavily, with tears down his face. He feels his hand burning. Specifically where his scar is. He looks down at his hand where the scar on his thumb has remained for the last five years.

Matt : Damn it! Not again!

He gets up from the bed and goes straight to the sink turning on the cold tap water and puts his hand under the running water. As the cold water drives the burning away, Matt leans his forehead against the mirror above the sink.

Matt : Please God. I can’t bear this anymore. Please help me to forget!

Knowing that sleep is going to be impossible for the rest of the night, he opens the refrigerator and takes a beer out slumping onto the couch. The clock on his phone screen says 5:15 am.

Matt : Three hours of sleep. I guess tomorrow I’ll look like a fucking zombie.



Alexander is sleeping. Not for long though. The door of his bedroom opens and Jace, his foster brother, walks in the room.

Jace : Hey. Psst! Alexander? Are you sleeping?

Alexander opens one eye and looks at the clock.

Alexander : What else would I be doing at 5am?

Jace : Many things. Want me to tell you a few?

Alexander covers his face with the pillow.

Alexander : No, I don’t! Get the hell out of here! I’m sleepy.

But Jace never obeys. So, instead of leaving, he lies down next to his brother.

Alexander : Why do you never do what I’m telling you to?

Jace : I’ll lose my charm if I do. Come on, get up! I want to talk to you.

Alexander : Why can’t you wait until the morning like a normal person?

Jace : Because I'm not a normal person.

Knowing very well that Jace will insist until he gets what he wants, Alexander rolls his body.

Alexander : Sometimes I really wonder why we adopted you and didn’t send you to an orphanage?

Jace : It’s simple, bro! It’s because I’m awesome! Obviously.

Alexander rolls his eyes.

Alexander : Whatever. Tell me what you want to talk about.

Jace : About your sex life.

Alexander : My sex life? I don’t have a-

Jace : That’s the point! You don’t have a damn sex life!

Alexander : Jonathan Christopher Harronate! Get the hell out of my room now!

Jace : Alexander Grayson Firewood! I’m not going anywhere until you promise me that we are going to have a drink on Saturday.

Alexander : Fine! I promise!

Jace : In a gay bar!

Alexander : What? Are you fucking crazy? No! No way! No!

Jace : I’m sorry, bro but, you just promised me!

Jace jumps off the bed and heads to the door.

Alexander : You asshole! You tricked me!

Jace looks at his brother, smiling.

Jace : It was the only way. Good night, bro. Sweet dreams!

The pillow hit the door as it was closing behind Jace. Alexander falls back onto the mattress, covering his face with his hands groaning.


Matt has just finished off a fashion show and is exhausted both because of work and lack of sleep. Dressed heavily to protect himself from the cold, he drags his feet to his favorite bistro.

All he wants right now is a hot chocolate and a chocolate donut. He needs energy and only chocolate can provide it to him. He would like to sit at a table, but he can’t. He is too tired for that. He is already dreaming of his bathtub full of hot water and his warm bed. His empty warm bed. He enters the shop and stands in line.

In front of him a girl, a beautiful, blonde girl who when she sees him walk in, swings her hair to the side revealing her neck and much of her breasts. This is something that happens quite often. Women have always had interest in him. They would flirt with him, chasing him but he never cares. He never did. From a very young age he knew he was a homosexual. He never cast doubt on it and accepted it immediately. However, for many years he kept it a secret and as it turned out, it was good that he did it.

When his vicious family learned that in their honorable home they grew up an abomination, they kicked him out. He was only 16 years old.

He went through hell, but in the end he achieved the impossible. Now, at the age of 23, he is a successful and eligible model. He earns a lot of money and can do almost anything he wants. Almost because what he really needs cannot be bought with money. The one thing that money cant ever buy. Love and happiness.

He had some random relationships in the past but it was just sex. No feelings. None at all. With all these thoughts keeping his mind busy, Matt didn’t realize that was his turn until ...

Alexander : I’m sorry but it’s your turn! Will you please go give your order?

The heavy but also melodic voice makes Matt jump and turn on his heel sharply, gaping.

In front of him is a man. Not an ordinary man though. This one is from his literal dreams.

Matt can’t believe it. His dream man does really exist! He is dressed heavily and his cheekbones are red due to how cold it is outside. His brown-green eyes look straight into Matt’s and he has a bright smile. Matt’s heart is racing and he feels all his blood gathering on his cheeks. Without realizing he is not talking to the barista, Matt opens his mouth.

Matt : I would like a hot chocolate, extra sweet and a chocolate donut, please.

The stranger, smiling even wider says ...

Alexander : Right away, Sir!

In a blur, Matt sees the unknown guy give his order along with Matt’s to the right recipient this time.

Alexander : A hot chocolate, extra sweet, a double espresso black and two chocolate donuts.

Without taking his eyes off Matt, the man pays the bill and takes the change. With glowing eyes, he turns to Matt who looks at him gaping.

Alexander : I think we have to move.

Matt : Move where?

Alexander : To a table obviously.

Matt : Together? You and me?

Alex looks left and right.

Alexander : I don’t see anyone else so, yeah. Unless you don’t want to.

Matt : Of course I want to.

Alexander : Let’s go then.

He heads for an empty table and Matt follows him pretty much hypnotized, checking out his perfectly formed butt through his tight pants. They sit opposite each other.

Alexander : I’m Alexander.

Matt : The Great?

Alexander : If you are Hephaestion why not?

Matt : Unfortunately I’m not.

Alexander : Then who are you?

Matt : My name is Matthew but you can call me Matt. If you want to.

Alexander : Only if you call me Alex.

Matt : We’ve got a deal, Alex.

Alexander : It appears we do, Matt. Now drink your hot chocolate before it gets cold.

Alexander offers the hot cup to Matt, who stretches his hand at the same time. Their fingers touch for only a second, which is enough to cause both of them an electric shock. They take a sip of their drinks, looking at each other’s eyes.

Alexander : I’m glad to meet you, Matt.

Matt : So am I, Alex.

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