His Girl

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⚠️ WARNING MATURE CONTENT ⚠️ this story may include abuse strong language rape drug use and bad grammar I’m a beginner writer so bare with me.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Good morning princess
I felt a tight grip around my naked tiny body
Good morning sir
Are you still sore from last night

“ELLA!!!! Wake up you have to get to school “

Shit I woke up from my sex dream granted my backpack through on my sneakers and ran downstairs

“Sorry mom I just over slept” i said thinking about the dream I had all of a sudden I couldn’t rember my dream
“Ya well hurry up I don’t have time to deal with you and your father today”
I grabbed a banana and ran out the front door
I checked my phone.

7:45 Monday 🟩🟩🟩

🟨 4 Snapchat’s
🟦 7 facebooks
🟫 1 Instagram

I opened my Facebook nothing important just a bunch of likes Snapchat was pretty boring on my way to school I had the thought what If I got coffee before hand. I didn’t really have the energy to deal with my finals I was a senior we skip all the time what would be the difference today. Plus I get bullied a lot I’m a senior in highschool I’ve never kissed a guy I’m a grudging I’m 4”11 99lbs i rember when I tried out for the volley ball team they called me tiny ell ofcorse I didn’t make it. I had never skipped school but I’m so tired of waking up and doing the same thing plus I had work after school so minus well just skip i took a left and started walking to emeils coffee and donuts I should’ve payed attention to the sky it was dark and cloudy. Just as I looked up it started pouring great. Now I have to walk in the rain. I was half way there on hellan street when a black suv pulled up next to me
A tall strong looking dark hair grey eyes evil look rolled down the window

“Get in.” He said it so commanding I was scared
“ oh no thanks I’m good” I replied short and sweet
“ I wasn’t asking” out of no where to big hands grabbed me one on my waist one on my mouth
Was I being kidnapped? I bit the hand and I heard the tall man say
“ this bitch fucking bit me “
With out second though he hit me with the but of the gun I passed out.
I woke up my hands were tied my eyes were covered I felt a strong pain on the side of my head
“ your awake “ a deep voice said to me
“ what what ... what hap”
“ I took you “ he said I could tell he had a smirk on his face
“ look I don’t know what you want but please just let me go “
“ shut up little one I didn’t take you for me you’ll meet him soon enough just sit back and enjoy the ride “ he said “ I would hate to have to knock you out again”
I took that as a threat I wasn’t going to push my luck anymore I sat back and thought what were my friends gonna think how long until they noticed I was gone.
The ride must’ve took forever when the car came to a stop the man who took me got out I could her him talking to another man they were talking about me.
“Did she put up a fight ?”
“ a hell of one I had to knock her out “
“ Damien you better hope you didn’t leave a mark “
“ I promise sir I didn’t “
The next thing I knew the rear passenger door opened
“ I’m gonna break her she’s too tiny”
“Mr Harris she’s small by trust me she’s feisty give her a chance “ was he seriously begging him to give me a chance I didn’t want it. “ if you touch me I’ll fucking kill you “ I yelled out with out a second thought he chuckled “ oh really “ he gripped my throat and pulled the bandana off of my eyes. He looked me in my eyes “ your a bit stupid look at we’re your at your not going anywhere your not doing anything I suggest you shut the fuck up before I have to punish your tiny little body “ what did he mean by that on another note he was strong stronger than me he’s strict tall he’s atleast 39 what did such an older guy want with me he grabbed me like I weighed nothing he out the blindfold back on and carried me up a flight of stairs I couldn’t tell we’re I was going he opens a door and threw me on what felt like a bed. He took the blind fold off and untied me the second he unties me I got up and ran around him before I could get to the door. He grabbed me by my hair it hurt
“ I didn’t think I’d have to punish you the first day but seems I will have to “ he through me on the bed than sat down he grabbed me and bend me over his knee he pulled my sweatpants down revealing my not so sexy plain white cotton panties. “ your a virgin aren’t you” was it really that obvious. He gripped me by my throat again “ answer me when I speak to you pet” “ um... yes I’m a” he started chucking then pulled my panties down. “ I’m going to smack you cute little ass 10 times you will count if you don’t count I will resort to a belt” before I could comprehend what he said I felt the smack it hurt it stung “ count princess” he said commanding me to do what he says “ one” he smacked me again “ two “ it hurt I started to cry I couldn’t take it anymore it hurt so bad he smacked me again but I was to focused on crying I forgot to count “ wow your really dumb pretty girl “ “ wh...wha....what” he grabbed me and threw me off of his lap on to my stomach he unbuckled what sounded like a belt. Was he seriously gonna smack my ass with a belt

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