His Girl

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Chapter 2

“ if you move scream or fight back you’ll regret it”

“Why are you doing this “

“Because you need to understand I own you. You will do as I as when I say how I say if not you’ll be punished “ with that being said he pulled the belt back and smacked it against my ass I couldn’t contain my pain I started crying

Mr Harris POV
Her tears were only turning me on more I wanted to take her there then but I had to be strong she knew she shouldn’t have tried to run but she did. I smacked her with the belt 10 extra times she was sore she had a few cuts. She won’t be able to walk straight once I was Done I but my belt back on I told her

“ strip now”
“ no... please I ... I’m sorry..” she cried she told me no that angered me
“Ella I said strip do we already need another punishment?”
She knew better than to push her luck she stood up and slid her sweat pants all the way off wincing in pain with every little movement it was adorable I was proud to see several bruises on her tiny little ass she started to take her shirt off I could tell she was scared I step towards her she flinched
“It’s okay princess I’m not gonna hurt you” she looked up she looked innocent sweet adorable she let me remover her t shirt revealing no bra underneath her body was perfect her breast not to small but not to but either I smiled at her

“ wh...what... what’s your name “ she caught me off guard.

“ Harris but you will refer to me as master or mr Harris”

She didn’t respond

“ lay down get some rest I’m going to bring you some cream for your cuts and bruises and some clothes then we will go over a few rules”

She obeyed she was so sore I enjoyed it I watched her do as told and I stepped out of the room I looked down to see my little pet got me hard I needed to relive myself when I walked into my room I went to the bathroom and shut the door I pumped my cock hard and fast but I couldn’t relive myself my body was craving her and only her

Ella POV

I layed down I curled up in a ball I began to cry what did master want with me. My ass was in so much pain I couldn’t sit properly I layed there looking around the room it was fancy the bed was huge the only thing in it besides the bed was a window with a chair next to it a bathroom and a book shelf. I loved to read but I wasn’t up to it I layed down and I guess I fell asleep
Mr Harris walked in and stood and watched Ella for a good five minutes

Mr Harris thoughts

She’s beautiful. Maybe I was a bit harsh. I want to wake her

Ella POV

I smelt his cologne I shot up
“ please don’t hurt me I’m sorry “
He chuckled at me
“I’m not gonna hurt you princess just calm down “
He hurt me. How was I supposed to trust him he hurt me
“ stand up and bend over the bed”
Another punishment! What did I do
I sat there not moving I’m not gonna put myself through this again

Mr Harris POV

She sat there. This angered me when I asked a simple task I expect for it to be done at that momment.
She was to scared she thought I was gonna punish her I finally relized that’s why she didn’t move
“ princess I’m not gonna hurt you I’m just gonna put on some cream it won’t hurt I promise “
She was still a bit stand Off-ish. But she move she got up and stood infront of me I gently grabbed her hips and bent her over the bed
I bent down on my knees and grabbed the cream out of my back pocket I opened it and grabbed a blob and started massaging it into her little ass
She wined a few times but I think it was more out of fear vs pain I’m not gonna lie I rubbed her a little longer than needed but I needed her to trust me once I got done I stood her up and kissed her neck she flinched. I didn’t wanna push her anymore

“ here your clothes I’m gonna let you change and then I’m gonna go tell the chef what to make for dinner then I will be back up to go over rules”
I sat the clothes on the bed she didn’t respond
“ WHEN I SPEAK “ she jumped so I toned it down a bit “ when I speak to you I expect and answer “

“Yes sir “ I loved it She was submitting to me
I walked out of the room down the hall into my grand Kitchen
“Mr harris” I was greated by my amazing chef Antonio
“ good evening Antonio” I smiled
“ so I was thinking some chicken Alfredo for dinner with tomatoes to put on top don’t mix them in” I spoke to Antonio
“Dinner will be done at 7:30”
“Thank you bud Also don’t worry about dishes Ella can do them”
“Are you sure sir I really don’t mind doing them “
“ she needs something to do “ with that being said I decided to go explain some rules to Ella
When I walked in I was happy to see her in my large black shirt and thigh high socks no bra no panties just how I like. I walked to the chair and sat down she stayed on the bed but her eyes followed me
“Ready for your rules?”
“ ye..yes”
“Yes what ?!” I responded stern
“ yes master “

Rule #1 you will Adress me as sir/master/mr Harris
Rule #2 you will not ever call me daddy
Rule #3 you will not use the bathroom with out permission

“ that’s all your rules for now you may leave the room but you don’t go outside dinner will be done in 15” I walked out of the room when I got a call I answered it

“ Harris there looking for her “
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