Tame The Dragon

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A King only bows down to his Queen. We all know that. What we don't know is ... What about a Dragon? Simon is a mobster but doesn't look like anyone else. He may looks like an angel but you must not think he is one of them ... In the face of a serious problem, his late grandpa comes to his dream and tells him to go meet his destiny ... Isabella! What is Simon going to do? ... This book is a prequel to my other book "The God And The Maid" which is Book 1 of my "Magic Of Love Series" TRIGGER WARNING : The book contains references of drug using and use of violence.

Erotica / Romance
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Angelic Demons

~ MARCH 1991 ~

We are at the old warehouses of the harbor, where there is the headquarters of the “Angelic Demons”, the gang that controls the docks.

They are bad guys doing good deeds. Something like demonic scouts. They protect the neighborhoods from drugs and robberies. They help people in need and they take care of orphaned children or children who have gone in the wrong direction.

But of course it’s not all Unicorns and Rainbows.

Their leader Simon aka the “Dragon” with the angelic face is in his office. His office is dimmed to his liking. His desk sits curved outwards from the far left corner into the back of the semi big room. Behind the desk is a pinkish-purple chair. His office has a purplish vibe going for it.

He is currently checking some of the shipment papers from their club when his right hand and best friend comes through the door.

Negro : Dragon, we have a problem.

Simon lifts his head from the papers.

Simon : What happened this time?

Negro : That scumbag Anderson.

Simon’s eyes narrowed at that name.

Simon : What did he do again?

Negro : He injured one of our girls because she refused to get laid for free.

The slam of Simon’s fist makes the desk shake.

Simon : Fuck! I told them not to go near this piece of shit! How is the girl?

Negro : Not good. He cut her face.

Simon : That’s it! I was kind to him so far but not anymore! Call the others. We are leaving in ten.

Negro : What about Wolf? I’m sure he will want to come.

Simon : Tell him no. If he insists, lock him in the bathroom.

Negro leaves the office without a word and Simon gets up from his chair. He opens the drawer and pulls out his gun which he puts in his belt, covering it with his shirt.

The door opens again, and a thin, brunet boy invades like a tornado. He stands in front of the desk, slamming his palms on it.

Simon : Easy, Wolf.

Sebastian : Don’t call me Wolf when you treat me like a fucking sheep!

Simon : Are you high again? What are you talking about?

Sebastian : NO, I’M NOT HIGH and I’m talking about your order to Negro. He recruites the others but when I asked him to come, he threatened to lock me in the bathroom, saying it’s your order!

Simon : It’s indeed my order.

Sebastian : Why, Dragon?

Simon : Because you are too young.

Sebastian : I’m not young! Don’t call me young!

Simon approaches his protege and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Simon : Listen, Sebastian. Now is not the time to discuss this. When I come back, we will talk and find a solution.

Sebastian : Promise?

Simon : Yes.

Sebastian : Ok then. You go and kick the bastard’s ass!

Simon : I will do my best!


Simon and Negro, along with almost all the gang are outside Anderson’s gambling den. James Anderson. Scum of the century.

He is the head of a rival gang that seeks to take down the “Angelic Demons” so he can take control of the docks and expand drug trafficking in neighborhoods around the harbor.

Simon : Well, as we said. We go in, get the players and women out and immobilize the henchmen. Anderson is mine. No one shoots unless his life is threatened and you only aim for legs or arms. Are we clear?

Negro : Crystal.

Simon : Let’s go then.

Simon breaks the door with a kick and the gang invades the den. For a few minutes there is a lot of panic. Negro, along with some others, takes down the henchmen before they can react while taking out the women who scream. Simon scans the place with his eyes looking for Anderson but he is nowhere to be found. Very calmly he pulls his gun out and fires in the air three times.

The protests stop and the screams stifle in women’s throats. Simon yells out for Anderson.

Simon : James? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Simon waits but nothing happens.

Simon : Find the motherfucker! Now!

Having already tied the henchmen, Negro begins with others searching every inch of the place until he finds him, hiding behind a vending machine.

Negro : There you are! Come here, you piece of shit!

Negro grabs Anderson by the collar of his shirt.

James Anderson : Don’t touch me, asshole. If I order-

Negro laughs loudly and turns Anderson’s body so he can see his henchmen.

Negro : Order who exactly?

James Anderson : Damn it! How did you ...?

Simon : Negro, enough! Bring him to me!

Negro : Sure, Dragon!

James Anderson : No!

Negro : Shut up!

Negro drags Anderson and throws him at Simon’s feet. He leans on his hands, trying to stand up but Negro kicks his ribs, making him scream.

Negro : Stay Down!

Anderson, holding his ribs, glances up and faces Simon’s fiery eyes which are deadly, wanting blood. His blood.

James Anderson : Shit!

Simon bends and grabs Anderson’s chin not so gently.

Simon : Hello, James. Long time no see!

James Anderson : You again! What do you want?

Simon : A birdy told me that you are very good at engraving and I came to get lessons!

James Anderson : What? What do you mean?

Simon : You will see. Negro, give me your knife!

Negro pulls a butterfly knife out of his pocket and gives it to Simon who begins to play it between his fingers.

Anderson begins to tremble and sweat rolls on his forehead.

James Anderson : What- What are you going to do with that?

Simon : Don’t you know? What you did to one of my girls.

James Anderson : To your girl? That hooker? Oh, no! Please, Dragon! Don’t do it! I didn’t know she belongs to you!

Simon : ALL the girls belong to me, asshole but even so, who gives you the right to do something like that to a woman? Who do you think you are?

James Anderson : I’m- I’m sorry. It was a mistake. It won’t happen again.

Simon : That’s for sure but you will pay.

James Anderson : No.

Simon : Tell me, Negro ... What exactly did this motherfucker do?

Negro : He engraved the letter A on the girl’s cheek.

Simon : The artist signs his work, huh? A for Anderson? You wanted her to live with your name on her face. Very well then. Negro, what is the girl’s name?

Negro : Patricia.

Simon : Perfect! P for Patricia then.

Without even blinking, Simon uses the knife and engraves a perfect P on Anderson’s cheek, making him scream in pain. When he is finished, he throws the knife and stand up, wiping the blood from his hand on Anderson’s shirt.

Simon : Now you know how it is.

Anderson, with his hand on his bleeding cheek ...

James Anderson : You are crazy, Dragon and I swear to you that you will pay for this. You and your precious protege!

Listening to this parasite to threaten Sebastian, Simon leans forward and grabs Anderson’s hair.

Simon : Dare to touch even a strand of Sebastian’s hair and I swear to you that this will be your last act as a living man. You heard me, fucking asshole?

Without waiting for an answer, Simon gets up.

Simon : Dog, take the henchmen back to the headquarters. Whoever wants to stay with us, make him take the oath. I will think about the rest later.

Dog : Yes, Boss.

Simon : Negro, give this scum some first aid and then put him in a train for somewhere far far away. If he comes back, kill him.

Negro : Sure, Dragon.

Simon : Tiny, pick up the money and any valuables and then burn this shithole to the ground.

Tiny : Yoo- Hoo! Thank you, Dragon!

Simon : You are welcome. Negro, I think the place is perfect for the safe house we want to build for abused women. What do you think?

Negro : I think that’s a great idea.

Simon : Remind me to talk to the mayor.

Negro : I will.

Simon leaves, letting the others to execute his orders.


Simon goes straight to the bar.

Simon : Sammy, pour me a double.

Bartender Sam : Right away, Dragon.

As the bartender fills a glass of pure old bourbon ...

Simon : Where is Wolf?

Bartender Sam : In your office, waiting for you.

The bartender gives Simon the glass and he drinks it in one gulp.

Bartender Sam : That bad, huh?

Simon : You can’t Imagine! I hate when I’m forced to do these things.

Bartender Sam : Unfortunately, that’s the job.

Simon : At least something good came out of this. We found the perfect place for the safe house.

Bartender Sam : Really? For abused women, right? Awesome!

Simon : Yeah. Pour me another and get me a beer for the kid.

The bartender prepares the drinks.

Simon : Don’t bother me for any reason.

Bartender Sam : Sure, Dragon.

Simon, with the drinks in hand, goes to his office. As soon as he comes in, Sebastian, who is sitting behind the desk with his legs on it, gets up and runs to him.

Sebastian : Finally, Dragon! What took you so long? I was about to sleep.

Simon : Why were you waiting for me? You should have gone home.

Sebastian shrugs his shoulders.

Sebastian : What for? Nobody is waiting for me there.

Sebastian’s beautiful blue eyes darken and he grits his teeth to hold back the tears. He doesn’t like to cry. He didn’t even cry when his parents were killed in a freaking car accident 6 months ago.

Simon : Ah, Sebastian!

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