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I Need A Hero ...



~ IN SUITE No 3 ~

Isabella checks her outfit in front of the mirror - plain grey sweatpants and a matching jumper - as her foster brother, Jace, walks in like he owns the place and sits down on the bed to eat a burger.

Jace: Why are you all dressed up at this hour?

She turns and looks at him.

Isabella: For God’s sake, Jace!

Jace: What?

Isabella: You are such a pig when you eat. Look at this mess!

Jace: Don’t try to change the subject. I asked you a question! Where do you think you are going?

Isabella: None of your business.

Jace: I’m your big brother, Beautiful. Of course, it’s my business!

Isabella: Do I ask you all the time where you are going and what you are doing?

Jace: Yes, you do!

Isabella: Out of curiosity. Not to check up on you!

Jace gets up from the bed and walks towards his sister. He stands behind her and rests his chin on her shoulder.

Jace: And I ask you because I love you and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

Isabella smiles and runs her hand through his hair.

Isabella: I know, Pretty Boy and I really appreciate it, but don’t try to use your charm. It will not work on me! I’m not telling you that!

But, since Jace knows how to get everything he wants, he looks at her through the mirror with his puppy dog eyes.

Jace: Do you really want me to worry about you here?

Isabella: No!

Jace: Then tell me where you are going! Pretty Please!

As expected, Isabella tells him, because who can resist those eyes?

Isabella: Where I go every night. To the park to feed the strays.

Jace gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Jace: Thank you, Beautiful!

Isabella shakes her head.

Isabella: What...? You put a spell on me! You son of a bitch!

Jace: The end justifies the means, Beautiful!

Isabella rolls her eyes.

Isabella: Matt is so right! You are dangerous! We need to lock you in the basement!

Jace: Now that you mention my Sweetheart. Where are they? I haven’t seen them in ages!

Isabella: Matt has a photo shoot and Alex went with him. You know he loves to watch him work!

Jace: Yeah, right!

Isabella: And what about you?

Jace: I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll go out for a drink. Would you like to join me?

Isabella: Thanks, but no thanks!

Jace: And why is that?

Isabella: Because you’ll end up with some random chick and I’ll have to wait for you in the car!

Jace: You are misjudging me.

Isabella: Yeah, sure. Whatever you say!


Simon and Snake are hidden behind a tree, waiting.

Snake: Hey, Dragon?

Simon: What?

Snake: Are you sure we are in the right place?

Simon: Yes. Look around. What do you see?

Snake looks around.

Snake: Uh... The park?

Simon rolls his eyes.

Simon: Don’t you see all these dogs congregating here?

Snake looks closer.

Snake: Son of a bitch! There’s too many of them.

Simon: Yeah, I can see that.

Snake: Do you still insist on the plan?

Simon: Why not?

Snake: Not that I’m afraid, but if I attack the woman who feeds them, they’ll eat me alive!

Simon: I hadn’t thought of that.

Snake: Look, Dragon, if you want me to, I’ll do it. I’d walk into the fire for you.

Simon: Shut up and let me think!

Snake: Think fast, Dragon, because she’s coming!

Simon: We will wait until the dogs are gone. Now shut up!

Isabella is dealing with Fork, who is holding two huge plastic bags full of leftover food. The dogs gather around her and she starts petting them.

Isabella: Hey, doggies! Sorry I’m late, but I was stuck with my stupid brother! How are you guys doing? Are you hungry?

The dogs wag their tails and bark like crazy. She turns to Fork.

Isabella: Hand me the bags, please.

Fork: Miss Firewood, please let me help you. They are too heavy.

Isabella: Thank you.

Fork tips the bags over and empties the contents onto the floor. The dogs sniff their food directly.

Isabella: Do you have the fish for the cats, too?

Fork: Yes. Here. But I don’t see any cats!

Isabella: You will.

Isabella takes the package with the fish and takes a few steps to the side.

Isabella: Here, kitty, kitty!

A few seconds later, the cats appear out of nowhere.

Isabella: Hello ladies. Are you ready for a delicious meal?

The cats begin meowing and purring, rubbing against her feet. Isabella kneels down and opens the package.

Isabella: You are lucky, because rich people don’t know how to eat a fish properly. They always leave the best part!

She empties the fish heads onto the grass, each cat grabs one, and they disappear. She rolls her eyes.

Isabella: You are welcome.

She turns back to Fork.

Isabella: Now for the very last thing. Come on, give me a hand!

Fork approaches and puts his hands together. Isabella pulls out a paper bag of nuts from her purse. She holds onto Fork’s shoulder, steps on his hands, and he lifts her up to empty the bag into the special feeder hanging from a branch.

Fork: Now what?

Isabella: Be quiet and look.

Isabella points to the tree. The sound of the nuts she put in the feeder makes them appear. A pair of squirrels.

Fork: Chip ‘n’ Dale. They are so cute!

Isabella: Yes.

Fork: Miss Firewood, can I ask you a question?

Isabella: Yeah, sure.

Fork: Why are you doing this? I mean, you are a rich, beautiful woman who can have anything she wants. I’m sorry to bother you, but I’d really like to know.

Isabella: It’s very simple, my friend. I may have it all, beauty, youth, money, but I don’t have what I really want because money can’t buy it.

Fork: What is this thing that money can’t buy?

Isabella: Love, my friend. Real love!

Fork: Yeah, I agree, but you never know. Maybe the man of your life is waiting for you here somewhere.

Isabella looks to her right and left.

Isabella: That’s what I wish, my friend. That’s what I wish!


After they finished eating, the dogs played with Isabella and Fork for a bit and then left.

Isabella: Good! We are done for tonight. Let us go back to the hotel.

Fork: Sure, miss.

Suddenly, a stranger comes out from behind a tree.

Snake: Not so fast, Beautiful!

The unfamiliar male voice makes Isabella and Fork turn their heads. He is wearing a black ski mask. His sadistic smile shows his white teeth and his not so good intentions. He walks up to the two and Fork says...

Fork: Who are you? What do you want from us?

The stranger pulls a folding knife out of his back pocket and begins to play with it.

Snake: Who I am doesn’t matter and what I want isn’t obvious? I want to have a conversation with the beautiful lady over here.

Fork pushes Isabella behind him.

Fork: Miss Firewood, run!

Isabella: No! I’m not leaving you!

Snake: You are brave. I like that.

Isabella: Here, take my bag. There’s enough money in there, but please, don’t hurt us!

Snake tilts his head and takes a closer look at Isabella’s body, which gives her goosebumps.

Snake: I will, after I take what I really want.

His hungry look makes Isabella freeze, but Fork lunges at him with a shout.


In a very plausible and convincing move, Snake grabs Fork’s arms and violently throws him to the ground. Fork falls down, as he should, and remains motionless on the grass with his eyes closed! Isabella makes her way over to him.

Isabella: NO!

But Snake grabs her by the arm.

Snake: Shh, Beautiful! Someone might hear you and believe me, you don’t want that! Give me what I want and I promise not to hurt you - at least not much!

Isabella struggles with all her might, but to no avail. He holds her down.

Isabella: No! Don’t you touch me! NO ! HELP ! SOMEBODY . PLEASE !

Snake: You can scream as loud as you want, but no one will save you, Princess!

He trips her and throws her onto the grass. In the panic of the moment, Isabella doesn’t notice that his movements are gentle and he is careful not to hurt her. He is ready to lay on top of her and she closes her eyes, but she opens them almost immediately when she hears...


The only thing she saw was two hands grabbing her would-be rapist and tossing him away, but not for long. She raises her head to see her savior, but the villain returns and the two men get into a fight, a theatrically choreographed fight that seems very real and barbaric to an unsuspecting person like Isabella. She stands up and tries to walk towards the two men, but Simon quickly says...

Simon: RUN! NOW !

As if struck by lightning, she runs towards the park entrance. As she gets farther away, Simon and Snake stop fighting and Fork raises his head.

Snake: Why did you tell her to run?

Simon: I had to, but don’t worry. She’ll come back.

Fork: How was I? I’m a good actor, aren’t I?

Simon: Yes, you are. Now shut up!

Snake: Dragon, what if she doesn’t come back?

Simon: Trust me. She will! You get ready.

Snake: To do what?

Simon: To hit me hard!

Snake: Shit! Okay.

Fork: Damn it! She’s coming back.

Fork falls back again. Simon and Snake start the fight all over again. But now we go to Isabella, a few minutes before, to see how she’s doing and what she’s thinking.

She’s running like the wind. Her lungs are on fire and her heart is racing. She’s never been so scared. This bastard was ready to rape her! Just the thought of it. But he came. He came and saved her. Who is this guy and where did he come from? Maybe he heard her screams. Thank God! The park entrance appears in front of her. She runs faster, but before she passes the gate, she stops! She leans forward and rests her hands on her knees to catch her breath.

Isabella: What am I going to do? I can’t leave the clerk there. And the man. I... I have to call the police!

The thought of calling the police is a good one, but she decides not to.

Isabella: No. Not the police. If Jace and Alex find out about this, they’ll lock me up and never let me go out alone again!

She turns back around.

Isabella: I have to go back. To see if the clerk is okay and the man. That bastard had a knife! Damn it!

She begins to run. The sound of battle reaches her ears before she arrives on the scene. She hides behind a large tree.

The clerk is still unconscious and the other two are still fighting. Her rescuer seems to have the upper hand, but suddenly a wrong move and the other’s fist lands in his face. He catches his nose and blood begins to run through his fingers. The bastard gets up and looks around. Isabella holds her breath. The bad guy says a vulgar swear word and disappears into the darkness.

Isabella runs to her rescuer. She kneels beside him and puts her hand on his shoulder. He lifts his head and looks her in the eye.


For heaven’s sake! She’s even more beautiful in person. What the hell is wrong with me? What is this woman doing to me? And how? Who is she? Maybe a witch. No! She’s the woman! My woman! I must make her mine. Focus, Dragon. You are on your way. Don’t blow it!


For God’s sake! He’s so handsome! Even in this condition. And he’s so strong, so brave. He didn’t hesitate to put himself in danger for an unknown woman like me. He’s a hero! I want to know everything about him. I have to thank him for what he did. Shit! Who am I kidding? I want him. He’s the man I have been waiting for. And his smell - what is it? Burning wood?

They look at each other for a while without speaking, until Simon says...

Simon: Why did you come back?

Isabella: I couldn’t leave you alone with him and...

Simon: And?

Isabella: I had to thank you! You saved me. If it wasn’t for you, that creep would have raped me. Thank you.

Simon: There’s no need, miss. What I did, anyone else would have done.

Isabella: No! It’s not like that and you know it, but we will talk about that later. Right now, we need to take care of your bleeding first.

Isabella pulls a handkerchief out of her pocket and puts it on Simon’s nose, pressing on it a little.

Isabella: Hold it there and press.

Simon does as she says.

Simon: I’m fine. You better take a look at that boy.

Isabella: Yeah.

Isabella walks over to Fork, who slowly opens his eyes.

Fork: Miss Firewood, are you all right? Did that man hurt you? I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you.

Isabella: Calm down, my friend. I’m fine. That son of a bitch didn’t touch me. Someone saved me at the last minute.

Fork: Really? Who?

Isabella points to Simon.

Isabella: Him.

Fork: Oh! Thank you, sir. Thank God you did what I couldn’t.

Isabella: Leave it and tell me. Are you in pain? Do you want me to take you to a hospital?

Fork: Hospital? Oh, no. I’m fine.

Isabella: Are you sure?

Fork: Yeah. Just help me get back to the hotel.

Isabella: We will all go there.

Simon: Miss, you don’t have to. I’m fine.

Isabella: No, you are not. Your nose is still bleeding. You need ice. You are going to come with me unless...

Simon: Unless what?

Isabella: Unless there’s someone else waiting for you.

Simon: No, miss. There’s no one. There’s no one waiting for me!

Isabella: Good! Crap! I mean bad. Uh! I mean, it’s bad if you don’t have anyone waiting for you and good that you can come with me. Well... Shit!

Isabella looks down at her shoes, blushes and bites her lip and a smile appears on Simon’s lips. The three of them leave the park and head to the hotel. Fork goes to the kitchen and Simon follows Isabella to her suite. Fork calls Snake and he immediately picks up.

Snake: Tell me the plan worked!

Fork: I will tell you only this. At this very moment, Dragon is in the elevator going to suite No 3!

Snake: YES!

Fork: We did it, buddy!

Snake: Yeah, we did it!

Fork: Inform our new leader.

Snake: As much as I like Negro, that sucks!

Fork: Yeah, tell me about it!

Snake: Whatever! It’s his decision and we have to accept it. Let us hope he’s happy!

Fork: He will be, buddy. He has to be!

Snake: I’m out.

Fork: Bye!


Simon and Isabella enter the room. He looks around and she begins to clean up.

Isabella: Sorry about the mess. My brother is a dirty pig.

Simon: Before you tell me about him, don’t you think I should know the name of the woman I saved tonight?

Isabella: Yes, you are right. I’m Isabella. Isabella Firewood.

Simon approaches and takes her hand.

Simon: Pleased to meet you, Isabella Firewood.

Isabella: Pleased to meet you too... I’m sorry, what’s your name?

Simon: Simon. Simon Petterson.

Isabella: Simon...

Simon: Isabella...

Some time later, after Isabella had taken care of Simon’s bleeding, she ordered food and wine and the two sat down to eat. Simon opened the wine and filled their glasses. He raises his own and says...

Simon: Here is to you, Isabella!

She toasts her glass with his.

Isabella: Here is to you, Simon!

They take a sip and...

Simon: Tell me something, Isabella.

Isabella: What?

Simon: Do you like dragons?

Isabella: Strange question.

Simon: I know, but please, answer me!

Isabella: Well, I’ll answer with a little story. Do you mind?

Simon: No. Not at all.

Isabella: When I was a little girl, I had a dream almost every night.

Simon: A nightmare?

Isabella: No. Quite the opposite. It was a beautiful dream.

Simon: Tell me about it.

Isabella: I was the queen of a wonderful kingdom, but some evil people wanted to take away my throne because I had no king. I searched everywhere, but none of the men were worthy to be a king. The evil people locked me in a tower and took everything away from me.

Simon: That’s not nice.

Isabella: Wait, it gets better. Every night I looked out a little window at the stars and prayed. One night a fairy came to me and told me that if I wanted a king, I had to get tested. I told her I would do anything to get my kingdom back. Then she waved her wand and a huge, beautiful and scary dragon appeared in front of me.

Simon: Hmmm...

Isabella: I got scared and yet fascinated by him at the same time. I tried to touch him, but he started breathing fire. I pulled my hand back and the fairy told me...

Simon: What did she tell you?

Isabella: Tame him. Tame the dragon, my queen, and you will have your king.

Simon looks at her, not believing his ears.

Simon: And what have you done? Did you tame him?

Isabella looks at him, smiling.

Isabella: What do you think?

Simon: You did it. You tamed the dragon and got your king.

Isabella: And they lived happily ever after!

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