Tame The 🐉Dragon

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Dragon, We Have A Problem!

Simon: Ah, Sebastian!

Sebastian wipes his eyes with the back of his hand.

Sebastian: Don’t pity me!

Simon: You know I don’t. I’m just worried about you.

Sebastian: And why is that? You are not related to me.

Simon: You don’t have to have the same blood with someone to care about them. Like your friend Jared.

Sebastian: Don’t drag him into this.

Simon: Why? He wants to help you. Why don’t you let him?

Sebastian: To save him.

Simon: From what?

Sebastian: From me.

Simon: What are you talking about?

Sebastian takes a sip of his beer. He looks at Simon with his tired blue eyes. He’s only 16 years old, but he’s already experienced a lot. He’s already had experiences that some other teenagers can’t even begin to imagine. Simon found him lying unconscious on the street after using drugs. Normally Simon would have taken him to headquarters, but for some reason - he still doesn’t know why - he took the boy home with him. He took care of him and Sebastian has been his protege ever since. That day was the day of Sebastian’s parents’ funeral.

Sebastian: Jared is a good guy and he admires me. He wants to be like me.

Simon: And?

Sebastian: I can’t do that to him. I love him too much to do that to him. I’m already down, but I am not going to let him go down with me. He has a lot to lose. I have got nothing left.

Simon takes a drink of his whiskey and smiles.

Sebastian: Why are you smiling?

Simon: Because I am right about you.

Sebastian: What do you mean?

Simon: You are too good for this job.

Sebastian: You are wrong. I’m bad. A fucking zero. A nothing. A nothing that sinks into shit at the first sign of trouble!

Simon’s face darkens. His eyes narrow. Sebastian’s words awaken the Dragon. He approaches Sebastian and grabs him hard by the chin.

Simon: Listen to me, you little shit! What happened to you was not just a problem. You didn’t get dumped by some chick. You lost your parents. Your very good parents and you are not even 17 yet. You lost your footing. You went off on your own and you just made a misstep, but as long as I am in control of the situation, I’m not going to let you ruin your life for it. You are gonna get out of here and you are gonna fix your life. Do you understand me, stupid Wolf?

Sebastian, petrified and a little scared by Simon’s outburst, takes a step back and opens his mouth to say something, but Simon stops him...

Simon: Shut the fuck up! Not a fucking peep! Get your stupid ass and get out of here. I can’t even look at you right now.

Sebastian leaves the office with his head down, whispering an apology. Simon grabs the beer bottle and hurls it against the wall, causing it to shatter into dozens of pieces.

Simon: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

He drops onto the couch and pinches the bridge of his nose. A few minutes later, Negro enters the office.

Negro: What the fuck happened to Wolf? He came out running like a thousand demons were after him.

Simon: Send someone to follow him. The kid is devastated and might do something stupid.

Negro: Already done. I sent Dog.

Simon: Good.

Negro sits down next to Simon on the couch.

Negro: What happened?

Simon: I yelled at him. Maybe more than I should have.

Negro: And why?

Simon: I didn’t know what else to do. This kid is special but broken. I try to fix him, but I can’t. He can’t become like us. He needs to be saved.

Negro: You are right. I can see what you see in him.

Simon: Will you tell me?

Negro: This boy has a wolf soul trapped in his human body, but not just any wolf. He can’t just be a member of a pack. He’s a born leader.

Simon: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Negro: Anyway, don’t worry about him. Dog will not let him do anything stupid. It’s too late now. You should go home.

Simon: That’s exactly what I am going to do. Thank you, Negro.

Negro: Good night, Dragon!

Simon: Night, Negro.

Simon packs up his things and leaves his office. He walks to his car, pushes the button and unlocks it. He opens the door, but immediately slams it shut in frustration.

Simon: Damn it, Sebastian!

He leans against the car and looks up at the sky. The moon is fighting the darkness of the night, but somehow there are no stars to be seen. Where the hell did all the stars go?

Simon has always liked the night. When he was little, his mother called him Owl. Even when he was a little baby, he slept all day and stayed awake at night. When he started school, he suffered from this, so he only finished primary school and then started evening classes. He was smart and so he graduated from high school at 17. His parents wanted him to study, but that was not even worth debating. For him, the future was preordained. The night.

He started as a waiter in a small neighborhood bar. With his looks and intelligence, he managed to advance very quickly. He bought the bar and then another and then bought more and more, including clubs. By the age of twenty, he was the baron of nightlife. Everyone preferred his venues because there were no drugs and the spirits were clean. Then there were the ‘Angelic Demons’.

Now, at the age of 24, he is a gang leader, owner of countless bars and clubs, ‘protector’ of girls and front man in the war against drugs. He hates drugs. He has never even put a cigarette in his mouth. He likes alcohol, but in moderation. You could say he has it all. Youth, beauty, health, money, power, respect from his subordinates and fear from his rivals, countless women at his feet and now with Sebastian the little brother he always wanted. He has it all, but why does he feel like he’s missing something? Simon looks at his watch.

A quarter to six. It will soon be morning.

Simon: Come on, Dragon, it’s time to go back to your cave.

He gets in the car, starts it and drives to his house.


Or better, the next afternoon. Simon has woken up, showered, and is now enjoying his coffee in his birthday suit, as he always likes to do.

The sound of the phone breaks the peaceful silence. Simon, a little annoyed, picks up. He hates to be disturbed while he’s having the first coffee of the “day”.

Simon: Who is it?

The voice on the other side is youthful, frightened, and a complete stranger.

Jared: Are you the … Dragon?

Simon: Who’s asking?

Jared: My name is Jared. I am...

Simon holds the phone in his hand and starts to get dressed.

Simon: I know who you are! Is there something wrong with Sebastian?

Jared: I... I found him on the floor. He is not moving. I tried to wake him up, but...

Simon freezes in front of the mirror, looking at himself.

Simon: Is he dead?

Jared: I... I don’t... I don’t know!

Jared is horrified and his voice comes out with difficulty.

Simon: Check his pulse!

Jared: I don’t know how!

Simon: Put your fingers on his neck.

Jared: Like in the movies?

Simon: Yes. Just like in the movies.

A few agonizing seconds later…

Jared: He has a pulse. I felt it.

Simon exhales in relief.

Simon: Good, Jared! Now tell me. Do you know what he took?

Jared: No, but there is a syringe next to him.

Simon hits the mirror in front of him, breaking it completely.

Simon: Son of a bitch! Jared, listen to me. I’m coming right now and I’m bringing a doctor to help him.

Jared: What do you want me to do?

Simon: Turn him on his side and pray it’s not too late to save him.

Jared: Please, Dragon, hurry! I don’t want him to die.

Simon: No one’s going to die. Not on my watch! I’m coming, boy. Stay with him!

Simon, already out of the house, hangs up and immediately calls Negro. He picks up after the first ring.

Negro: Yes?

Simon: Negro...

Negro: Dragon? You sound panicked. What’s going on?

Simon: Get Doctor and get to Sebastian’s house. Now!

Negro: Damn it! OD again?

Simon: Maybe! I don’t know.

Negro: We are already on our way.

Simon: Hurry up, Negro, and tell Dog he has some explaining to do!

Simon gets in the car and drives off like a maniac, dodging other cars and running red lights.

A few minutes later he arrives at Sebastian’s house. He stops on the sidewalk and leaves the car. He goes into the building and runs up the stairs to the top floor, where he finds the door open and the lock completely broken. He goes inside and the first thing he sees is Sebastian’s body lying on its side and next to it all the horrible things Simon hates more than death. The needle, the spoon, the lighter. A few feet away from Sebastian, Jared is sitting on the ground, hugging his legs and looking at his friend.

Simon approaches, but before he can say a word, Negro and Doctor burst through the door.

Doctor runs to Sebastian and quickly checks his pulse and then his pupils. He takes the syringe and checks the contents under the light.

Doctor: You have got to be kidding me! Fucking assholes!

Simon: What’s going on, Doc?

Doctor: Give me a second, Dragon.

Doctor empties the rest of the syringe onto the back of his hand and takes a sniff of the substance.

Doctor: Damn it!

Simon: Doctor, talk at last!

Doctor: Fentanyl.

Negro: What is that?

Doctor: I’ll explain later.

Without wasting any more time, the Doctor opens his bag and pulls out a new syringe and a bottle labelled ‘Naloxone’. He looks at Sebastian’s body, calculates his weight and draws 10 ml from the bottle. He needs to get the antidote into Sebastian’s body as soon as possible, so he sticks the needle into the main artery in his neck. Jared closes his eyes as the needle enters his friend’s skin and Simon hugs his shoulders.

Doctor: Come on, Beautiful. Work your magic and kill that bitch!

Doctor checks Sebastian’s pulse again, then sits down on the floor and runs his hands through his hair.

Doctor: And now we wait. Bring a bucket or something. If he wakes up, he’ll pray to the porcelain god.

Jared: If? Why if? Is there any chance he will not wake up?

The Doctor looks at Simon...

Simon: Relax, son. He will. It’s not easy to kill a wolf. Now go drink some water and get the bucket.

Jared, his eyes fixed on Sebastian, gets up and walks with dragging steps into the kitchen.

Simon: Now, Doctor, talk!

Doctor: Dragon, we have a problem!

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