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What's Up, Doc?

Simon: Now, Doctor, talk!

Doctor: Dragon, we have a problem!

Simon: With him?

Doctor: No. His pulse is already rising. He’ll wake up soon. We found him in time.

Simon: Then what’s the problem?

Doctor runs his hand through his hair again.

Doctor: The boy has mixed H with fentanyl.

Negro: You have said that before. What the hell is this fentanyl?

Doctor: It’s an opiate similar to heroin, but stronger. It messes with the memory centers of the brain, so users take more than they think.

Simon: Meaning someone takes a dose but doesn’t remember it and then takes another and another until...

Doctor: Until the brain freaks out and stops sending messages to maintain breathing and heart activity.

Negro: And if that happens, what then?

Doctor: Death.

Simon gets up and goes to the window.

Doctor: Dragon, that damn thing is a mass murderer. If we don’t do something soon, we are going to have a lot more victims.

Negro: We need to find the source.

Simon rubs the back of his neck. A move he makes when he’s thinking about something.

Simon: Negro, I can’t leave now. You go find Dog. Ask him about all the steps Sebastian took last night. Where he went, what he did, who he talked to. Everything. We need the dealer. He’ll lead us to the source.

Negro: Yes, Dragon.

Doctor: What will you do if you find them?

Simon: I’m gonna burn them alive! Along with their fucking lab.

Negro, heads to headquarters. A few minutes later, Jared returns from the kitchen with a large plastic bowl.

Jared: I couldn’t find a bucket, so I brought this.

Doctor: That’ll work, kid.

Jared hands the bowl to the Doctor and sits down on the floor next to Sebastian’s body. He puts his hand on his friend’s forehead.

Jared: Doctor, he’s burning up!

Doctor: Don’t worry about it, son. His body is trying to reject the drug and the only way is the fever.

Jared brushes Sebastian’s hair out of his closed eyes.

Jared: Ah, Sebby! Why are you doing this to yourself? Why will not you let me help you?

Doctor puts his hand on Jared’s shoulder.

Doctor: I’m sure he’s learned his lesson.

Jared: I hope so, Doctor. Because if he hasn’t, I’ll kill him with my own hands!

Simon, still staring out the window...

Simon: Jared, tell me what happened.

Jared: Last night, Sebastian called me. We talked for a while. He told me about your disagreement.

Simon: That’s a fancy way of putting it. Did he tell you everything?

Jared: Yes, and I told him that I agreed with you.

Simon: Really?

Jared: Yes, of course! You were right about everything. Anyway. He was devastated. He kept saying that he was ashamed of himself for letting you down. I tried to persuade him to come to me, or even me to come here, but the stubborn wolf was adamant. He told me he was tired and wanted to sleep.

Simon: Yes, the eternal sleep. Fucking idiot!

Jared: We hung up, but I couldn’t sleep. I was worried. I had a bad feeling. I tried to call him back, but he had his phone turned off. As soon as it was dawn, I started calling here. Finally, he picked up, but his words were unintelligible.

Doctor: He had probably already taken a dose.

Jared: That was my mistake. I don’t know anything about these things and I thought he was talking like that because he was asleep. If I had understood earlier...

Simon: It’s not your fault.

Jared: I don’t agree with that statement, but whatever! I let him sleep, but my instincts wouldn’t let me rest, so I decided to come here. I knew he would be angry, but I didn’t care. When I arrived, I rang the bell, but there was nothing. I rang for at least half an hour. When I realised that wasn’t working, I broke down the door and found him like this...

Simon: And then you called me.

Jared: I didn’t know what else to do. I was scared shitless. I tried to wake him up, but he was... I thought about calling an ambulance, but what exactly would I tell them? The police would be involved and you understand! I turned on his cell phone...

Simon: How? Do you know his password?

Jared: I know everything about him. His password is the date his parents died.

Doctor: Holy shit!

Jared: I found your number and because I know how much you care about him, I didn’t think twice. You know the rest.

Simon: You did a good job.

Doctor: The kid didn’t just do a good job. He saved his friend’s life. When Wolf wakes up, we will have to tell him he’s still alive thanks to this boy.

Simon: I’ll take care of that. When this idiot wakes up, I’ll talk to him in my own way.

Doctor: Do that, but not today. Not until tomorrow.

Simon: Is that an order from the Doctor?

Doctor: Absolutely!

Simon: I can wait until tomorrow to kick his stupid ass!


The three men sit in silence, waiting. They are waiting for Sebastian to wake up.

Jared: Doctor?

Doctor: Huh?

Jared: Can I ask you something?

Doctor: Go ahead.

Jared: Are you a real doctor or is that just a nickname?

A wry smile appears on Doctor’s lips.

Doctor: Is it really that important?

Jared shrugs his shoulders.

Jared: You saved my buddy. I don’t give a shit if you have a degree or not. I was just curious.

Doctor: You know what, kid? I like you and that’s why I’m going to tell you my story.

Simon, not even looking in her direction, says...

Simon: Consider yourself lucky, kid. Not many people know about Doctor’s background.

Doctor: I graduated from medical school with flying colors. You could say I was a total nerd.

Jared: You? Hard to believe. You look like such a badass. Hard core.

Doctor laughs.

Doctor: Yet I was a skinny kid with acne and real Coke bottles for glasses, but I had big dreams. I wanted to be a surgeon and perform difficult surgeries pro bono for poor people.

Jared: Beautiful!

Doctor: Yeah, beautiful, but hard. I could have made it if I hadn’t lost my little sister. She was the same age as you. Only 16 years old.

Jared: I’m so sorry. What happened?

Doctor: Drugs.

Jared: Oh!

Doctor: She had a boyfriend. He’s been an addict for years, and he drove her into this shithole. I found her unconscious in the storage room of our house with the needle in her arm. I tried to bring her back, but I didn’t make it in time. I didn’t know anything about drugs then. She died in my hands. I vowed on her grave to become an expert and save as many people as I could from this plague.

Simon: And you have taken the oath correctly.

Doctor: I owe it to you. When I found out about Dragon and his fight against drugs in the neighborhood, I barged into his office and almost forced him to let me join the gang. We have been working together ever since. That’s all!

Jared: I don’t know what to say.

Doctor: Don’t say anything and stand by because your buddy is waking up.

They turn their attention to Sebastian, who has turned onto his side and is slowly opening his eyes. The first word that comes out of his mouth is...

Sebastian: Jared...

Jared: I’m right here, Sebby.

Sebastian: I’m sorry.

Jared: You will be tomorrow. Now you need to rest and recover.

Sebastian: I... I need...

Doctor: Boy, the bowl. Hurry up!

Jared quickly takes the bowl and holds it under Sebastian’s jaw, a few seconds before he starts puking.

Enough time and many, many bowls later...

Jared: How is it possible for a human to have that much fluid in his body?

Doctor: You have seen nothing yet, boy. The human body has unlimited possibilities.

Simon: This is exactly the opposite of my patience. Come on, kid, let us go take that filthy wolf in the bathroom. He stinks.

Jared: Yeah. Tell me about it! Yuck!

Doctor: I’m going to clean up this mess.

With Simon’s help, Jared carries Sebastian into the bathroom, undresses him, and puts him in the bathtub.

Simon: Doctor, cold water or hot water?

Doctor: As a doctor, hot. As a friend, cold.

Simon looks at Jared.

Simon/Jared: Cold!

Jared opens the tap for the cold water. Sebastian yells out.

Sebastian: Assholes! You are going to kill me!

Simon: We will just follow your lead.

Jared: Now shut up!

Sebastian: Guys, please!

Simon: Alright!

Jared turns on the hot water tap and Sebastian begins to relax.

Sebastian: Thank you.

Simon: Thank your friend for finding you in time. If it wasn’t for him, we would have had a funeral. Your funeral, you son of a bitch!

Sebastian: I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that.

Jared: I do. You are stupid, but we will talk about that tomorrow.

Simon: Yeah. Jared’s right. You need some rest. We will talk about it tomorrow. Seriously!


Sebastian is lying in his bed and Doctor is checking his vitals.

Doctor: Normal again. You got away this time, but be careful. You are walking on eggshells, kid. You will not make it next time.

Sebastian: There will not be a next time, Doctor.

Simon: That’s for sure. I’ll take care of it!

Sebastian: Dragon, I don’t know what to tell you.

Simon: Nothing, except who gave you this crap.

Sebastian: Luigi. He said he found a new supplier with great stuff.

Doctor: Great stuff, my ass!

Sebastian: What... What do you mean?

Jared: He means that the great stuff you got was adulterated, you idiot!

Sebastian: Adulterated?

Doctor: How could you not have noticed? I have heard what your nose can do.

Sebastian: I was very sad. All I wanted to do was escape.

Jared: And you almost escaped forever. I swear to you, Sebby, if you ever do anything like that again, I’ll kill you.

Sebastian: Never again, buddy. Never again!

Jared: And you have to give me money to fix your door.

Sebastian: Why would you do that? What’s wrong with my door?

Jared: I broke it.

Sebastian: You broke it? Why?

Jared: To save your life, asshole!

Sebastian: Oh! Okay.

Simon: Don’t worry about the door. I’ll take care of it.

Sebastian: Dragon, thank-

Simon: Wolf, don’t! Doctor, can we go? I have a lot of work to do.

Doctor: Yes, but someone has to stay with him.

Jared: I’ll do it.

Doctor: Perfect. Give him some soup and plenty of water in about an hour. I’ll come see him tomorrow. If anything happens, call me!

Jared: Thank you, Doctor. For everything.

Sebastian: Thank you too.

Doctor: Shut up! I was just doing my job!

Simon: Son, if you need anything, call me!

Jared: Sure thing!

Simon: Wolf, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Sebastian: Okay.

Jared walks to the door with Simon and Doctor and returns to the bedroom. As he enters the room, Sebastian lifts his head and looks at his friend with a smile.

Jared: And now Alpha, just you and me!

Sebastian: Oh, shit!

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