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New Kids On The Block

Jared walks to the door with Simon and Doctor and returns to the bedroom. As he enters the room, Sebastian raises his head and looks at his friend with a smile.

Jared: And now Alpha, just you and me!

Sebastian: Oh, shit!

Jared: Oh! You can say that again!

Sebastian: Oh, shit!

Jared: Are you fucking with me, you motherfucker?

Sebastian’s face gets serious.

Sebastian: No, Jared. I just...

Jared sits down next to Sebastian and puts his hand on his shoulder.

Jared: Look, Sebby. What’s done is done and yelling at you is not going to change that. The point is, did you realize that what you did was wrong?

Sebastian: Yes, I did.

Jared: So, you are never going to do it again, right?

Sebastian: Right. Never again. I’m done with that shit. It’s gonna be hard, but...

Jared: Is that a promise from the Wolf?

Sebastian: Yeah. It’s a promise from the Wolf.

Jared: All right. I believe you.

Sebastian: I put the fear of God into you, didn’t I?

Jared: What does it look like? I was terrified. Just the thought of losing you made me... You are my buddy. My brother. You are like family to me.

Sebastian: Will you come and stay with me?

Jared: Excuse me?

Sebastian: Come here. Stay with me. I have money. We will not have any problems.

Jared: What about school?

Sebastian: We will take night classes like Dragon did. Besides, there’s only one year left. We will make it. I need you, Jared. I can’t do this by myself. I don’t know how to be by myself. I need... I need a pack. I need my beta.

Jared: Are you sure you want to live in the same house with someone as messy as me?

Sebastian: As long as you stay out of my closet, yeah, I’m pretty sure.

Jared: My mom’s gonna kill me.

Sebastian: You are right. You still have a mother. Forget I said anything!

Jared, seeing his buddy in this trashed state...

Jared: I’ll come. My mother will understand. She knows how important you are to me. I will not leave you alone.

Sebastian looks at Jared with hopeful eyes.

Sebastian: Does that mean you accept?

Jared: Yes, you idiot. I accept. Tomorrow I will bring my things, but...

Sebastian: But what?

Jared: You should pose for me. There’s a photo contest in a few days and I want to enter it.

Sebastian: And you want me to model?

Jared: You may be a stubborn, obsessive bastard, but from a photographer’s point of view, you are beautiful and incredibly photogenic. If there are any women on the jury, I have got first prize in the bag!

Sebastian: Okay. I’ll do it. I’ll do anything you want, but just to capture that. You are not gay, are you?

Jared gets up from the bed, rolls his eyes, and makes his way to the door.

Jared: Tell me God, why do I still put up with an asshole like him?

Sebastian: Oh, come on! I was just kidding about that! Where do you think you are going?

Jared: I’m making you soup, you idiot. Doctor said you have to eat.

Sebastian: Jared?

Jared turns around.

Jared: What now?

Sebastian: Thank you. For everything.

Jared: Don’t thank me. Thank the wolf in me. A beta can’t live without his alpha!


When Simon and Doctor left Sebastian’s house, they went back to headquarters. There they found Negro.

Negro: Hey, Dragon! How’s the kid doing?

Simon: He’s doing fine. At least until tomorrow, if I take care of him properly.

Doctor: Don’t do that. He’s learned his lesson. Don’t make it worse for him.

Negro: I agree with Doctor. Wolf needs help and support, not yelling. Actually, he needs your approval.

Doctor: Yes. You may not be much older than he is, but the boy sees you as a father. And a father needs to be compassionate, patient and above all supportive.

Simon: HEY! What the hell are you two doing? Are you trying to lecture me?

Negro: No. Of course, not. This is just our opinion.

Doctor: We trust you and we know you’ll do the right thing.

Simon: Maybe I don’t deserve that trust because I let this damn thing invade my territory.

Negro: Don’t talk nonsense. How could you know?

Doctor: The point is to stop it.

Simon: Exactly! Negro, how did it go with Dog?

Negro: He told me everything. He’s devastated. He blames himself for what happened to Wolf.

Simon: It’s not his fault. The little bastard would have found a way to get the stuff anyway.

Negro: Did he tell you who he bought it from?

Simon: Yeah. From Luigi.

Negro: How so? Dog told me he had his eye on him the whole time, except...

Simon: Except?

Negro: Wolf stopped at Taker’s restaurant to buy food. While his food was being prepared, he went to the bathroom, but Dog couldn’t follow him because he would see him.

Doctor: That’s where the deal must have taken place.

Simon: Negro, take Tiny and go bring Luigi here.

Negro: Can we use force?

Simon: But of course!

Negro leaves to carry out Simon’s order, and he goes into the bar with Doctor.

BartenderSam: Salute, Dragon. What’s up, Doc?

Doctor: Hey, Yosemite Sam!

Simon: Sammy, give us a double.

Doctor: Not for me. I have got to go.

Simon: Where?

Doctor: I have to go check on Patricia. I have to keep her wound from getting infected.

Simon: How is she?

Doctor: Pretty good. She’ll be ready for plastic surgery in a few weeks. If all goes well, she will not even have a scar.

Simon: Beautiful.

Doctor: I’ll see you later then.

Simon: Goodbye, Doctor, and thank you very much.

Doctor: You are welcome.


Simon is sitting behind his desk when Negro and Tiny enter the office with Luigi in tow.

Luigi is what we call a middleman. The dealers give him the stuff and he deals with the buyers, keeping the appropriate percentage of course.

Luigi: Dragon, what’s all this? Look what your bullies did to me!

Simon stands up and walks towards Luigi, who is quite battered. His lips are torn open and there is a bruise under his left eye that is getting bigger by the minute.

Simon: Dear Mr. Luigi, I humbly apologize to you. Tell me who dared to touch you and I will punish him as he deserves.

Luigi, not noticing the sarcasm in Simon’s voice...

Luigi: Oh, Dragon! Your kindness enslaves me. It was him, the huge one.

Simon turns to Tiny with feigned ferocity.

Simon: Tiny, what is all this about? How dare you raise your hand against someone like the gentleman here? You should be ashamed of yourself!

Tiny, trying to suppress his laughter, lowers his head.

Tiny: I am sorry, boss. I’m so ashamed of myself! I just got carried away.

Simon: Well, I’ll punish you, of course, but first I’ll show you how to treat a gentleman like him. Watch and learn!

Simon stands in front of Luigi. He grabs him by the shoulders and raises his knee to kick him between the legs with full force. With an unbearable cry of pain, Luigi topples over at Simon’s feet.

Simon: You see, Tiny? That’s how you treat a gentleman. Never in the face. There are so many other places!

Tiny: Yes, boss. I think I got it.

Simon: You think? You want me to repeat it?

Luigi: No! Please, don’t do this! I will tell you anything you want to know! Please don’t hit me again!

Simon: Who told you I hit you to make you talk? This was just for fun.

Luigi: For fun? You hit my balls just for fun? You are out of your mind!

Simon: You haven’t seen anything yet!

Luigi: What... What do you mean?

Simon: I mean, if you don’t tell me who you got that crap from that you sold to Wolf last night, you are going to see the full extent of my insanity. Talk!

Luigi: What are you talking about? What crap? Who is this Wolf? I don’t get it!

Simon: You don’t get it, huh? Well, let us see.

Simon grabs Luigi by the collar of his jacket, lifts him off the floor, and pushes him against the wall. Simon holds him up. His legs are hanging off the floor. Simon’s face is terrifying. His eyes spit flames. He is not Simon anymore. He is the Dragon!

Simon: Luigi, don’t play with me. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Spit it out now or you’ll leave this place in pieces! Talk, you disgusting scum! Who gave you the adulterated heroin? Who?

Luigi: I don’t know her name.

Simon: Her name? Is it a woman?

Luigi: Yes. She’s new on the market. She goes by the nickname “Black Anemone”.

Simon drops Luigi to the floor. He wipes his hands on his pants and sits down behind his desk.

Simon: Tell me everything you know about her.

Luigi: There is not much. No one knows her past or where she came from. She sought me out and offered me a high percentage to sell on her behalf.

Simon: Did she tell you that the stuff was fake?

Luigi: Of course not. If I had known that, I never would have made that agreement.

Simon: Yeah, right, because you are a saint.

Luigi: I am not a saint, but I am not a murderer either.

Simon: Do you actually listen to yourself? You sell death in bags, you piece of shit! Of course, you are a murderer. You gonna tell me where I can find this chick?

Luigi: You can’t. She’ll find you, not the other way around, but if you let me go, I’ll spread the word that you are looking for her. Let me help you. I can be your rat. I can be anything you want.

Simon: Why did you sell to Wolf? You know who he is.

Luigi: That was a mistake. I saw that he was so devastated, and I tried to comfort him. I didn’t take any money. I swear to you, if I had known that stuff was fake, I never would have given it to him. I like that kid. He looks like you.

Simon: Stop kissing my ass. You make me sick. No one can buy a prayer from you. You made a mistake that almost cost my protégé his life. A mistake you will pay dearly for.

Luigi: What... What are you going to do now?

Simon: Negro, take this abomination and deliver him to Procrustes. Let us see if he’s able to get Death out of his wheelchair.

Luigi: Dragon, please. Not to him. Not to Procrustes. I beg you! Cut me, burn me, beat me. Kill me! Do what you want with me, but please don’t send me to him.

Simon: Negro, go!

Negro: Yes, Dragon.

Simon: Tiny, tell Sam to bring me a double.

Tiny: Right away, boss!

Tiny goes to Sammy and Negro grabs Luigi and calls Procrustes to inform him of the impending delivery. Luigi screams and pleads for help, knowing full well that the man he’s about to meet didn’t choose his name at random. Believe me. This is not going to be pretty.

Simon puts his legs up on the desk, ignoring Luigi’s cries.

Simon: And now, Black Anemone, it is time for you to face the Dragon.

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