Tame The 🐉Dragon

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Decisions ... Decisions ... Decisions


Sebastian has fully recovered and is now trying to convince Simon to let him join the gang. Jared has already moved into Sebastian’s house and is enjoying the privileges of this cohabitation - sort of. We will see why later. Simon is on pins and needles.

After Luigi’s revelations about Black Anemone, Simon has sent almost the entire gang out to get the rigged stuff off the streets. He’s instructed his scouts to find out everything they can about this woman, and he’s instructed his spies to spread the word everywhere that Dragon wants to meet Black Anemone. Now all he can do is wait and he hates waiting. He sits behind his desk and on his lap is Judith.

She works as a waitress at one of the clubs and is his favourite. Aside from the obvious reasons, Simon also prefers her because of her intelligence. She’s not the usual type of blonde bimbo with the nonexistent IQ. She even has a university degree.

Judith: Come on, Dragon, take care of me. You have so many days to do all this. I have missed you so much.

Simon brushes her hair out of her eyes.

Simon: Not now, Judith. I am not in the mood. I have got a lot on my plate.

Judith: Then let me relax you a little. I am a very good distraction.

Simon: You are just a pain in my ass at the moment!

Judith: For an ass like yours, I can be anything you want!

Simon bursts out laughing.

Simon: Later.

Negro enters the office, panting, and interrupts them.

Negro: Dragon! I have news about the chick!

Simon: Finally!

Simon nudges Judith gently.

Simon: Judith, leave us alone.

Judith: Should I stay or should I go?

Simon: Stay.

Judith, adjusting her tiny skirt, leaves the office, wiggling her hips sensuously.

Negro: Sorry to bother you...?

Simon: Actually, thanks for the rescue. That little lioness was about to devour me. Now screw Judith and tell me what you learned.

Negro sits down in the chair in front of the desk, but before he has said a single word, Judith invades the office again with a small box in her hand.

Simon: What the hell, Judith?

Judith: I’m sorry, Dragon, but this came for you and I thought I should bring it to you. I did a good job of that, didn’t I?

Judith hands Simon the box and he looks at it for a while.

Simon: What the hell is this? Who brought it?

Judith: A boy about ten. He said he was told it had to be put in Dragon’s hands. Sam told me not to bother you, but I heard about this woman you are looking for, and I thought it might be from her.

Simon: If you are right, we are going to have a great time tonight!

Negro: Come on, Dragon, open it!

Simon unties the satin bow and opens the box.

Negro: What is this?

Judith: A black anemone.

Negro: It’s her. The bastard was right. She finds you, not the opposite. Is there anything else in there?

Simon: A note.

Judith: What are you waiting for? Read it.

Simon picks up the thin, white paper.

Simon: Do you smell something?

Judith: Yes. The scent of anemones. That’s the paper.

Negro: That bitch is good.


I will wait for you tonight at midnight among the anemones. Come alone. BA

Negro: What the fuck is that?

Simon: Among the anemones.

Negro: Is that a place? Maybe a hotel?

Simon: It has to be.

Judith: Uh! Dragon?

Simon: What?

Judith: I think I know where this place is.

Negro: Do you?

Simon: Talk.

Judith: There’s a greenhouse in the park with anemones. It supplies all the flower shops. It’s the only place in town with these special flowers.

Negro: And how do you know that?

Judith lowers her head somewhat awkwardly. Her cheeks flush and her eyes fill with tears.

Judith: Does it really matter? Simon, I don’t want to say it. Please, don’t make me!

Simon takes Judith in his arms and strokes her cheek.

Simon: It’s okay, baby. Now please leave. I need to talk to Negro. I’ll see you later.

Judith whispers a thank you and leaves the two men alone.

Negro: So, what now?

Simon: I’m going. What else?

Negro: Alone?

Simon: Yes.

Negro: Dragon, I don’t like this!

Simon: I don’t have any other choice. I have to play with her to gain her trust so I can destroy her for good.

Negro: At least let me wait somewhere there.

Simon: We will see about that. Now tell me what you have learned.

Negro: Not much. She was married to a drug dealer and living in Italy. He was killed in a police raid and she took over running the business.

Simon: Why did she come here?

Negro: She was forced. She put a big load of counterfeit stuff on the market and the result was the death of many people. The police started searching her and the other traders forced her to leave.

Simon: I see.

Negro: There’s something else.

Simon: What?

Negro: She has special preferences.

Simon: What does that mean?

Negro: She likes young men.

Simon: As young as us?

Negro: I’m afraid we are too old for her.

Simon: Don’t tell me she’s a pedophile? I’ll kill her with my own hands.

Negro: No. She only prefers her lovers between 15 and 18.

Simon: My friend, men between 15 and 18 are not men. They are cocks!

Negro: Yeah, right! Suit yourself, fuck guru!

Simon: Now that you mention it. Get the fuck out of here and tell Judith to come over. I need to blow off some steam. I should have a clear head to deal with Black Anemone.

Negro: Do you need anything else?

Simon: No. The only thing I need I have it with me all the time!

Negro: Touché!



Sebastian is standing in front of the window, looking out at the traffic. Jared is holding a camera and taking pictures of him... The Wolf... The Sexy Wolf!

Sebastian: What are you doing?

Jared: Don’t you dare even blink!

Sebastian: Excuse me?

Jared: Hold still!


Jared: Oh, God! You are the photographer’s delight!

Sebastian: Are you out of your mind? I’m only wearing my underwear!

Jared: So what? Since when are you ashamed?

Sebastian: I’m not.

Jared: What then?

Sebastian: Nothing. I was just thinking.

Jared: Using what?

Sebastian: Very funny, asshole!

Jared: It really was, but whatever! Tell me what you were thinking about.

Sebastian: About the future.

Jared: Specifically?

Sebastian: I have to make decisions about what I want to do with my life.

Jared: It’s about time!

Sebastian: The point is, I have no idea what I want to do. Unfortunately, I’m not like you.

Jared: Do you want to have a real conversation?

Sebastian: Yeah.

Jared: Sit down.

Sebastian sits down in the chair and… CLICK again!

Sebastian: Is that what a real conversation looks like to you?

Jared: I’m sorry. I have no control!

Sebastian: Put the damn thing down!

Jared puts the camera on the coffee table and sits down across from Sebastian.

Jared: Well, you said you have no idea what you want to do.

Sebastian: Yeah.

Jared: In order to figure that out, we have to rule out what you don’t want to do.

Sebastian: What does that mean?

Jared: It means you obviously don’t want to spend your life behind a desk.

Sebastian: God, NO!

Jared: Okay! We have taken the first step. No desk job and no studying.

Sebastian: Yeah.

Jared: Then do what I did. Turn your passion into a career. Decide what you love to do and do it professionally. And before you say what you think. No, I’m not talking about sex.

Sebastian: How can you...? Forget it!

Jared: Well, what do you like best?

Sebastian: I like cooking, singing, riding my bike.

Jared: That’s it, baby!

Sebastian: What is it?

Jared: Your bike. That’s what you are going to do. Something to do with motorcycles.

Sebastian: Not a bad idea.

Jared: I found it! You are going to combine your love of bikes and your extraordinary talent for convincing people to do the impossible. You are going to open a bike store!

Sebastian’s blue eyes brighten.

Sebastian: A bike store.

Jared: The look on your face tells me you like the idea.

Sebastian: Yes, I do. I like it a lot, but can I even do this? I mean, I’m still a minor. Can I open a store by myself?

Jared: Dragon can help you with that. He’ll find a solution for you until you turn 18.

Sebastian: Yeah, but can I do that?

Jared: I’m sure. You can do anything. Why not this?

Sebastian: You give me more credit than I really deserve.

Jared: I don’t.

Sebastian: I don’t know how to thank you.

Jared: I do. Lie face down on the floor, propped up on your elbows, and look at me like you are trying to seduce me.

Sebastian: I fucking knew it! I knew you liked me deep down!

Jared: Yeah, yeah, I’m on fire for you! Do it now!

Sebastian: When will this torment end?

Jared: When I win the contest.

Sebastian: I admire your confidence!

Jared: If you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d be confident too.

Sebastian strikes the pose Jared asked for as he grabs the camera and lounges in front of him so that the lens is level with his eyes.

Sebastian: Is that what you want?

Jared: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sebastian: So, what now?

Jared: Now look at me like I am the woman of your life.


Sebastian: Well?

Jared: Well, as a man, I really don’t understand what women see in you and they run after you, but as an artist...

Sebastian: As an artist what?

Jared: As an artist, I am totally and irrevocably in love with you! I am Salvador Dali and you are my Gala. I am Leonardo DaVinci and you are my Mona Lisa.

Sebastian: Whoa, Speedy! Not so fast! Don’t you think you are exaggerating a little too much?

Jared: No. Not at all!

Sebastian: I really hope I will not have to disappoint you.

Jared: You will not!

Sebastian: We will see about that!

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