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Black Anemone


Simon is already ready. He is having one last drink before leaving when Sebastian enters the headquarters.

He knows nothing of the upcoming meeting and is taken aback by the commotion there.

Sebastian: What’s going on? Why is there such a commotion here?

Simon: Why are you here at this hour? Are you up to something? Sebastian: No! No! I swear. No more bullshit.

Simon: I’ll believe that when I see it!

Sebastian: You will! That’s exactly why I came here. I want to talk to you.

Simon: About what?

Sebastian: About the future.

Simon smiles and puts his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder.

Simon: Finally, boy. I am willing to listen to you and help you, but not right now. I have something very important to do that will probably keep me busy all night. Go home and I’ll come talk to you tomorrow.

Sebastian: Yeah, yeah, no problem, but what’s going on? Is there anything I can do to help?

Simon examines Sebastian from top to bottom.

Sebastian: Why are you staring at me like that?

Simon: Shut up and let me think!

A few minutes later...

Simon: Well. Forget what I said earlier. You are going to come with me.

Sebastian: And where to?

Simon: To the park, among the anemones.

Sebastian: Will you take me on a romantic date?

Simon: Yes, to propose to you. Asshole!

Sebastian: Oh! How sweet of you! Are you going to get down on one knee and give me the ring?

Simon: If you don't mean it, I’ll think it over.

Sebastian: Okay. Okay. I’m sorry! Tell me what’s going on here.

Simon explains to Sebastian what exactly is going to happen with Black Anemone.

Sebastian: I see. So far, so good. What I don’t understand is why you are taking me with you when she told you to go alone.

Simon: To create a distraction.

Sebastian: What do you mean?

Simon: The lady has a thing for boys your age and you have a strange influence on women. Do the math!

Sebastian: Now I get it.

Simon: So, are you going to do it?

Sebastian: Do you really have to ask? I am in your debt, Dragon. I would do anything for you.

Simon: If you help me destroy her, we will call it even.

Sebastian: Don’t worry, Dragon. I know exactly what to do!

A few minutes before midnight, the two men are already in the greenhouse with the anemones, waiting. Sebastian looks around in confusion.

Sebastian: How did you discover this place?

Simon: Judith told me about it.

Sebastian: Your little blonde toy?

Simon: Yes.

Sebastian: And how does she know that?

Simon: I don’t know and I don’t care.

Sebastian: But I thought you liked her. You have so many women around you and you only prefer her.

Simon: Come on, Wolf, give me a break!

Sebastian: What?

Simon: She’s beautiful, smart and hot, but that’s it. A good fuck now and then, a little chat and nothing else.

Sebastian: I like the way you think.

Simon: Why? Don’t you do the same thing? How many cherries have you eaten?

Sebastian: Okay, yeah. Too many.

Simon: Then shut up!

Suddenly Sebastian jumps up from his seat and sniffs the air. Simon, who knows exactly what this means, immediately takes action.

Simon: What’s wrong, Wolf?

Sebastian: Someone’s coming.

Simon: Man or woman?

Sebastian: A woman. It’s her!

Simon: Is she alone?

Sebastian: Yes.

Simon: Get ready, Wolf. Your prey has arrived!

A few seconds later, an impressive, beautiful, brunette woman in her 40s appears at the entrance of the greenhouse.

Her clothes, though quite sexy, perfectly match her body, but also her age. If someone saw her and didn’t know what she was, they’d say she was a rich lady just enjoying her life, but we all know all that glitters is not gold!

Sebastian stays back and Simon walks towards her, but she raises her hand.

BlackAnemone: Stay where you are! Don’t come any closer!

But Simon doesn’t obey. He gets closer and closer and stands in front of her. Since he is much taller than her, she is forced to raise her head to look at him.

Simon: I give orders. I don’t obey them!

BlackAnemone: And that’s why you didn’t come alone?

Simon: That’s right!

BlackAnemone: Very well! I have been kind enough to talk to you, but...

She turns on her heel and heads towards the exit.

Sebastian: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Sebastian steps out of the shadows and Black Anemone turns to face him.

BlackAnemone: And you are?

Sebastian walks towards her.

Sebastian: Dragon, would you introduce me to the lady?

Simon: What lady? I don’t see any lady here.

Sebastian: Well, that’s not very nice.

Simon: I am friendly when I need to be.

Black Anemone walks back up to the two men and eyes Sebastian.

BlackAnemone: You know what, Dragon? No one has ever put me in my place like that before, and they are still breathing. So, you do have balls after all!

Simon: Cut the crap and sit down. We need to have a serious talk!

BlackAnemone: On one condition!

Simon grimaces and runs his hand through his hair.

Simon: I’m getting annoyed!

Sebastian: Oops! That’s not good.

BlackAnemone: Oh, really?

Sebastian: Listen, lady. Don’t push your luck. You don’t want him to get mad. Trust me!

BlackAnemone: Trust me, Pretty Boy. I know what I’m doing. I have learned who your boss is. I know about James Anderson and poor Luigi.

Sebastian: They got what they deserved.

BlackAnemone: Maybe, but I also learned something else.

Sebastian: What else?

BlackAnemone: That your boss would never hurt a woman.

Sebastian: Don’t be so sure, and he’s not my boss!

BlackAnemone: Then what is he? Your lover? Your sugar daddy? That would be a shame !

Simon: ENOUGH!

BlackAnemone: Oh! Dragon has started to rage.

Before anyone can stop him, as if that were possible, Simon grabs her by the throat and forces her to kneel before him.

Simon: Listen to me carefully, you fucking bitch. It’s true that I never hurt women, but you are not one of them. You are a snake. A snake that has invaded my territory and brought death. Do you know what I do to snakes?

Though she is on her knees, squeezing her throat with a strong hand, she doesn’t lose her arrogance even for a minute. She grabs his wrist and looks up.

BlackAnemone: Nope!

Simon: I rip their head off and crush it under my shoe!

Sebastian looks around in a bit of a panic.

Sebastian: Dragon, something’s wrong here!

Simon: What?

Sebastian: We are not alone.

Simon: Fuck!

Sebastian: Simon, we have to go. There are too many of them.

Simon: You fucking bitch. Come alone, my ass! I should have known.

Black Anemone bursts into satanic laughter.

BlackAnemone: Stupid Dragon. Did you really think I came alone?

Simon: Shut up!

Sebastian: Dragon, they are close by. They have weapons.

BlackAnemone: How do you know?

Sebastian: I smelled the gunpowder.

BlackAnemone: Wow! What are you?

Simon: Shut the fuck up! Let me think!

A few seconds later...

Simon: Wolf, can you get us out of here?

Sebastian: Yeah, but we have to go now.

Simon: Let us go!

Sebastian: What about her?

Simon: The bitch is coming with us. Give me your scarf!

BlackAnemone: I’m not going anywhere with you!

Simon: One more word and I’ll rip your tongue out! Wolf, the scarf, now!

Sebastian unwinds the scarf from his neck and hands it to Simon, who cunningly ties Anemone’s hands behind her neck and gags her at the same time. He puts his arm around her waist and lifts her up.

Simon: Get us out of here, Wolf!

Sebastian: Follow me!

Taking several secret paths and successfully evading Anemone’s henchmen, Sebastian manages to drive them out of the park, but before they reach their car...

Sebastian: Fuck!

Simon: What?

Sebastian: Look! The bastards have the car surrounded.

Simon: Fucking hell!

Sebastian: So, what now? It’s too far to walk, and certainly not with her. We can’t cross town with a gagged woman as if nothing happened!

Simon: Do you have another solution?

Before Sebastian can open his mouth, a very familiar car with its passenger door open brakes in front of them.

Negro: Get in! Get in!

Sebastian: My God! How glad I am to see you!

Simon: Open the trunk!

Negro opens the trunk and Simon throws Black Anemone in, not very gently!

BlackAnemone: Ugh!

Simon: Shut up!

Sebastian is already in the back seat as Simon closes the trunk and gets in the car.

Simon: Go! Go! Go!

Negro presses down on the gas, making the tires squeal on the road.

Sebastian: Damn! I love the smell of burning tires!

Simon: Negro- not that I’m complaining- but how the hell did you get here?

Negro: What were you thinking, boss? Me leaving you alone on something like this with only this puppy for backup?

Sebastian: Hey mister, this puppy just saved your boss’s ass from a damn ambush!

Negro: What’s he talking about?

Simon: It’s the truth. If Sebastian hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have been able to escape the henchmen.

Negro: How did he do that?

Simon shrugs indifferently.

Simon: He simply avoided their scent.

Negro: You are joking now, right?

Simon: No!

Negro: Way to go, puppy! Remind me to bow down to you when this is all over!

Sebastian: I certainly will!

They spend enough time in silence until...

Negro: Dragon, what are you going to do with the load in the trunk?

Simon: I don’t know yet.

Sebastian: When her henchmen discover her abduction, they will attack.

Negro: The puppy is right.

Sebastian: Stop calling me puppy!

Negro laughs and Simon smiles proudly.

Negro: Sorry, Wolf! Anyway, we need to be ready.

Simon: We will be. Now stop talking. I need to think!

They are arriving at headquarters.

Simon: Wolf - no discussion - ride your chick and go home. Get a good rest and come back tomorrow night. I’m going to need your weapons.

Sebastian: No problem. Besides, I’m sure my new guard will be waiting for me awake behind the door!

Sebastian gets on the bike and is ready to put on his helmet.

Simon: Sebastian?

Sebastian: Yes?

Simon: Thanks for tonight!

Sebastian: You are welcome!

Simon: Sleep well, Wolf!

Sebastian: You too, Dragon!

Sebastian puts on his helmet, starts the engine and disappears into the night.

Negro: He’s something, isn’t he?

Simon: Yeah, the bastard, he is!

Negro: What are we going to do with... you know!

Simon: Lock her in the basement. Give her food and water and stay alert. Double the guards and let the dogs out. Keep your guns loaded and ready.

Negro: Okay. What are you going to do now?

Simon: I’m going to sleep in my office.

Negro: Why don’t you go home and get some rest?

Simon: You think so?

Negro: Yes. Go and if something happens here, I’ll alert you immediately!

Simon: Fine. I’ll be off then. I’ll be here early tomorrow.

Negro: Sure. Sleep well!

Simon: Good night!

Simon gets in his car and heads home. All the while he’s driving, he’s thinking about what to do with Black Anemone. He thought and thought, but he couldn’t think of the solution. As soon as he entered his house, he dropped onto the bed fully clothed and surprisingly fell asleep immediately.

The next day he woke up shortly after noon. He has showered and now looks in the mirror, rubbing his jaw and trying to think. He’s desperate for the best solution to his problem, but the dream he had last night is taking over his thoughts.

Simon: What the hell was that?

Simon’s dreams, ever since he can remember, have been full of dragons. Good dragons that fought evil along with knights and princes. Dragons who rescued beautiful princesses from flaming towers. Dragons that protected entire kingdoms, but not in last night’s dream.

Last night his beloved grandfather, whom Simon lost when he was 11, came into his dream and told him to be outside the Four Seasons Hotel at 6 this afternoon, where he would meet his destiny. If it were anyone else, Simon would ignore the dream. But not his grandfather. So far, his grandfather has appeared in his dreams two other times and on both occasions his advice was correct. His grandfather advised him to buy his first bar, and he warned him a few years later about an accountant who was shamelessly stealing from him. Now Simon will definitely stay in front of this hotel despite the problems he faces.

Simon: Let us see, Grandpa. Are you going to be right the third time?

He puts on a pair of jeans and a shirt, takes his jacket and car keys and leaves.

Five minutes to six, he’s outside the Four Seasons Hotel. He remains seated in the car, his eyes fixed on the luxurious entrance.

Simon: Really, Dragon? How stupid are you, anyway? What are you trying to find here?

A moment later, he looks at the clock in the car one last time: 6:03pm.

Simon: Okay, Simon. You did it for your grandfather’s sake. Now come back to reality!

He turns on the ignition key, but his hand stays in limbo before he starts the engine.

Simon : By the thousand kingdoms! It’s... It’s her!

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