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Unleash The Big Bad Wolf

Simon: By the thousand kingdoms! It’s... It’s her!

It’s her! The princess at the top of the flaming tower. The princess waiting for the dragon to rescue her. The woman of his dreams.

She has long, straight, brown hair. Big, innocent, brown eyes. Pink cheeks and lips. A long, white neck is the beginning of a sculpted body with white, clean skin that ends in two long, skinny legs.

Simon: Who are you, princess? I need to know who you are.

Not wasting any time, he grabs one of the many disposable cameras he keeps in the car just in case, and snaps a few photos as discreetly as he can.

At that moment, a silver Suzuki Hayabusa pulls up in front of her and the driver pulls out his helmet.

Simon: Oh, no! No! No! Don’t do this to me! Who the hell is he now?

The princess speaks briefly to the driver, who she seems to know well, and then gets on the bike. He puts his helmet back on, she wraps her arms around his waist and they vanish into thin air.

Luckily, Simon was still able to take a few photos. He has to find out at all costs who the unknown blond man is, and more importantly, what he has to do with her.

Simon: That’s it, Dragon! It’s time you found out exactly what you are dealing with.

He gets in the car and races like a bullet to headquarters. Half an hour later, he gets there. He parks the car and runs inside. There he finds Sebastian, who when he sees him, jumps off the stool and walks towards him.

Sebastian: Where have you been? You told me to come early and I have been waiting for over an hour. I stood up two girls for your sake.

Simon: At this point, I don’t give a shit about your sex life, Wolf. I have my own to think about. Where’s Negro?

Sebastian: In the basement, checking on our guest.

Simon pats his forehead.

Simon: Damn it! Black Anemone. I completely forgot about that bitch!

Sebastian looks at his friend in amazement.

Sebastian: Who are you and what have you done with Dragon we all know?

Simon: Cut the crap! It’s me! I just got carried away with... something.

Sebastian: With something or… someone?

Simon: Shut up!

Simon turns to the bartender.

Simon: Sammy, send me a bottle and Rat.

Bartender Sam: Yes, boss, but Rat is not here.

Simon: Call him and tell him to be here in 15 minutes. I don’t care where he is or what he’s doing. If he’s even a minute late, I’ll put rat poison in his food.

BartenderSam: Right away, Dragon!

Simon: Follow me, Wolf.

The two men walk to Simon’s office and 14 minutes later a breathless, tattooed young man enters the room.

Rat: I’m here, Dragon.

Simon looks at his watch and smiles.

Simon: 14 minutes. You are going to live. Sit down and drink some water. I have a very serious task for you.

Rat sits down on the chair and takes the glass Sebastian offers him.

Rat: It’s poison-free, isn’t it?

Sebastian: God only knows, mate.

Simon: Drink the fucking water, Rat.

Rat: Then drink up.

He drinks the water in one gulp and looks at his boss.

Rat: I’m ready, boss. Shoot me!

Simon throws the camera and Rat catches it in mid-air.

Simon: Develop this film. The photos show a brown-haired woman and a blond man on a motorcycle. They are staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. Find out everything you can about them and most importantly, what their relationship is. It’s now 7:30. You have until midnight. GO !

Rat: Sure, boss. I’ll be back much sooner with the information you ask for.

Simon: Do that and you’ll earn yourself a big piece of cheese.

Rat runs out of the office, and Sebastian, curiosity written all over his face ...

Sebastian: Now, Dragon, spit out your fire. I want to know everything about this mysterious woman who made you forget everything.

Simon leans on the back of his chair and interlaces his fingers as his face takes on a reminiscent expression.

Sebastian: That much, huh?

Simon: You can’t imagine. She’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She’s not as impressive as the women here. Her beauty is different. She’s straight out of a fairy tale. She’s the princess from the fairy tale.

Sebastian: If she’s staying at the Four Seasons, she’s, if not blue-blooded, definitely rich.

Simon: I don’t care and you know it.

Sebastian: That’s not what I meant.

Simon: I know what you mean. Unfortunately.

Sebastian: And what are you going to do?

Simon: I’m going to retire.

Sebastian chuckles.

Sebastian: WHAT? Oh, come on! You are joking, right?

Simon: No, but it’s not the right time to talk about it. You and I have a job to do now.

Sebastian: Finally! Some action.

Simon: Yeah, some action. Your last bit of action.

Sebastian: What are you talking about?

Simon: You said earlier that I had forgotten everything, but you were wrong. I remember you wanted to talk to me about your future.

Sebastian: That can wait.

Simon: No, Sebastian. It can’t. As soon as we are done with Black Anemone, you will leave me. You will spread your wings and fly away from the dirt. Away from me.

Sebastian: I don’t have wings, Dragon. I’m not a fucking bird. I am a wolf. A wounded wolf who doesn’t want to lose you. Please, Simon. I’m begging you. Don’t push me away.

Simon stands up and walks towards his protégé. He puts his hand on his shoulder.

Simon: Don’t be afraid, Wolf. Something tells me this will only be temporary.

Sebastian: What... What do you mean?

Simon: Our paths will cross again, somewhere down there.

Sebastian: Do you believe that?

Simon: I know it. Trust me!

Sebastian: I don’t like it, but... Do I have a choice?

Simon: No, son. You don’t. But right now, unleash the Wolf. I need him to take down a damn coyote.

The two men go down into the dark, dank cellar where Black Anemone is kept bound and gagged.

She has nothing to do with the formidable woman who showed up at the appointment the night before. Her well-groomed hair is disheveled. Her flawless makeup is ruined and dirties her face. Her expensive and elegant clothes are dirty and torn. There are red marks on her ankles and wrists from the handcuffs, though Negro has placed pieces of cloth between the skin and the iron. The expensive and delicate scent that emanated from her body has been replaced by the sharp smell of urine and the heavy smell of fear.

Simon flicks the switch, filling the dark room with light. He forces Anemone to close her eyelids as a pained moan escapes her, muffled with duct tape mouth.

Black Anemone: Ugh!

Sebastian leans against the wall and Simon approaches the woman and, not very kindly, pulls the tape from her mouth. With her eyes still closed, Anemone licks over her dry, torn lips and whispers...

Black Anemone: Water ...

Simon: Not yet.

She barely opens her eyes and stares somberly at Simon, baring her teeth.

Black Anemone: Give me some water, you son of a bitch! Or else...

Simon: Or else what? What are you going to do to me? WHAT CAN YOU DO TO ME ?

Her face changes and becomes biting. Her voice lowers. She pleads.

Black Anemone: Please, Simon. I’m begging you! Give me some water. Just a few drops!

Simon: Very well.

He grabs a bottle from the bench next to him and unscrews the cap. He holds the nozzle right over her mouth and pours a few drops in, which she catches with her tongue.

Black Anemone: Thank you.

Simon: Leave the thanks aside and talk. Tell me everything. Where is your lab? Who are your partners? Your suppliers? Your pushers? Talk if you want to get out of this basement alive.

The water, though less so, seems to have given Anemone back some of her arrogance.

Black Anemone: Fuck you, you son of a bitch! You’ll learn nothing from me! I’m not afraid of you.

Simon: You are not afraid of me, are you?

Black Anemone: No! You are nothing in front of me.

Simon nods at Sebastian and he slowly walks towards Anemone. She looks up and starts laughing.

Black Anemone: Really, Dragon? You think I’m afraid of your little lap dog? I have boys like him for breakfast! Please! You are better than that!

Simon: Of course, I’m better than that, bitch. That’s why I just unleased the Wolf!

Black Anemone: The... what?

Simon: The Wolf, Anemone. The big, bad Wolf!

Sebastian starts to walk around her and she tries to follow him with her eyes. He slowly turns around. He circles her and sniffs the air. How the predator circles his prey! His eyes, his blue, magnetic eyes are like two seas. Two wild, stormy seas searching for her. She tries to avoid his gaze, but can’t.

Sebastian: Look at me!

As if hypnotized, she sinks her gaze into his. As he holds her captive with his eyes, he begins to speak in that voice, the voice of the alpha male. The voice no one can resist!

Sebastian: You are terrified. You tremble with fear, but you like it. You are afraid of me, but you want me! You want to run away from me, but your legs will bring you back to me. You are scared, but you are willing to give yourself to me!

Black Anemone: Eeeeh ... No!

Sebastian: Don’t lie to me. I can smell it. I can smell your fear and your arousal. You are sweating. Sweat is running down your spine. Your heart is racing. Your pupils dilate with fear and lust. Your breathing is heavy. Your mind screams for you to run, but your body craves my touch!

Black Anemone: Eeeeh ... No!

Sebastian: Lying again!

She throws her head down and closes her eyes tightly.

Black Anemone: Stop it! What are you doing to me? Leave me alone!

Sebastian grabs her by the chin and forces her to look at him again.


She shakes her head from left to right, trying to free herself from his grip.

Black Anemone: No! I’m not surrendering!

Sebastian: You already have! Don’t fight it! You are mine! You are under my control! From now on, you will do as I tell you.

Black Anemone: I... I...

Sebastian: You will do exactly as I say!

Black Anemone: I will do exactly as you say!

Sebastian: You belong to me!

Black Anemone: I belong to you!

Sebastian: I am your master!

Black Anemone: You are my master!

Sebastian: Good girl! Now tell me your real name.

Black Anemone: Roza. My name is Roza.

Sebastian: Roza what?

Black Anemone: Roza Monogatari.

Sebastian: Very good! Now, Roza Monogatari, tell me all about your business.

Anemone aka Roza Monogatari opens her mouth to reveal all the details about how she makes and distributes adulterated drugs.

Simon listens with a look of disgust on his face.

A few minutes later ...

Black Anemone: That’s it! Now you know everything!

Sebastian: Are you sure about that?

Black Anemone: Yes. I told you everything, just like you said!

Sebastian looks at Simon, who nods in agreement. Sebastian turns back to Anemone.

Sebastian: Yes. You told me everything and now you will get your reward. Me!

Black Anemone: Ooooh!

She stretches her throat, opens her mouth, and Sebastian leans forward. He brings his lips just a breath away from her own.

Simon: What are you doing, Wolf?

Sebastian raises his hand to steady Simon.

Sebastian: She’s been obedient, Dragon. She deserves a reward, and I’m going to give her just that.

He is ready to kiss her and she smiles, but her smile fades as Sebastian forcefully pushes her back with a face contorted in disgust.

Sebastian: I’d rather kiss a cobra than a disgusting creature like you. GO TO HELL , YOU FUCKING WHORE!

With these words, the spell breaks abruptly, and as Sebastian steps away from her, wiping his hand on his pants, she shakes her head, trying to understand what exactly happened.

Black Anemone: What…? What happened? What did you do to me? I swear you are going to pay dearly for this! I’M GONNA KILL YOU ALL WITH MY OWN HANDS!

Simon: I hate to tell you this, but if, and I stress if, you get out of here alive, you will not be able to do anything with your hands or your legs.

Black Anemone: What do you mean by that?

Simon: I’m going to introduce you to a friend of mine who has something to do with joints.

Black Anemone: What is this… something?

Simon: He likes to hear the sound bones make when they fall out of their sockets.

Black Anemone: Oh, God!

Simon: Don’t mention God. He can’t help you. Not if you meet Procrustes.

Black Anemone: Oh, no! Please, Dragon! Not him! I have heard and seen what he’s capable of. Don’t send me to him. I swear to you, I’ll shut everything down. I will not sell anymore. I’ll do anything. Just don’t send me to him!

Simon: That’s what’s gonna happen anyway! In an hour I’m going to tear down everything you have built. I’m going to reduce it all to rubble. Your murderous career is over. This is not negotiable! What I can negotiate is your life!

Anemone, having accepted her complete and total defeat, raises her head and whips her hair through the air like a broken diva.

Black Anemone: Very well! You have won! Tell me what I have to do to save my life.

Simon: Now we are talking.

Black Anemone: You bastard!

Anemone said the last sentence through her teeth with the intention of not being heard, but she reckoned without the host or the Wolf in our case!

Sebastian: Whoa! You have a very foul mouth for a lady!

Simon: What did she say?

Sebastian: She just called you a bastard.

Simon: Really? I didn’t hear anything.

Sebastian: I did.

Black Anemone: What kind of freak are you? What the hell are you?

Simon: SHUT UP, YOU BITCH! Don’t talk to him! Don’t even look at him. Otherwise, I’ll let him go again and he’ll make sure you gouge your eyes out with your own hands!

Black Anemone: He can do that?

Sebastian: Would you like to try?

Black Anemone: NO! NO ! KEEP HIM AWAY FROM ME !!!

Simon: Down, Wolf! Stay back!

Sebastian: Really, Dragon?

Simon: Hmmm... Sorry, but I have always wanted to say that!

Sebastian rolls his eyes.

Sebastian: Whatever!

Simon: Well... Let us finish this, because I have more serious things to do. Roza, you have nothing left here, so I want you to leave. Get on a plane and fly as far away as you can. Are you willing to make that compromise?

Black Anemone: Yes. I’ll go. Like you said, I have nothing left here. I underestimated you, Dragon. I was wrong, and now I must face the consequences.

Simon: Be careful, though. If you come back, I’ll know and then I will not be so merciful to you. I will shoot first and ask questions afterwards.

Black Anemone: Don’t worry about that. I want to get as far away from you and your freak as possible. I will not be coming back. Now untie me!

Simon: Not so fast. I am the one who will arrange your departure, so you will remain my guest until everything is ready.

Black Anemone: But ...

Simon: Shut up! I have had enough of your voice!

Simon grabs the tape and stuffs Anemone’s mouth shut again, who tries in vain to fight back.


Black Anemone: Ugh!

When he’s done with her, he leaves the basement, followed by Sebastian, who turns off the lights behind him.

The two men return to Simon’s office and plop down on the couch.

Sebastian: That was pretty intense, wasn’t it?

Simon: That was a typical day at work. The kind of work I’d like you to avoid. Do you understand why now?

Sebastian: I had a feeling.

Simon: Although you were amazing down there. How do you do it?

Sebastian shrugs indifferently.

Sebastian: I have no idea. Ever since I was a toddler, if I wanted something bad enough, I’d look someone in the eye, ask for it, and get it, just like that.

Simon: You are charismatic, Sebastian, but now get out of here and go to bed. It’s getting late!

Sebastian: Oh, no! No! No! I’m not leaving! I’m going to wait to find out about the mystery woman, for her sake, you are willing to give up everything! Isn’t that so?

Simon: Yes, Sebastian. I’m ready. Whoever she is, whatever happens in her life, I want this woman and will do anything to conquer her.

Shortly after Simon informs his second-in-command of what happened with Anemone, Negro heads off to carry out Simon’s orders about destroying her business and the details of her departure.

And now Simon is sitting behind his desk with Sebastian, who, as much as Simon insisted, didn’t move an inch from the couch, and Rat.

Simon: Talk to me, Rat. What did you find out?

Rat: Everything, boss. The girl’s is Isabella Firewood.

Simon: Isabella...

Rat: Yeah. She’s 23 years old and doesn’t work anywhere. She doesn’t need to work.

Simon: Why? Is she rich?

Rat: Almost. Of course, her family has a lot of money, but not as much as the blond guy with the bike.

Simon: Who’s that? His face looks kind of familiar.

Rat: You have obviously seen him on TV.

Simon: Is he an actor?

Rat: No. He’s a businessman, and more specifically, he’s the owner of the Multinational Harronate Corp. You know, the big glass tower downtown. His name is Jonathan Christopher Harronate.

A whistle comes from Sebastian’s lips, who has been listening intently the entire time.

Sebastian: I have heard of him. He’s a strong competitor.

Rat: He’s not. A competitor, I mean.

Simon: What does that mean?

Rat: That his relationship with this woman is not erotic.

Simon: Then what is it?

Rat: He is her brother. A foster brother. Her family adopted him when his parents died.

Sebastian grimaces at this last bit of information and Simon nods at Rat to change the subject.

Rat: There’s another brother, a blood brother, who works for the company in a high place.

Simon: Why are they staying at this hotel?

Rat: They left the family mansion to be on their own. Problems with the mother. They stay there until they find the right home.

Simon: What about her personal life? Is there a husband?

Rat: No. Many besiege her, but she wants no one. From what I have learned, she’s very romantic.

Sebastian: She’s looking for Prince Charming, huh? What a cliché!

Rat: Not quite. She’s looking for the charming hero, I’d say. Someone who wouldn’t hesitate to risk his life to defend her.

Simon puts his fingers under his chin and rests his elbows on the arms of his chair.

Simon: So, she’s looking for a hero. Then that’s exactly what we should give her!

Sebastian: What are you going to do?

Simon: You’ll see. Rat, from now on, you are going to shadow her. 24/7. Find out where she goes, how she goes, when she goes and with whom. I want to know exactly what her daily routine is.

Rat: Of course, boss, but can I ask why you are doing all this? What is this woman anyway?

Simon: This woman, Rat, is my destiny.

Sebastian: Come on, Simon. How could you possibly know that? You haven’t even spoken to her yet.

Simon: My grandfather said so.

Sebastian: What?

Simon: It doesn’t matter, Wolf.

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