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Today is the day. The great day. Tonight, Simon will meet the woman of his choice, Isabella, for the first time.

He’s planned everything perfectly. He has found the man who will attempt to assault Isabella. He has determined the place, the manner, and the time of the assault. He’s even found the right clothes.

The show will take place at midnight.

Let us see how this day goes...


Simon is sitting in his office looking over some papers when Negro opens the door and pokes his head in.

Negro: Dragon, you asked for me?

Simon: Yes, Negro. Come in.

Negro enters the office and walks over to Simon’s desk.

Negro: I’m all ears!

Simon picks up the papers and hands them to Negro.

Simon: Here. Take them.

Negro: What are these papers?

Simon: The papers with which I’m handing over the gang and headquarters to you. They are effective at midnight tonight. In a few hours, you will officially be the leader here and everyone will obey you.

Negro: Dragon...

Simon: No, please! We have been over this! Everything here is yours.

Negro: And what about you?

Simon: I kept the restaurants and the coffee shops. You will also deposit 20% of the profits from the clubs and all other businesses into my bank account each year. The rest is yours.

Negro: That’s too much, Simon, and you worked hard for all of it. That’s not fair.

Simon: And you have worked too. We did it all together. Me and you!

Negro: I don’t know what to say. Thank you!

Simon: Don’t do that! Just don’t forget about me.

Negro: No way, buddy. Never!

Simon: And now I’m sorry, but I have to go.

Negro: Yeah. Today’s the big day, but isn’t it a bit early?

Simon: I have to go somewhere first. To do one more thing.

Negro: May I know what?

Simon: If you take a look at the last page of the contract, you’ll find out everything.

Negro opens the contract to the last page and reads.

Negro: I see.

Simon: Will you do it?

Negro: With all my heart, but if that bastard dares to call me Daddy, I will kick his ass.

Simon bursts out laughing.

Simon: Nice!

Negro: Will you be back before you know... that?

Simon: No. I’m never coming back here.

Negro: Did you say goodbye to the others?

Simon: Yes, and it was hard for me.

Negro: That’s it then.

Simon: It is, and it’s even harder.

The two men embrace.

Simon: Negro, thank you for being with me all these years.

Negro: Dragon, I hope you find the happiness you deserve, and who knows? Maybe one day we will meet again.

Simon: Farewell, brother.

Negro: Farewell, brother.

And just like that, Simon leaves headquarters and all of his previous life behind. He gets in the car and drives to Sebastian’s motorcycle agency.

He parks the car and enters the shop. His gaze wanders around for a while and stops when he sees something that makes him really happy.

Sebastian, fully dedicated to his work, is sitting behind the desk, busy with paperwork. Simon crosses his arms in front of his chest and smiles.

Simon: Well, well, well! I never thought I’d live this long to see this. A wolf working so hard!

Sebastian lifts his head and a wide smile lights up his handsome face when he sees Simon.

Sebastian: Dragon! You came!

He jumps over the desk and runs to Simon, who hugs him.

Simon: Of course, I came! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Sebastian: What do you think? Do you like it?

Simon: Too much, although I hate all kinds of bikes. You did a great job! Well done, Wolf!

Sebastian: You are proud of me now, aren’t you?

Simon: I always was, silly! I just didn’t tell you not to have such a big head!

Sebastian: Thank you, Simon.

Simon: Leave it!

Sebastian: Are you in a hurry? Come on and let me get you a coffee or something.

Simon: I’m afraid I can’t do that. I don’t have much time. I came to give you this.

Simon pulls out a bundle of papers from his inside pocket and hands them to Sebastian.

Sebastian: What are these papers?

Simon: Contracts in your name and also in Jared’s.

Sebastian: Contracts for what?

Simon: For the two biggest clubs in town.

Sebastian: I don’t understand.

Simon: They are yours, provided you stay out of suspicious business! If you want, Negro, as your guardian...

Sebastian: Wait! Wait! What? Negro is my guardian? Really, Dragon?

Simon: You need one, and Negro is the best choice.

Sebastian: You are a better choice.

Simon: Please, Wolf!

Sebastian: Okay. Do you want me to call him Daddy?

Simon starts laughing.

Simon: If you want to keep your ass, no.

Sebastian: Alright.

Simon: As I said before, Negro is willing to take over protection and help you with anything you need, as long as it’s legal. And of course, you will stay away from drugs!

Sebastian reads the papers, not believing his eyes.

Sebastian: Simon ... this is ... I don’t know... I don’t know what to say. Why did you do this?

Simon: Because I wanted to give you a parting gift.

Sebastian: This is not just a gift. It’s a whole fortune. I can’t accept it. You have already done so much for me.

Simon: Don’t start, Wolf. I told you I don’t have much time. It’s going to be like I say it is. End of story!

Sebastian: But...

Simon: Shut the fuck up!

Sebastian: Alright.

Simon: Well... I have to go.

Sebastian: Will I ever see you again?

Simon: You can be sure of that, Wolf.

Sebastian hugs Simon.

Sebastian: See you around.

Simon: See you around, kid, and stay out of trouble!

And for the second time that day, Simon leaves, leaving another piece of his old life behind. A beloved piece that looks after him as he leaves, trying not to cry!


Simon is in the bathroom taking a shower and in his living room there is a Snake sitting on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table.

When he comes out of the bathroom...

Simon: Make yourself at home, asshole.

Snake: Thanks, boss.

Simon rolls his eyes.

Simon: You ready for tonight?

Snake: Of course.

Simon: Tell me again what you have to do.

Snake: Come on, boss. I told you I can do this! Don’t worry about it.

Simon: Be careful! If you touch a hair on her head, you’ll regret it. I’ll make you regret it!

Snake: I will not even touch her. I’m an artist and I know exactly how to do it.

Simon: And about Fork...

Snake: What about him?

Simon: Don’t hit him too hard. One good push is enough.

Snake: He’s been talked to, hasn’t he?

Simon: Yes.

Snake: Okay, but something is bothering me.

Simon: What?

Snake: How am I supposed to hit you? I respect you too much for that.

Simon: Oh, NO! Don’t go there ! Tonight, you will forget who I am. If you don’t beat me, we will lose the match.

Snake: Are you sure about that punch?

Simon: Yes! I need to bleed. That’s the key to everything. The Passepartout!

Snake: Where do you want to get in, boss?

Simon: In her room, for starters.

Snake: And then?

Simon: Into her heart, Snake.

Snake glances at his watch.

Snake: If you want to be on time, you have to get dressed.

Simon: Yes, I’ll go, but if you dare laugh, I’ll rip your balls off and shove them deep up your ass! Deal?

Snake: Deal! Scout’s honor!

Simon: You are not a scout, you idiot. You are selling protection!

Snake: That’s irrelevant!

Simon: Asshole!

Simon goes inside and returns to the living room a few minutes later, dressed a little differently than usual.

The first thing Snake does is laugh out loud!

Snake: For the first time, I see a dragon wearing a turtleneck sweater and wool gloves!

Simon bares his teeth.

Simon: Shut up, asshole, and tell me. Do I look like a decent businessman on a simple walk in the park?

Snake: You look like a fuckless nerd on his first date.

Simon: Really? Very good. From the looks of it, I did a good job!

Snake: Seriously now. Is that how you are going out?

Simon: Actually, I am going out with you like this. Come on, get off your butt. We gotta go.

Snake: Okay, but I’m going to stay a few steps back!

Simon: Tell me again why I picked you for this job?

Snake: Because I’m the best, boss.

Simon: Stop calling me boss. In less than an hour, Negro will be your boss.

Snake: Don’t remind me.

Simon: Why? Negro is the best choice.

Snake: Yeah, he’s awesome, but...

Simon: But?

Snake: He’s not you!

Simon: Come on, Snake. We are late!

The two men leave the apartment...

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