The Claiming

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Chapter 2

The journey to the Lunar Temple was pleasant, though I was very thoughtful. I expected to be nervous, but there was only a calm flutter of anticipation in my blood, as if this was all perfectly natural. Talia was upset at first, as I’d expected her to be, she had a bit of a hissy fit as she was wont to do at times, but then eventually she came around. To be perfectly honest, we’d been slowly growing apart, though neither of us was brave enough to admit that. Perhaps my leaving was a blessing in disguise, allowing us a nice, clean break. Talia wasn’t the sort of woman who would do well with long-term monogamy, she was a very sexually restless person. That was fine for her, but I was the type who enjoyed spending most of my time with one person.

The temple was very beautiful and extremely vast, in a space situated on the borders of Neo-Byzantium, in a district all of its own.

I shared an elegant dormitory suite with two other acolytes named Savi and Min. Savi had beautiful golden brown skin and long, thick dark hair. Her body was very round and voluptuous. Min was tiny and svelte, with shiny jet black hair and almond-shaped eyes. We all got along very well. Like me, they’d been active in their sexuality for many years already. And they’d also had experiences with women. In fact, they seemed incredibly close and I wondered if they might be lovers.

Later on the first day of the Orientation, I met with Mistress Monet Lucas. The blonde priestess was perhaps around thirty years old, and quite beautiful. She wore a long, sheer lavender gown that displayed an attractive and athletic figure. Her chamber smelled of floral incense, the whole space seemed to be bathed in rose-colored light. There were plants there with thick flowers, as well as fountains with water that flowed down into small stone pools around the floor.

″Welcome, mon de Savon,″ she said, bowing to me. I bowed back. ″Come, sit,″ she said with a smile, motioning me forward.

I took a seat on a large soft, cushioned chair draped in silk. Monet then took a seat across from me.

″Well, as I’m sure you know, here is where we shall begin the process to transform you into a Vessel. This is a very sacred undertaking. Since you have given us your Introductory Vows, you clearly are committed to moving forward with this process. I am happy that you have chosen to continue, as we all are. Now, I have a few introductory questions for you. Please feel free to take as much time as you need to answer. Your answers can be either as long or as short as is comfortable for you, you are encouraged to speak as openly and honestly as possible.″

I nodded. Monet had a calm way about her, she put me instantly at ease. ″Nivenna, you know that just because you are called does not mean that you must become a Vessel. You have free will. You may leave at any time during the Trials if you so wish. Do you understand what we do here?″ she asked.

″You channel energy,″ I replied. ″And then direct it in rituals.″

″Yes, but that is only a part. We serve the earth, the moon, the Spheres of the Heavens, the great mystery of Nature, and of life itself. Sexuality is life. It is an energetic exchange of the most powerful kind. We believe,″ Monet continued, ″that in order for this world to stay in balance, sexual energy must be allowed to flow. However, for various reasons, the balance becomes upset. Too many deny or outright revile this gift from the gods. They suppress it.″

She shook her head sadly. ″And in this suppression they create darkness. We bring back the light. We become Vessels for the great, life giving force.″

This was making sense to me, I was flooded with a kind of instant recognition of truth in the priestess’ words.

″Do you know about the belts?″ she asked me.

″Yes,″ I answered, swallowing. ″I’ve heard of them.″

″Your belt shows your dedication, your willingness to be a channel. Once your training is complete you will be able to fully absorb the power of the Hours. It will be very intense, and requires much preparation. I am going to ask you a few more questions, you need not answer them immediately but please think on them: how do you feel about your own sexual nature? How does the way that you were raised influence these feelings? Are there aspects of sex that make you feel uncomfortable, and if so why?″

A gentle smile crossed Monet’s face, she reached over and placed a hand over mine. ″I think that you will do well here, Nivenna. I’m glad that you’ve decided to stay and undergo the Trials.″

During the Trials, before we would be fitted with our belts, we were to take certain herbs and supplements daily that were supposed to aid with the process. Some were capsule pills, some were liquid potions, others were essences that we would apply and rub into our skin. The first day, I didn’t know what to expect. Mistress Monet, who was to be my counselor until I moved up through the Trials to the next level, had been trying to ease some of my fears about the whole thing.

My skin had begun to feel more sensitive, pleasantly warm and tingly, particularly in my breasts and between my legs. Just being in the Temple seemed to change our energy. The Hour chimes rang often, but we were not allowed to witness the Observance of them: this took place in a different area and we were kept in the dormitories and study areas, not allowed to pass beyond a certain point.

Our days at the Temple consisted of study. The Orientation lasted for a week, and the Trials for three. And then, when the moon came into its fullness, those who chose to stay would take vows and undergo the sacred ceremonies of Belting and Quickening. We learned of the Cycles of the Greater and Lesser Hours, how the energy grew and built and then tapered off, only to swell again. We underwent massages and training in meditation, learned to become more aware of our bodies.

During the the sixth day of Orientation, as we neared the beginning of the Trials, the dreams began. These were very intense sexual dreams, often with puzzling imagery. I often found myself waking several times during the night, absolutely drenched in sweat and with my underclothes soaked with the intensity of the arousal I’d experienced.

Over a breakfast of fresh fruits the next morning, Savi, Min and I discussed the dreams. As it turned out, they were experiencing them as well.

″Oh, you should have seen Min,″ Savi whispered. ″Practically soaked the whole bed she came so hard.″ I looked over at Min, who nodded, a bit sheepishly. Her face flushed.

″ was...″ she fidgeted a little and glanced at Savi, then back at me. ″I was at the seashore, lying naked on the beach near the surf. The water rushed over me and it felt good on my skin—I was so hot and aroused. Then three big octopi came slithering out of the sea. Two crawled up on either side of me and took hold of my arms and legs, keeping me still. Then the third octopus stayed in front of me, crawling closer, just looking at me with his big eyes. Then he reached out a tentacle and began to stroke at my clit with the tip, rubbing me with its suction cups.″

Min was visibly aroused now as she recounted the dream—her eyes were dark and the nipples on her swollen breasts were standing out sharply against the thin fabric of her camisole. Savi, meanwhile, had discreetly slipped her hand down between her own legs.

″Then,″ Min continued, ″ began to penetrate me, slowly at first. It felt so good.″ She blushed, trying to fight her own arousal. ″So good but so very wrong. Yet soon I didn’t care, all I could feel was the pleasure. It pushed the tentacle deeper was so thick, so strong. I could feel it stroking, reaching all the different places...″

Savi had now slipped her fingers into her underpants and was obviously masturbating, caught up in the sensuality of Min’s tale. This was another new effect, everyone seemed to be slowly losing any sort of inhibitions that they may have had, becoming far more open in their pleasures. Often I would see students lying on chaises in between classes, touching themselves without reservation. It was a titillating and also quite refreshing sight.

Min stopped talking now and took a large bite of melon. Savi began next, without removing her hand from her underclothes.

″I dreamed of a dog,″ she said quietly. ″In the dream, I was left alone in the house while my parents went on a business trip. They had a large Shepherd dog mix, it was a beautiful animal. I was standing in my room by the mirror, naked, looking at myself. I was doing a rather thorough job too, starting with my breasts, squeezing them, amazed at how big they’d gotten. Then I looked between my legs, and...looking turned into touching, and before I knew it I’d sank down onto one of the large cushions on the floor and was rubbing myself while looking in the mirror, turned on by the sight of myself being naughty. I hadn’t closed the bedroom door all the way. I’d forgotten about the dog until he came into the room. He watched me, then came closer until he was crouching down by my pussy. I know I should have gotten up, pushed him away, but I didn’t. Instead, I let him lean his nose down and then lick at me with his long rough tongue. It felt good,″ Savi admitted. ″I’d always wondered what it felt like to have a tongue there, now I was finding out and I wanted more. I encouraged him, patting and rubbing his head while he licked me harder and faster. I put the dog outside after that and took a shower, unable to believe what I’d done yet completely aroused by it. In fact, I wanted to do it again. Then I awoke.″

I didn’t share that morning, but I too had experienced strangely taboo and arousing dreams involving animals. In the dream from the previous evening, I was in a barn, in a horse stall with a huge stallion. My gaze was focused on its cock, which was standing at attention, stiff and massive. For some reason, the sight of it increased the ache between my legs threefold, I grew wet at the thought of that huge thing inside me, stretching me. In the dream I knelt down and wrapped my hand around the stallion’s aroused member. It was so thick that it barely fit in the palm of my hand. I could feel it throbbing velvetly under my fingers. Sinking further down onto the pile of hay I slipped my other hand down between my legs while I continued to stroke the horse, who was starting to get very excited. The forbidden, shameful feeling of what I was doing thrilled me, spurred me on. I leaned forward so that I could thrust two fingers inside myself as I continued to jerk off the powerful creature, out of my mind with lust, almost tempted to try to see if I could find some way to fuck him. Then the stallion gave a sharp neigh and there came a sudden and violent spurt of thick come from its great cock. My cunt spasmed and I lost control, drowning in sensation, my hips jerking reflexively while I squirted and gasped as I came awake, a few last bursts of come spurting out of me, completely soaking both my underclothes and the bed linens beneath me.

Later that day, during one of our sessions I spoke to Monet about this. She smiled gently. ″This is extremely normal and common. In fact, it is a sign that you have chosen the correct path. The earth itself is reaching out to you, through your dreams, via the animal totems. This does not mean that you are deviant or sick, you must get those thoughts out of your mind. In order to become a Vessel, you must leave behind the ideas that society and your upbringing has forced upon you, you must exorcise all of that guilt, or you will not be fit for this sacred task. It will drive you mad.″

″It’s...difficult, though,″ I confessed.

Monet nodded in understanding. ″It is very difficult. Especially for some. I was raised in a very conservative family, taught to believe that sexuality made one dirty, was something meant to be suppressed. My mother and father could be very cruel at times. Receiving my summons was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I’d been trying to figure out a way to escape from them for so long...and then I had one. I felt as though the Spheres had rescued me, validated my feelings. All of that baggage, it made the Trials exceptionally difficult. Yet it made me a strong Vessel, the person I am today. And I am very happy. I know that you will be too, Nivenna, once you learn to trust yourself. I sense greatness in you.″

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