The Claiming

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Chapter 6

As I said before, this story is not only mine, there are several important figures here, with their own sides, their own hopes and fears, deeds and misdeeds. I should now like to introduce one of these:

Sergius Etan Theophylacti, commonly known as Etan, was one of the most renowned physicians in all of Neo Byzantium at the time. He was an expert in genetics, and had been instrumental in the maintenance of Lyra and the Outer Principalities, which I will speak more of later. In the early Spring, months before I was summoned to the Lunar Temple he was, among other things, one of the Royal Physicians, though this was more a role that had been thrust upon him than one of his own choosing. He was trusted almost implicitly by Maximilian Frick. Whether Etan trusted Maximilian was another story.

The Physician was one of the very last of an ancient and noble line—the Theophylacti family, The Long-Lived Ones, the original ruling dynasty of the Realm. Due to the genetic mutation carried by members of that family, he aged at an incredibly slow rate. Though Etan was nearly sixty-five years old, he only looked to be in his very early thirties. With his bright hazel eyes and soft brown hair, he was considered quite handsome, if not a bit slight and thin.

The days of the Old Dynasty were long gone, now, though, and Etan was fine with that. He was content to carry on with his work, and his bloodline provided him with the longevity to learn and study and make further advances.

Like many others, he recognized that Chancellor Frick had begun a steady decline. But on this particular day in the early winter of the previous year, Etan wasn’t summoned to the Estate for the Chancellor, rather, he was quietly escorted to his daughter Galatea’s room. He’d been told that the Princess wasn’t feeling well, though nobody could seem to be able to elaborate much on her symptoms. They let him into her chamber then shut the door. The spacious suite was dimly lit with candles. Curtains had been drawn over the windows. Galatea was lying in bed beneath a thin silk blanket.

″Hello, My Lady,″ he said and her eyelids fluttered open to reveal wide, innocent blue eyes that seemed to glow in her flushed, heart-shaped face.

″Etan,″ she said, recognizing him. ″How do you fare?″

″Well, your Grace, though I have not heard the same of you. Are you feeling feverish?″

Galatea looked slightly embarrassed, gave a kind of half-nod.

″My Lady, I can only help you if you tell me what’s wrong,″ the physician said gently.

Galatea slowly and reluctantly pulled the blanket away, revealing her naked young body beneath. Etan tried to hide his surprise as she spread open her legs, presenting him with a view of her very engorged pink clitoris. Now he had begun to get a better idea of what was happening. The Princess was succumbing to the Hours—he would know the signs anywhere. The Estate was one of the only places in the entire realm that did not openly acknowledge them—in fact they downright repressed them--, which was, in Etan’s opinion, a dangerous thing.

″Sit up a little, my Lady,″ he said softly, then began to examine her.

Her vitals were good and strong, yet slightly elevated, which was to be expected. Her pupils were hugely wide, another indicator that the Hours were having their intended effect. Poor girl, Etan thought. Nobody had explained to her what her body was going through. And she was having such a strong reaction too. Trying to ignore the way that his cock sprang to life at the sight of her hyper-aroused state, Etan brought his hands down over her breasts and she stifled a moan, her nipples hardening instantly into stiff little peaks.

″Are you experiencing soreness in your breasts?″ he asked, though the answer was obvious.

″Yes,″ she replied. ″They’ve...they’ve gotten larger,″ she added. Etan squeezed one and the Princess gasped, shifting her legs. His member gave a twitch at the sound she made.

″That will happen,″ he told Galatea as he continued to massage her swollen tits. She had naturally small breasts, he could tell, possibly even still developing. Now they perked up like ripe, round peaches, fitting perfectly into the palm of his hand. Etan brushed his thumb over her pointed little nipples. As he did so he noticed that her clit grew larger and stiffer, he could see wetness glistening on her pussy. She needed release quickly. She also needed to be taught to masturbate discreetly so that the tension and arousal wouldn’t overtake her.

″When did you start feeling this way?″ Etan asked Galatea.

″It started to get worse yester-eve,″ she replied. ″My breasts grew so swollen and painful that I couldn’t even fasten my underclothes. And then the...swelling started between my legs, the ache grew worse. I also had a dream and when I woke I was damp there.″

″Galatea, listen closely to me,″ the Physician began, trying to keep his voice even. ″What is happening to you is very natural and normal, and very accepted in other places but not here. Your father has certain...hesitations...″

Etan shook his head. ″Nevermind. So, I will help you, and teach you how to help yourself through this, but please keep it a very private matter. I will find you a handmaiden who will be very discreet and understanding, so that you might have someone to confide in.″

The Princess nodded in understanding.

″Now,″ he continued, ″have you ever touched yourself between the legs?″ Etan slipped his hand down over her folds.

″No,″ she said, her breath hissing out between her teeth.

″You’ll learn. Watch what I’m doing to you,″ he instructed as he gently rubbed her engorged clitoris in a circular motion with two of his fingers. Galatea gasped, practically lifting off the bed.

″Your body has become incredibly aroused—we need to release that tension so that you can relax. Now, look here where I’m touching you. See how you’ve swollen?″

She gulped and nodded as she looked down at herself.

″Very good. Now, just take your fingers like I’m doing and rub that spot. Doesn’t that feel good?″

″Aaah, yes!″ the Princess gasped, almost in awe. She was so wet, she would probably benefit from penetration. Etan would see what he could do about bringing her some toys to use but he would need to order a prescription under a false name in order to keep it within legal bounds. Without a doctor’s note, such devices had been criminalized. Etan wondered if he should penetrate her with his fingers, seek out her g-spot—but he didn’t want to overwhelm her, and besides, with the state the Princess was in she wouldn’t last long, she was already about to come, and she did, stifling a moan, gasping, tears in the corners of her eyes as she bucked her hips convulsively, shuddering.

The Physician’s painfully erect cock now strained at the front of his pants. He wished desperately that he could take it out and thrust it inside of Galatea’s tight, needy heat. She would probably love it. Etan shook his head to clear these thoughts away. It would probably be unwise to linger now, the effects of the Hours and the Princess’ strong pheromones were clouding his judgement. He didn’t want to do something unethical that he would regret.

She closed her eyes, clearly dazed and buzzed from the experience. Etan smiled. He’d given the Princess Galatea, repressed Maximilian’s cloistered daughter, her first orgasm, if only for clinical purposes. He sighed then, a little. She looked so sweet and peaceful while she was sleeping, her tearstained face flushed.

His eyes drifted down to her swollen round breasts, the ripe pink nipples still hardened into stiff nubs. The relief wouldn’t last long—the cycle was already beginning again inside of her. By the half-peak of the next hour she’d wake to find herself swollen and frustrated once more. Once she began masturbating and learning the rhythms of her body, Galatea could give herself better, longer orgasms to cope with the flow of the energy. And then perhaps one day she would take a lover into her bed to spend the Hours with but Etan didn’t think that this would happen for a long time, if ever. Maximilian kept her under lock and key. He was a jealous, mad man and there was something very unhealthy about the way that he looked at his daughter.

Etan, no, he wouldn’t give voice to his fears, he shook them away for now. He could see Galatea shift her hips under the blanket—she was most likely having the lucid sexual dreams so common during the Hours. He moved up on the bed and brought his hands up to gently cup and fondle her breasts. She shifted her legs open and he stared down in amazement at how wet she’d become again. He knew that he should leave, but she felt so good and the Physican was mesmerized by her. He wondered if Galatea would ejaculate during the dream as many women did, and the thought of it made his throbbing member want to explode.

Etan leaned down and, on impulse, sucked her breast, teasing and flicking the nipple with his tongue. He’d never gone this far with a patient before and, though it was going to benefit her, the physician had definitely already overstepped his bounds. He was too caught up in the moment to care, swallowed up by the rhythm of the Hours.

After freeing his stiff, aching cock from the front of his pants he took hold of himself with one hand and slipped the other between Galatea’s legs again and, after a teasing moment of hesitation he plunged two fingers inside the Princess’ tight heat. She reacted instantly, the walls of her virgin pussy clamping down around him. His hand worked his cock harder at the sensation. Gently, Etan angled his fingers and started stroking them in and out, brushing close to her sweet spot. Then she let out a gasp and pressed her pelvis down, rocking hard against his hand instinctively, grinding her swollen clitoris while Etan finger-fucked her.

A flood of wetness burst from Galatea then, and almost at the same moment a thick spurt of come jetted out of the Physician’s cock and splattered across her belly and tits. Once the Princess’ hips stopped bucking her heart slowed and she fell completely back into a deep, peaceful slumber once again. Breathing heavily, Etan cleaned his come off of her with shaking hands. He’d just violated his oaths as a doctor, and committed a serious offence, one punishable by law. He could be stripped of his rank, even exiled if anyone found out and yet he still wanted to climb into bed beside her, fuck her, feed her his cock. He was rattled by this desire.

When she woke, the Princess was greeted with extra-swollen breasts and the ache between her legs tripled. The physician had come to check on her the night before—her body trembled at the memory of what his hands had done to her. It had brought such a blessed-albeit temporary—relief. Galatea brought her hands up to cup her sore breasts, then winced as the sensation traveled down to strike her between the legs, adding to the burning that was already there. She angled her body so that she could look at her womanhood and saw that swollen little pink peak of flesh, puffy and wanting. That was the spot Etan had touched, the one he had told her to touch.

Hesitantly, the Princess reached down and brushed her fingers over the nub, a sensation like tiny electric shocks moving through her as she did so. She’d learned that if she rubbed that spot long enough, sweet relief would come. Yet Galatea couldn’t help but believe that she was doing something wrong. Surely she must have some sickness, or a physician wouldn’t have been called. Etan, however, had said that it was perfectly normal and common. So why hadn’t she ever heard of such a thing before? And why had he wanted her to keep it a secret?

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