The Claiming

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Chapter 8

By the time of the second phase of the Trials, the potions that we’d been given were having an evident effect. I could see it in my eyes now, my pupils had dilated considerably, going nearly onyx as the Hours waxed. On this first day, Monet Lucas led me to a small room and told me to strip down naked. There was a long chaise there, and also a number of sex toys laid out on a table beside it.

″During this phase,″ she said, ″you will stimulate yourself to climax. You may use your fingers or any of the devices available to you.″

That didn’t sound too hard, I thought, and then I realized that there must be something more to it. I was correct, I soon found out, as a screen pulled back on one of the walls and I realized that there were people watching on the other side. I was going to have to perform for them. A few of them I recognized, teachers from the Order and Council Members. My eyes were drawn to the front row, where Saroya, the beautiful High Priestess, was seated.

I had never seen her before, and now that she was in front of me, I was overwhelmed by her presence. I felt heat spread through my lower belly knowing she would be watching, but then my gaze was immediately pulled to the man sitting next to her. I felt a sudden, powerful jolt go through me, like an electric shock. Through the glass, his vivid green eyes met mine. It was the High Sorcerer, Gregory.

He was startlingly handsome, almost otherworldly looking, with long jet-black hair and pale skin. It was the cold, mesmerizing beauty of the Nibiruan people meshed with the more humanoid, regal bearing of the Theophylacti line. He made me shiver again as I saw him study me, lean a little closer as the faintest hint of a smile twitched up the corner of his mouth.

The High Sorcerer drew me in with his gaze, held me there. I shivered and my body began its motions as if prompted by an unseen force. Pulling off my robe, I presented the audience with my bare form. I took my breasts in my hands, fondling and squeezing the swollen globes. I watched Saroya smile, she moved forward slightly. Then, my heart thudding, I climbed onto the raised bed platform and spread my legs, giving them all a view of my sex.

Reaching down, I began to stroke myself. My eyelids fluttered closed and I was caught up in the sensations and rhythm like a trance, I almost forgot that I was being watched. When I opened my eyes I saw Gregory staring at me very intently, a curious, heated look in his eyes as if he were trying to see inside of me. It sent a bolt of arousal striking through my core. Under my fingers, my clit swelled larger and wetness began to seep from me.

Then I reached over and grabbed one of the toys beside me, a long vibrating dildo. It was larger than any I’d ever used before. I turned it on and then ran it over my nub, a spasm going through me from the vibration against my strained flesh. I teased the bulbous tip at my opening, then began to push it in, feeling my pussy stretch to accommodate the size. I rocked my hips as I did so, taking more and more if it each time. It was a snug fit, but a delicious one, and my hand continued to move faster, pumping the buzzing phallus in and out. I squeezed around it.

Then a kind of sexual frenzy overcame me, a hunger the likes of which I had never quite felt before. In response to it, I spread my legs wider and pushed it in as far as it would go, until I felt a curious tearing sensation from deep within, a bright pain as my virginity was lost. It did not stop me, I was still in desperate need of release so while I fucked myself with the dildo, my fingers rubbed busily at my clit.

I looked down at my own body, at the wanton display that I made: legs splayed, blood on my thighs from my torn maidenhead, my breasts bouncing as I moved, bucking my hips, my other hand playing with an obscenely swollen clitoris. I was the very picture of debauchery. And my spectators seemed enraptured by me. Saroya in particular looked very pleased, she had a hand inside of her robe and appeared to be stroking herself as she watched.

Beside her, the High Sorcerer sat in absolute stillness, never taking his eyes from me. I swear, then, in the moment that our gazes met, I felt a shift in the energy of the room as a sensation like a phantom hand reached towards me, covered me. It slithered along my body, then trailed up to wrap possessively around my neck and squeeze.

Gregory smiled. My heart continued to slam against my ribs and blood crashed in my ears as a wild burst of arousal flooded through my cunt like fire. I realized that this strange sensation was turning me on, immensely. I wasn’t afraid, though the ghostly fingers around my neck began to squeeze, rather I was spurred on, losing control as I fucked myself into oblivion. I was on the cusp of an enormous orgasm, so close.

The hand squeezed harder and I saw Gregory nod encouragingly. Then I came, crying out with deep and ragged moan, my whole body jerking in a riot of spasms as liquid squirted from me, bringing rushes of pleasure so intense that I nearly passed out. The hand released. I lay back on the table, panting.

Soon, the door opened. ″Nivenna, that was amazing!″ Monet said, pride and awe in her blue eyes. ″Very well done!″

She gently helped me to sit up. The other two attendants came into the room now. ″You must be exhausted.″

Mistress Lucas looked down at my legs, still marked with blood. ″And perhaps a little sore. You’re no longer a virgin, I see.″

Tired and dazed, I leaned my head on her shoulder. ″No,″ I agreed, ″I’m not.″

″We’ll talk more about this later, but for now you should rest. I’d like you to spend some time in the healing baths.″ Monet nodded towards the attendants and they lifted me, leading me out of the room.

As I lay in the healing baths, soothed by the warmth of the water, I couldn’t help but see the High Sorcerer every time I closed my eyes. I had the oddest feeling that something had begun between the two of us, something dark and powerful. I knew that we would see each other again.

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