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When Deb calls in sick, Kevin is a last minute substitute on an all girls vacation. What was he thinking? How will he ever survive five days with three women when one of them is his wife?

Erotica / Fantasy
marsha rice
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Gail-“I’m glad you could get the time off to come with us. It’s a shame Deb got sick and couldn’t come, it would have been a waste to not use that ticket.”

Kevin-“Yeah, the boss wasn’t real happy that it was so last minute, but he didn’t say no. I will admit that I feel a little like a fifth wheel with you three girls.”

Gail-“Well, I really think that you’ll find plenty to do around here to amuse yourself. I don’t see you getting bored. The owner said there’s fishing gear in the shed out back that we can use, and if we take one of his business cards with us to the harbor, we are entitled to a discount on boat rentals. Besides, I know you like Mandy and Lyssa. We’ll be fine. Remember, Lyssa is a real good cook, so you’ll eat well this week. And if you end up wishing that you didn’t come, we are only here for five days, however, I think, that by the time we have to fly home, you’ll wish we could stay longer.”

Kevin-“I’m fine, don’t make such a big deal out of it. Isn’t it every guy’s fantasy to go on vacation with three beautiful women?”

Gail-“Okay, Tiger, just remember which one of us you are going home with. Now unpack your duffle bag so I can put your things in a dresser.”

Lyssa-“Hey, Gail, I thought there were three bedrooms in this place, I only see two, yours and this one with bunk beds in it.”

Gail-“The guy said this place sleeps six.”

Mandy-“Looks like the couch is a pullout double bed if someone wants to sleep in the living room.”

Lyssa-“C’mon, Mandy, we can share the bunk room. It’s not like it’ll be the first time we’ve slept together.”

Mandy-“At least this time we’ll have separate beds, ha ha.”

Lyssa-“We could sleep in the same bed if you wanted.”

Mandy-“Twin size bunks? I don’t think so chick.”

Kevin-“It’s called togetherness.”

Gail-“They didn’t ask for your two cents.”

Lyssa-“Someone should make a grocery run, Kevin, wanna take me?”

Kevin-“Sure, you know where a grocery store is?”

Lyssa-“No, but there’s gotta be one somewhere. I’m sure we can find one.”

Mandy-“Gail, what’ya think? Like the bathing suit I bought for the trip? Think Kevin will like it?”

Gail-“There’s not much there to like, it’s awful small. You might as well be naked.”

Mandy-“You never know, that might happen too.”

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