The tingle

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Summery night, horniness creeps in

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Chapter 1

-“pussy don’t fail me”

He said while checking him, sitting across the room, near that softened light that enhanced the features of that guy, he was finally meeting. It was a very hot summer that season, the heat didn’t subdue even at night, there at the top of house, he had a small room with this small window that faced the sky, the moon hung fat, and bright, his bed soaked in his sweat, and couldn’t swallow anymore of that body’s fluids of his. Laying there with his white boxer, sweats were beading all over his long and lithed body, staring at the moon, after a long stressing day, Sade’s smoked husky voice smoothed his dark room, air breezed through his body, tapped on his well toned stomach then kissed his full inviting lips, suddenly it could feel a tingle… not any tingles… that tingle. It started as tiny as possible (as always) but he knew how it goes, after all these years he knew that feeling so damn well, and what would happen afterwards, as annoying as it was he couldn’t help it but let it grow and take over his whole body, from the slit of his resting flaccid member, to his fingers that would embrace it with fervor till it releases what had been brewing for a couple of days now. The tingle started, it took over him, bit by bit, yet tonight he felt different, that tingle didn’t want his beautifully long fingers, it wanted something else, long and thick cause that tingle went from his front to his back, “fuck! “ he hissed, he hated when it went there, for he wasn’t the type to use a finger or these “useless” toys to satiate his thirst “fuck! “ he groaned again, when his seat was heated like that… only a member… long, thick and full of life will appease it, a beep resonated from his phone, he couldn’t care less to see what the message was for, but it continued, annoyed as he was, he picked it up and checked “9inchandthick” texted him. “ hmmmm this nigga again” he muttered while rolling his eyes, he did not want to succumb, his flaccid dick wasn’t the issue, his ass was, the tingle has taken over his behind, reclaiming what it likes best, what it likes when no-one is watching, what it likes when it changes pronoun and it’s “usual” purpose. It wanted that “9inchandthick” Dick and was going to get it, the tingle escalated, it turned into a deep warmth feeling in his belly, tonight, his guts will be rearranged. He finally sent him a text
-“what you on? “
-“pics? “ without any concern of pleasantries
-“wow it’s like that? Huh” replied the 9INCH,
“it’s like that sometimes, so is it that? “
-“what is it that? “ 9INCH asked again
-“ that dick! Is it a 9inch?”
-“yeah, you like it big? “
-“not always but tonight I do”
-“come get it then “
With that last text, he got up from his bed, address got exchanged in the meantime, freshen up and left that crowded house that he hated sharing with some unknown that he couldn’t stand. Then he realized, he didn’t know how 9inchandthick looked like but he didn’t care, the tingle has taken over his body and tonight, he would get it no matter what, attached to an arachnid or an Adonis… he will quench it tonight.

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