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Cabin by the Lake

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Theresa is sent to a cabin for the summer where she meets Mitch. What will happen? This is a short, fast burner.

Erotica / Romance
Mandy M.
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Chapter 1

This is meant to be a fast burner so it will not be a long story. Don't worry it will have enough plenty of sex.

"I can't believe we're done with high school," my best friend Emily was laying across my bed.

"I know. What are your plans this summer?"

Sighing, "my parents are sending me off to Italy."

"That sounds amazing."

Shaking her head at me, "it's just so they won't have to deal with me for the summer. I tried to get them to let me take you T, but they wouldn't."

I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed but didn't want her to know. "It's fine. My parents are sending me to some cabin for the summer."

Our parents were never the doting, loving kind. We were often sent to summer camp together when we were younger so that they wouldn't have to deal with us. As we got older we were allowed to stay home and often spent it together at one house or the other. I discovered long ago that people like them only have a child to make them look better. A trophy of sorts that they could pull out when needed and hand off to the nanny when not. I spent more time with the nanny and my driver Ronald, than with either of them.

Emily's parents were the same, often we would compare notes, both of us had more rules from the staff than our parents. Neither of us ever remember being hugged or kissed by them, instead they bought us anything we wanted. Both of us got brand new cars when we turned sixteen along with multiple credit cards that had no limits. It seemed that they didn't care how much we spent, as long as we were not bothering them.

We are a month apart in age, just turned eighteen, and are like sisters that look nothing a like. Emily has shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, and a few curves but not fat by any means. I have long blond hair down to my waist, blue eyes and a figure that every woman dreams about having.

"Who's cabin is it?" pulling me from my thoughts.

"Some friend of theirs I guess, at least they are letting me have a car while I'm there."

"They're not letting you drive there?"

Shaking my head, "no, they are having Ronald drive me."

"Same, mine are having Andrew drive me to the airport."

Our parents run in the same circles, I can only assume that they will be off traveling together while we are left to our own devices again. Except Emily will be in Italy and I will be at some cabin god knows where.

Looking at her watch, "I better get going, my flight leaves in the morning and I still need to pack."

"I'm apparently leaving later this afternoon."

We said goodbye, thankfully we are going to the same college and will be living together in the house that her parents rented for us. We will be across the country and are betting that we will not hear from any of our parents unless we burn the house down or something. As of now, we have no plans on returning home for Christmas break. I mean why would we, her parents will be in France and mine will be on their yacht somewhere.

I was gathering my toiletries from my bathroom when my mother walked in, "are you nearly ready?"


"Ronald is pulling the car around," she stayed in the doorway, "Amelia's son, Mitch, will be stopping in from time to time to check on you and you will be able to use their Mercedes if you need to go anywhere."

I nodded my head and she continued, "and Theresa, enjoy your summer," walking out of the room.

Typical. At least she told me to enjoy myself, although I have absolutely no idea where I was going or what I was going to do by myself for the entire summer. I just hope that Mitch isn't an asshole.

Ronald helped me carry my bags out to the car and as usual, my parents were no where to be seen. The ride was quiet and took nearly four hours, I did notice that we passed through a small town twenty minutes before we reached the cabin.

"I was told that there is a note pad with some instructions on the counter, the alarm code is also in it," opening the door for me, "I will be back to pick you up at the end of August. Please be safe."

"I will and thank you," Ronald was one of my favorites, he has always been kind to me. He gave me a soft smile before getting back in the car. I felt bad that he has to spend so much time in the car because of me. I could've driven myself.

I located the note pad and began reading: Theresa, this is our guest cabin. The master bed and bath are upstairs, it is the only bedroom and you have a half bath off of the laundry room. The pantry, freezer, and refrigerator are fully stocked. The keys to the car are hanging in the laundry room, please replace the gas that you use out of it. Mitch will be stopping in to make sure that you are alright. The code to the alarm is 4631. Enjoy yourself.

To be safe I set the alarm and start exploring my new home for the next two months. It's simple but nice, wood floors throughout, decent size living room with a stone fireplace, an open kitchen and dining room, with the laundry room behind it. Venturing upstairs, it is a loft with a king size bed, closet and bathroom. Nothing really spectacular.

After putting my things away, I settled on a shower, bowl of cereal and going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day.

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