Cabin by the Lake

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We had sex in three more, new, positions last night, all of them I liked. However, I am incredibly sore. Four rounds, not including the vibrator, oral, and the round in the hot tub. I soaked in the hot tub for hours to elevate some of the pain while Mitch was out running some errands.

“Feeling better?”
“Actually, I am,” smiling at him.
“Not really. Just tired.” We were up all night having sex, only getting a few hours of sleep.
Holding up a towel for me, “I bought you a few things today,” wrapping it around me.
He led me upstairs, slipped a shirt over my head, and sat me on the bed. “What did you get me?”
“How about we talk tonight and I’ll show you tomorrow?” laying down next to me. “Last night wasn’t too much was it?”
“No. I loved it,” wanting to ask who else he had done that to but decided against it. It really was none of my business.
As if he read my mind, “you’re the first one,” I realized my eyebrow at him and he continued, “I’ve never been that rough with someone before.”
“I didn’t mind it,” trying desperately not to yawn.
He pulled me to him, “get some sleep,” kissing my head.
“About what you said last night,” I could feel my eyes getting heavy, I could barely keep them open.
“I said a lot of things last night baby,” he was trying to avoid it.
Deciding that it was something we could talk about later I closed my eyes, nearly asleep already.
He ran his fingers down my arm, “baby?”
I shifted in the bed but didn’t respond.
I felt him pulling me even tighter to him, “I meant what I said, I love you. I know we’ve only known each other for a few weeks but I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you.”
I could feel the tears dwelling as he spoke, I don’t know why he waits until he thinks I’m asleep before he tells me.
Waking up, I realized that it was already one in the afternoon, “fuck,” jumping out of bed.
“You’re awake,” walking in carrying a tray with two sandwiches and drinks. He sat it down and handed me one.
“So what did you pick up yesterday?” finishing my sandwich.
“It’s in the bathroom.”
I jump up and run in, “oh my,” hanging in there was a floor length red halter top dress, with a thigh high slit, a pair of black Jimmy Choo’s.
Coming up behind me, “I have to go to a benefit dinner tonight and thought you’d like to join me.”
“I-I,” I was speechless.
“Go get ready,” smacking my ass, “the car will be here in two hours.”
“The car?”
“A limo. There can be press there, so everyone arrives by either a limo or a town car.”
I chose to do my make up light and let my hair cascade down my back in soft curls, I’m glad I brought that stuff. Noticing that it had a built in bra, I slipped into to a pair of black thongs, then the dress. It fits me like a glove, hugging my body. I loved it.
Mitch was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, in a tux with a red bow tie that matched my dress. “You look stunning,” walking around me. He runs his hand up the slit and feels my thong, pulling them down, “you won’t need these.”
I wanted to protest but he slid them down and flung them across the room. Grabbing my hand, “let’s go.”
We arrived at six, had a wonderful meal, and walked around talking to people. I saw my parents off in the distance and hoped that they wouldn’t come our direction. They did not.
During the meal he slipped his hand under my slit and rubbed my clit before pushing two fingers in. Somehow I managed to keep up with the conversation at the table as he slowly fingered me. He smirked at me when I narrowed my eyes at him.
Pushing his hand away, “stop,” I warned.
“Just having some fun baby, I’ll make it up to you,” kissing my cheek.
Around ten, people started leaving and I could feel the wetness running down my thigh from his actions.
“We should head back,” he leans in and whispers, “I’m so fucking hard from watching you all night. If these people weren’t here I’d bend you over the table and fuck you.”
Leaning over, “I can take care of that on the way if you want,” nibbling in his ear,
“You’re fucking fantastic,” pulling me out to the awaiting car.
Once in the car he raises the partition so the driver can’t see us and I drop to my knees between his legs. I undo his pants and tug them down slightly, his dick springing free. I lick my lips and instantly take him in my mouth, our ride is over an hour, we need to pass the time somehow. He plays with my hair as I bob my head up and down, groaning. “Your mouth feels almost as good as your pussy.” Once I massage his balls his cum hits the back of my throat, “fucking hell baby.”
He maneuvered us so that I was kneeling on the set and he had slid down, gripping my thighs with my core directly above him. He stuck out his tongue and lowered me down wasting no time devouring me. His tongue working me as he bounced me up and down, I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. Arching my back, I gripped the seat as my orgasm flowed.
He hummed as he sucked up all my juices. Pulling a handkerchief from his pocket he wiped me clean, then his face. He moved up in the seat and pulled up his pants. The driver knocked on the partition and Mitch put it down.
“We are nearly there.”
“Thank you. Did you have a good time?” squeezing my hand.
“I think I liked the ride back better.”
“Another first?”
“It was.”

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