Cabin by the Lake

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As soon as we were inside we strip each other out of our clothes, “leave them on,” he demands when I go to slip out of my heels. He carried me over to the couch, his left leg on it, holding my right leg up, he yanks me forward and impales me on him.

He pounds me relentlessly, fingers working my clit into an amazing orgasm. Before I can even begin to come down he pulls out and sits down next to me, pulling me onto him. My back was against his chest, he took my heels off and positioned my legs where he wanted them on the couch, so I was kneeling over him. Gripping my hips he pulled them down to meet his thrusts.
I took one of his hands from my hip and placed it over my breast. He started squeezing it and rolling my nipple between his fingers as I laid my head back moaning. One hand goes back and grabs his hair while my other one rubs my clit, feeling my next orgasm building. My moans turn to screams, “I’m cumming!”
“Cum with me baby,” picking his pace up. He grunts as he fills me, kissing my sweaty neck. Picking me up bridal style he walks up the stairs, “let’s get some sleep.”
We fell asleep naked, his arms wrapped around me. I woke up around three needing to go to the bathroom and realized that my period has arrived. Panicked I checked the bed, thankfully it was still clean so I put some panties on and crawled back in bed for a few hours.
“When did you put these on?” snapping them.
“Few hours ago,” feeling him pressing against my back, “you’re going to have to wait for a few days.” One nice thing about having an IUD is that my period is three days, max.
"A few days isn't going to kill me baby."
We spent the next few days watching movies, walking to the beach and back, and doing a little shopping. It gave us time to get to know more about each other. I mean let's face it, up until now our relationship has primarily been sex driven, not that I'm complaining. This man is a god and gives me endless pleasure, part of me is beginning to hope that it could be more than a summer thing.
A text message from Emily pulls me out of my thoughts
E: I know we said we would drive to NYU together but something came up and I'll just meet you there. Parent thing.
T: Sounds good. Be safe
E: Always.
Knowing her parents it could be anything, but she is expected to do whatever it is that they want. I only have two weeks left here before I'm home to pack and travel across the country by myself. Most parents would object to their eighteen year old daughter driving across the country alone but mine won't. Emily and I had planned for a week to drive, taking turns and making stops. I can still do it alone in a week by myself, just with more stops.
"You know we only have two more weeks until you leave," running his hand along my leg.
"I know," letting out a sigh, "are you flying back to NYU?"
Nodding his head, "I thought we could fly back together."
"Sorry, I'm driving. I was supposed to be driving with Emily but she's just meeting me there."
"Why are you driving it?" look of pure curiosity on his face.
"It gave us an excuse to leave early and I would have my own car out there."
"You can't do that drive by yourself."
"Why not?" I know that it's not safe to do it alone.
"It's not the safest idea in the world and what happens if you break down?" making circles on my inner thigh.
"Triple A."
"Why don't you just fly and have your car shipped out since you seem to like it so much?"
"That's expensive," I hadn't really thought of that and I was more looking forward to the time with Emily more than anything.
"I'm sure your parents wouldn't object to you selling your car and buying another one once you get there."
"I'm sure they wouldn't or even notice for that manner," money has never been a concern to them.
"So, it's settled," giving my knee a squeeze, "you'll fly out with me."
"If I can book the same flight," getting my phone from the kitchen.
That won't be a problem," taking my phone away from me, "you don't need to buy a ticket, my dad has a company Jet."
Of course they do. "That's settled, now what?"
Standing up behind me, his hand worked its way under my shirt, "I could think a few things to help us pass the time."
"A game then," teasing.
"Strip poker," pulling out a deck of cards.
Card games were never my strong suit and I know I'm going to lose, "what does the winner get?" wishing I had on more clothes.
"Position of choice." I knew exactly what he meant and agreed to it. He continued, "the first person completely naked, loses."
I have three things items of clothing, "are we betting with clothes?"
Nodding his head, "two rounds per hand, one with clothes and one with pretzels," we sat at the table and he dealt the cards out. He took his shirt off and set it in the middle of the table, "your bet."
Deciding to be equally distracting, maybe I'll be able to win, I took mine off and added it to the pile and took two cards. Nothing.
We both put some pretzels on the table before revealing our hands, of course he wins. He puts his shirt back and uses his socks for this game.
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