Cabin by the Lake

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He retrieved the bottle of vodka and two shot glasses, "just to keep things interesting," filling the glasses.

Not surprising he still had a decent amount of clothes on, "you just want to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me," raising the glass to my lips.

"I don't need to get you drunk to fuck your brains out," winking at me.

"Fair. Deal," taking the cards he gave me and was pleased with my hand, two pair. I took my shorts off and placed them in the middle of the table, "your turn."

He added his shirt and neither of us took any cards, "call," laying his cards down, "full house."

Shit, I just lost again. The only thing I have left is my thong, "I concede, you win," taking another shot.

"I think we've played enough cards for tonight," he led me upstairs, "trust me?"

"Of course I do."

"Lay down," I did as I was told and he lifted my hands above my head and tied them to the headboard before placing something over my eyes. "No peaking."

I wasn't scared, slightly nervous about what he had in store but fully confident that I was going to enjoy whatever it was. Being lost in my own thoughts, I startled when he ripped my thongs off of me.

His hands trailed down my naked body followed by something warm, covering my nipples and a trail running down my stomach. He hummed as he licked it off.

I pulled at my restraints, wanting nothing more than to run my fingers through his hair. Feeling something cold at my entrance I jumped, "what th.."

"Trust me baby."

Is that ice? Oh my it's cold and I could feel the goosebumps as they covered my body, the cold was quickly replaced by his tongue. He would bring me to the edge of an orgasm, then cool me down with the ice cube again. I didn't think it was ever going to melt.

He flipped me over and pushed me onto my knees, my wrists were twisted around but didn't hurt. I heard a spraying sound then felt something cold running down my crack, I knew instantly that it was whip cream. Once my core was covered he was content and began licking it off, I moaned as his trailed along my mound. Holding my slit open he dove in like a starving man, pushing his tongue in as far as it could go and curling it.

I moaned out and began rocking my hips back, desperate for more. He had been edging me all night and I could feel it building again.

Sensing I was close, he stopped causing me to groan in frustration. "You look so sexy all tied up like this," running his hand down the center of my back and giving my ass a light smack. I moaned and rocked back. "You like that?" smacking the other side a little harder.

Gripping my hips he lined himself up and thrust in, not bothering to let me adjust, he began pounding me. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me back to meet his thrusts.

I felt my orgasm quickly building and screamed as it finally washed over me causing my whole body to shake. It was an earth shattering, toe curling, spot seeing orgasm, one that seemed to last forever. "Oh my god!" I cried as my body seemed to shake uncontrollably.

The sound of his balls slapping off of me filled the room as he continued his assault on me, giving me two more equally satisfying orgasms before he found his own. He collapsed next to me reaching up and untied my hands, rubbing away any potential marks.

"I need a shower and we need new sheets," taking my blindfold off and seeing what was left of the chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

"You take a shower, I'll change the sheets and join you," seeming very pleased with himself on the condition of the bed.

I was stepping out of the shower as he was walking into the bathroom, "I was going to help you," a disappointed look on his face.

"Don't worry, I'm sure there will be other times," pulling his shirt on and walking away.

Tomorrow I will be leaving to return home for a few days then off to college. This summer will go down in the record book of being the best one ever and this cabin will hold a special place in my heart. A relationship in college was not really something that I had planned on but I could see myself with Mitch for the rest of our lives. As I watch him sleep doubts begin to creep into my mind. What if this was just a summer fling for him? Did he really mean it when he said he loves me? Could I handle seeing him on campus with another girl?

"What are you thinking about baby?"

"Stuff," shrugging my shoulders.

"Stuff about us?"

"Yeah. Are we going to continue to see each other once college starts?"

"Baby, I want nothing more than this every night," pulling me closer to him.

I smiled at his response and felt more relaxed. "Can we come back here next summer?"

"I will take you anywhere you want. What time will Ronald be here?"

"Around lunch. I'm all packed."

"Good," hovering over me, "that means that I can spend the next few hours making you scream. It will be a week before I will see you again."

"Are you meeting me at the airport?"

Nodding his head, "then both of us will join the mile high club."

Best summer ever!

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