Cabin by the Lake

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Emily never made it to NYU, she met a fashion designer in Italy and fell madly in love. They married the following spring and have spent their lives traveling the world.

Today Mitch and I celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary, we got married two weeks after I graduated college. James was born a year later, Amber a few years later.

“Daddy, are we there yet?” Amber whines from the back seat.

“Are we there yet,” James mocks her, “you’re such a cry baby.”

“Stop picking on your sister James,” Mitch looks at him in the rearview mirror.

“And you wanted more,” rubbing his arm.

“I still do,” winking at me.

“We’re here.”

“Finally,” James huffs.

The kids jump out and run around as soon as the car stopped and we walk hand in hand up to the door, “we should get some bunkbeds for one of the bedrooms.”

He gets a puzzled look on his face, “why? Do they have friends coming?”

“No, but the baby is going to need a room.”

It takes a minute for it to sink in what I just said, "really?!" picking me up and spinning me around.

We've been trying since Amber was three and didn't think it was going to happen again, eventually we gave up. We were happy with the way things were but we still held out hope and it eventually did happen.

I can’t help but smile as I look around, the place where it all started. We’ve built on to it over the years, added more bedrooms and another bath. It’s still my favorite place to be. We spend as much time here as we can.

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