Cabin by the Lake

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So I've been here for a week and discovered that the little town twenty minutes away is just that, a small town. They have a small store, gas station and post office. just enough to get you by until you can get some place else. Wherever that may be. The people are friendly it's a change in pace that I actually enjoy. I was surprised to notice a pizza place inside the gas station, well they sell more than just pizza. Wings, pasta, salad, subs, even steaks and the station sells beer and ice cream. You are able to walk from one place to the next and not take long at all.

I picked up a few things that I needed and headed back to the cabin. Thankfully it has satellite television and a massive stash of movies, at least I have entertainment.

The cabin has a wrap around porch and a small hot tub in the back. I have walked the trail and found that it leads to a lake, glad I brought a bathing suit with me.

I took a shower in the large walk in shower, combed out my wet hair and stuck my ear buds in, walked in the bedroom and dropped my towel. The loft is open but you can't see anything until you are at the top of the stairs and I'm not expecting anyone. Humming along to the song as I put my lotion on, even dancing a little. Turning to walk to the closet, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I noticed a man standing there. "Who are you?" scrambling to find my towel.

"Mitch. You must be Theresa," he was leaning against the railing that overlooks the downstairs.

Standing in all my naked glory I finally found my towel and covered myself, "what are you doing here?"

"I promised my parents I would come by."

"You could've knocked or something," knowing full well that there is no door for him to knock on.

"I knocked on the wall but I guess you couldn't hear me."

"Sorry, I'm fine so you can leave now," waiving him away.

"I would but," inhaling sharply through his teeth, "but this is my home for the summer as well."

Clutching my towel, "what? The note only said that you would be stopping by."

"The maid wrote that and doesn't know that I spend my summers up here."

"Isn't there another cabin you could stay in?" I didn't see one but that doesn't mean anything.

Crossing his arms over his chest, “nope,” popping the ‘p’, “the main cabin is strictly for my parents and this is the only other one they have.” I was still clutching my towel when he continued, “we’ll have to figure it out.”

“Fine,” I huffed, “can I put some clothes on now?”

“If you want,” turning to walk down the stairs.

I noticed he left his bags outside the door, I hope he doesn’t think we are sharing the room. I thought to myself as I headed down.

I didn’t see him so I headed straight to the kitchen to make something to eat. It was just going to be a sandwich but since he’s here, I guess I’ll make some chicken, broccoli Alfredo.

I had just pulled the garlic bread out of the oven when he walked through the back door, “you can cook?” he sounded surprised.

“Yes,” handing him a plate, “why do you sound surprised?”

“Just figured you had staff for that,” filling his plate before he sat down at the table.

“We do at home,” sitting across from him, “that’s where I learned.” Watching him as he took a bite, he didn’t seem disgusted by it. “So, where do you plan on sleeping?”

“In the bed. The couch is incredibly uncomfortable,” looking over my shoulder to the living room.

“Fine. I’ll take it.”

He smirked, “you’ll regret it in the morning.”

“Whatever,” rolling my eyes. The rest of the meal was in silence.

I cleaned up, put the leftovers away and settled on the couch. Mitch headed upstairs and I fell asleep watching television.

I had the worst sleep ever, the couch is hard as a rock. Groaning, I finally gave up and saw that the sun had just come up, smelling coffee.

“Morning. Sleep well?” handing me a cup.


“Sit down, I’ll make breakfast.”

“You can cook?” he smiled at me and turned back to the stove.

Within minutes he sat a plate of eggs, sausage and toast in front of me, “yes,” sitting down across from me with his own plate. “I told you that couch was uncomfortable,” smiling at me. “Why are here alone for the summer?”

His question caught me off guard, “what makes you think I’m alone?”

“Our parents are friends and mine are no different from yours.”

For some reason I took comfort in his comment, “easier than dealing with me.” He simply shook his head so I continued, wanting to take the focus off me, “what about you? No girlfriend?”

“Not one worth bringing home.”

“Where do you live?”

“In college.”

“How old are you?” if we’re spending the summer here, might as well ask now.

“Twenty-one. You?”

“Eighteen, I start college this fall,” cleaning up breakfast and pouring another cup of coffee.

“Where? What for?”

“NYU for law.”


“Yes, really. What you thought that I’d study fashion or some shit like that?”

Shaking his head, “no, that’s where I’m at.”

Oh. Standing up and stretching my back, “I think I’m going to relax in the hot tub for a while. Thanks for breakfast,” heading towards the stairs.

“The hot tub is that way,” pointing the opposite direction.

“I know that. I need a towel and my bathing suit.”

Raising his eyebrows at me, “I’ve already seen you naked.”

Ignoring him, I put my suit on, grabbed a towel and sank down into it. My muscles started relaxing right away. I spent the majority of the day in and out of the hot tub.

“Care to go get something to eat with me?”

“At the gas station?”

“If you want but I was thinking some place a little nicer.”

“Where?” I know nothing about this area and trust that he does.

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