Cabin by the Lake

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"You sent your girlfriend home?"

Still cupping my cheeks, "she's not my girlfriend," I raised an eyebrow at his answer and he continued, "I met her a few years ago at a charity function with my parents and she has had a fascination with me ever since."

That explains it, I guess. "But how did she even know you were going to be at the cabin?"

"She overheard our parents talking and my mother mentioned that I enjoy spending summers at the cabin by the lake. I don't know how she even managed to find it. The only words I've spoken to her were simply 'hello' and 'goodbye'."

I look at him like I don’t exactly believe him, “really?”

“Yes, really. Believe me baby. If I had a girlfriend would I do this?” kissing me again.

Using all the courage I have, I breakaway from him, “how do I know you’re not lying to me? That I’m not just summer fling for you?”

“I may be a lot of things but a cheater is not one of them, neither is being a liar,” he wipes a tear away that I didn’t even know was there. “The one thing I’ve learned from my father is how not to treat a woman.”

“Mitch, I,” I don’t know what to say.

He walks us over to the bed and sits down next to me, “it’s late, we should get some sleep,” he removes my shirt and bra, replacing them with an old one out of my bag. Pulling me to my feet he pushes down my jeans, pausing when his face is inches away from my core. Sitting me back down he removes my shoes and pants and helps me to lay down. He strips down to his boxers and crawls in, pulling me to him.

I try desperately to stay awake but exhaustion comnsumes me. When I wake back up his arm is still wrapped around me, laying across my hips. I try to get up but he pulls me to him, “where do you think you’re going?”

“To pee,” pushing his arm off of me, “let me up.”

“Promise you’ll come back to bed?”

“Yes,” making my way to the bathroom, relieving myself and brushing my teeth.

I crawl back in bed and he pulls me to him again, “let’s just stay here all day,” nestling his head in my neck.

“What about food?”

“We can order it and never need to leave.”

I can feel his hard on pressing against my back, “I’m not having sex with you.”

“We can just lay here, watch television, and talk.”

Rolling over to face him, “I still don’t understand why she showed up.”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen her in over two years. I promise you that I don’t have a girlfriend,” kissing my forehead. We laid there wrapped in each other and watched television until my stomach started to growl. “I think we should order some food. Breakfast or lunch?”

Looking at the clock, “breakfast. Pancakes, sausage and coffee.”

Letting out a light chuckle, “as you wish,” picking up the phone and ordering it. He put his pants back on and I eyed him, “baby, I can’t answer the door in my boxers.

After a late breakfast I sat back and groaned, eating too much. "How many girls have you had?" blurting out before I could stop myself.

Nearly choking on his coffee, "are you trying to ask if I'm clean?"

Nodding, "I know it's a little late but we did have sex without a condom."

"We did and you're the first one that I didn't use one on. I could ask you the same thing."

"Same for me. The IUD was put in for other reasons," he seemed happy with my response and I his.

"If it makes you feel better I can pick some up before going back to the cabin but I promise I'm clean," grabbing my hand.

"As am I."

"Good. Now how about a movie?" grabbing the remote and finding Dumb and Dumber.

It is a stupid movie and I began dozing off shortly into it. I felt him kiss my forehead, I could hear him moving around in the room, then the shower turning on. I didn't feel him getting back in bed but when I woke up he was there, facing me with one arm under my head and his hard on pressing into my stomach.

"How long do you have the room for?"

"Tonight yet. Why?"

"Why don't you go get ready and I'll take you out tonight and we can go back to the cabin tomorrow?"

"I thought you wanted to spend the day in bed?" teasing him.

"We did and it's evening now," he was so matter of factly.

I showered, used the blow dryer to dry my hair, put on a pair of baby blue boy shorts and matching bra under my jeans and button down shirt.

Sitting on the chair slipping into my Converse shoes, "ready?" he looked down at me and chuckled slightly.

"What?" looking myself over thinking there was something wrong with my outfit.

"Nothing, it's just," pausing as if to find the right words, "you don't dress like your family is loaded."

"Expecting nothing but Prada, Gucci, and Louis Viton's instead of Levi's and Converse?"

"Something like that."

"Why? Just because my family has money doesn't mean that I have to be some rich, snobby bitch? Speak for yourself anyway, you don't look like your family is loaded either."

Pulling me up to him, "baby, I think I just fell in love with you," tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

I couldn't help but laugh slightly at his reaction, I knew that it couldn't be true. We've only spent five or six weeks together, I have no idea what we are or where this is going but I do intend to ask.

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