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A compilation of adult one-shots inspired by writing prompts, music and other sources. Strictly to be read by 18+ Only

Erotica / Romance
Arcadia Layne
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Too Far

It was Friday night, which meant only one thing in this apartment, Battlefield night.

Battlefield Night was started by my buddies from out of town and then when my flatmate moved in, she started playing too, and the whole place was flooded with sounds of gun shots and grenades going off, having a 4K tv made the whole experience feel almost real.

There was only one issue, and that issue was Penny, most specifically Penny’s mouth.

Now I never had anything against girl gamers, each to their own, and all that, but this girl, goddammit. She looked like the most innocent, well behaved girl you would ever meet, even had those big old doe eyes that drove guys insane, me included, but on a Friday night, she was somebody else. To put it nicely, she was a bit of a sore loser, and not a great shot, and she tended to pick a new phrase for a month, that she would yell so loud down her mic, and her new favourite was driving me insane, and I had vowed the next time she said it, I would be being doing something about it.

We were in the middle of the ambush, the other team surrounded our players, and it was going to be a fight to the end. This wasn’t something new, and the team strategy was working like a charm, until there was one single short sight, and down my character went. Headshot. Slow Mo cut scene played on the TV as I groaned in defeat,

“Just my luck,” I chuckled into the microphone of my headset, as the lads ripped into me for making such a rookie mistake,

“Yeah, Yeah,” I mumbled, laughing at myself with them, watching how the rest of the match was playing out,

“Penny Move! Move!” I yelled, as I saw another player creep up behind her… too late. Down she went, the team rapidly dropping like flies.

“Fuck Me,” She hissed, and my skin prickled to goosebumps. I was done for. Without even thinking, I pulled off my headset, and left my bedroom, and across the hallway,

I threw open her bedroom door, with no appreciation for her privacy, she leapt up from her bed, startled,

“What the fuck Morgan?!” She yelled at me, controller in one hand, headset in the other,

I just glared at her, nostrils flared, my breathing heavy, was I really going to do this?

“You,” I exhaled the word, as if I were in pain, well I mean, the raging boner that was straining against my jeans was causing a lot of pain, so technically I was,

“What did I do?” She asked, her face giving me genuine confusion, her doe eyes glazed over like glass,

I took a step, more like a stride, towards her, closing the distance. I didn’t even think about the consequences of my actions, as I yanked her body against mine, my hands on the small of her back, gripping the fabric of her t shirt, and lowered my head to her ear,

“There is only so many times a guy can hear the words, Fuck Me, before actually acting on it,” I whispered, and she gasped in my arms as I took her ear lobe in between my teeth and nibbled playfully. My name rolled out of her mouth so beautifully, as I heard two gentle thuds, as the controller and headset fell to the floor.

She pushed me away from her, and I took a step back from her, my hands in the air, in surrender,

“I’m Sor…”

My Apology was cut short by her grabbing my face and staring me straight in the eye, her deep brown eyes completely dilated, her cheeks flushed,

“Took you long enough,” She Smirked as she kissed me passionately,

The Sly little minx had planned this all along,

The kiss was pure ecstasy, our teeth clashing, and our tongues fighting for dominance as I lifted her into my arms and carried her to her bed, we undressed each other so quickly, like it was primal need for each other.

“Jesus Fucking Christ,” I looked down at the beautiful being that was currently laid underneath me and watched as she blushed.

I didn’t even give her chance to hide from me, as I drove between her thighs, lapping up her juices, she was dripping, and tasted all so sweet. Her hands quickly found my hair as she bucked against my face, her moans were pure delight to my ears, and the scream as I slipped two fingers inside her, was something else entirely. She rode my face harder as she approached her climax, my fingers made fast work on her G spot, rubbing in circles and my tongue caressing her clit. Her thighs clamped around my head, and her whole body vibrated as she found her release. I continued my assault as she rode out her orgasm.

I stroked the back of her thighs and released myself from them, kissing up her body, I desperately wanted to suck her nipples, and nuzzle her boobs, but she was still vibrating from the aftershock of her orgasm. I gave her a tender kiss, careful not to overstimulate her.

“That…that…how?” She rambled, causing me to smirk and press my finger against her lips,

“Shhhh, Sleep,” I kissed her forehead and rolled onto my side, fully intending on letting her sleep until she sat bolt up right,

“No,” She glared at me, “I said Fuck Me, and while that was incredible, it wasn’t Fuck me, was it?”

I didn’t even think, she just knew how to push my buttons, my hand flew to her throat, in a tight grip and pulled her to me, I could feel her heartbeat on my fingertips ,and her breath hitched as I exhaled in her face. I didn’t even have to say anything, but she straddled me, and aligned her entrance perfectly with the head of my dick.

With my free hand, I gripped her hip, slamming her down as I pushed my hips up. She clawed at my chest, as she rode me hard, trying to have control of the situation, but my hips were hitting too fast, her pussy was like a vice grip, and I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“This is not a one time thing,” I growled in her ear, as I struggled to maintain my composure, she nodded frantically as her next orgasm soon approached, “You are fucking mine, and I will fuck you every which way you want me to,” She didn’t stop nodding, and I pulled her face to mine and bit her lip, before kissing her as my hips bucked hard against her, my arms wrapped tight around her body. She pressed her forehead against mine, as she orgasmed, the grip so tight,

“Fuck, Penny, I need…”

“I’m yours Morgan,” She whispered in my ear, and I lost it, I jackhammered into her hard, making her scream, until I came undone inside her. She made the cutest mews as I rolled her onto the bed, her leg anchored over my hip. Our breathing was in unison, as I held her close to my chest. I pressed my lips to her forehead, as I noticed the TV was still flickering with images of the lobby, and the mic icon flickering in the corner of the screen.

Fuck Me Indeed…

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