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Chapter Thirteen


Melia’s POV.

After our gym session, Braxton asks me out on Tuesday night. I try to contain my excitement at work, but it’s so difficult when your hot date is in your work place. Everywhere I look, Braxton King is there, looking fit as fuck.

We exchange some heated glances during work hours. Our eyes meet across the office, and he gives me those sex eyes that make me wet in an instant. I’m scared to think what it’ll be like when we actually get to the bedroom if it’s this hot out of it.

Our boss, Bradley, is beside himself with eagerness because Braxton and I have several potential new clients booked in this week. I can practically see the pound signs in his eyes when he looks at us.

On Tuesday, we go to our separate apartments after walking home from work together. I try to keep myself busy for an hour or so before I start getting ready. I’m so eager and excited for it that if I hadn’t have stopped myself, I would have been ready over an hour too early.

I’m waiting by the door when Braxton knocks and I can’t keep the smile off of my face when I see him. He’s holding a personalised milk chocolate bar that has my name spelt out in white chocolate across the front.

“You’re the sweetest, thank you,” I tell him, and I lean forwards to kiss his cheek.

I pull away slightly and our eyes meet. We both lean forwards at the same time, our lips meeting. He kisses me back with as much enthusiasm as I give him. I press my body against his and my hand instinctively goes to the back of his neck, both holding him in place and supporting myself.

I tease him by running my tongue along his bottom lip, when he goes to open his mouth wider so we can deepen the kiss, I pull away. His eyes are glazed with desire, and he looks at me darkly.

“Mm, if that’s how you’re going to thank me, I’ll have to buy you treats more often,” he murmurs huskily and kisses my forehead.

“Yes, please,” I reply sweetly and grin at him.

“Come on, trouble. Let’s go for dinner,” he says and takes my hand.

I lock up and we walk the fifteen minutes to my favourite restaurant. I order the same dish I always order when I come here. I know it’s predictable and I should try other dishes, but every time I have, I’ve regretted it because they weren’t as good as my favourite.

I order my favourite and I love every bite of it. Braxton and I talk and laugh throughout our meal. I almost choke on my mouthful when he places his hand on my thigh. We’re sat close together and it’s nothing crazy. Braxton does it so casually, it’s like he doesn’t even notice.

Whereas my entire body thrums with pent up tension and desire at the simple touch. His large hand permeates heat through my dress to my thigh. I struggle to act nonchalant and continue eating. Inside, I’m tingling all over.

“So, that’s your favourite, huh?” He says, gesturing to my dish with his fork.

“Yep. I did recommend it to you, it’s not my fault you were too foolish not to take my advice,” I tease him, and he raises his eyebrow at me.

“I don’t need to order it, to try it. I can always have some of yours,” he retorts and before I can stop him, he swipes a forkful off my plate.

“Hey!” I protest loudly, and a couple at the table next to us look over in surprise.

Braxton chuckles and goes to get another bite. I fight his fork away with my own.

“Back off, Brax,” I snap at him. “This is my food! If you wanted it, you should have ordered it.”

He pouts at me, looking irritatingly cute. “Please, Melia? Just one more bite?” He gives me big, puppy-dog eyes.

“No! You’ve tried it. Now you know to order it next time.”

“What about one bite in exchange for a kiss?” He barters and I narrow my eyes at him.

“I think you are greatly overestimating how good your kisses are,” I tell him teasingly and he gasps in fake-hurt.

“Alright, then. If they’re so underwhelming, I won’t kiss you anymore,” he announces and now, it’s my turn to pout.

I sigh heavily when he refuses to crack. I scoop a forkful of my food and hold it out to him. “Fine, have one more bite and I want lots of kisses, later,” I tell him.

He grins and wraps his lips around my fork, taking the offered food. He chews, swallows, and smiles at me.

“I’ll make it worth your while, baby,” he says. “Clearly I need to up my game.”

We walk back to our building and get into the lift. Braxton surprises me when he asks if I want to go back to his flat for a drink. He always walks me to mine, and I realise, I’ve never seen his flat. I happily agree and he presses the button for his floor.

I’m expecting the layout of his flat to be much the same as mine, but I’m interested to see what he’s done with the place, even though he’s only been in it a couple of months. He unlocks the door and lets us in. The first thing I notice is how good it smells. It smells just like him, and he smells incredible.

Braxton shows me around his apartment. He has more dark, muted colour tones than my light, grey ones but it’s smart. At his request, I sit down on the L-shaped sofa whilst he pours us both a glass of wine. He returns and sits down next to me a few moments later.

We cheers our drinks and take a sip. We talk about our date a little bit, discussing the food and where we’d like to go to next. I suggest the rib-shack, but it’s about a twenty-minute walk away. We’re both a bit strange in that we’d rather walk than get a taxi.

I can’t help myself. My gaze drops to his lips when he’s talking. They’re just so damn tempting. We’ve both finished our wine and I’m feeling the alcoholic buzz. It’s making my inhibitions less important.

Braxton catches on to my blatant staring and he gives me a slightly arrogant smile. “You wanting to kiss me, baby?” He asks cockily and I narrow my eyes at him.

“Not now, I don’t,” I snap playfully, and he chuckles.

“Oh, come on, kiss me,” he complains and it’s my turn to chuckle.

“Why should I?” I retort.

“Because I’m the best kiss you’ve ever had,” he says abruptly.

He grabs the back of my neck and slams his lips to mine. I’m momentarily shocked, but then I kiss him back.

How could I not?

He is the best kiss I’ve ever had. Our kiss becomes heated. Our hands grab at each other, pulling on each other’s hair and gripping each other’s clothing. His lips move firmly over mine, leading the kiss with a confidence that makes my toes curl. He pushes me back, pinning me against the sofa. I moan into his mouth and my hands feel his strong pectorals through his shirt.

We break apart for air and we’re both breathing heavily. I let out a groan of annoyance.

“I hate it when you’re right,” I grumble, and he chuckles.

“Sorry, baby,” he replies. “But if it helps, you’re the best kiss I’ve had, too.”

I grin at his statement. “Yeah, maybe that helps.”

He laughs and presses his lips to mine again.

He was right, though. He is the best kisser. I can’t explain what it is about him, there’s just this magnetic attraction that draws me to him. Every time he touches me, kisses me, I lose my mind. It makes me wild and horny as fuck. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had sex in a few months, or maybe it’s because Braxton King could easily win sexiest man alive.

Words cannot explain how much of a turn-on it is, knowing that a man that looks as good as he does, fancies me. Wants to be with me.

I bury my fingers in his hair and flip our positions. I push against him, and he lets me guide him. He falls back against the sofa, and I eagerly straddle him. I can feel his erection in his jeans, and I grind against it. He digs his fingers into my hips, a silent warning that I’m teasing him. I know I am, and I love it.

His hands move higher, and he slides them under my top. The second his rough fingers graze over the smooth skin on my ribs, I freak out. I break the kiss and jump back from him. His lips are swollen from kissing me and his eyebrows are furrowed with confusion.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asks sweetly and I instantly feel guilty.

“No! Not at all, it’s my fault, sorry,” I hurriedly reply.

I sigh and run my hand through my hair.

“I tell you I want to go slow and then I pounce on you the first opportunity I get,” I mutter, annoyed with myself.

Braxton chuckles. “I don’t mind, baby. I’ll take what I can get,” he replies with a cheeky grin.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to give you mixed signals. I like you, a lot, and I’ll be honest, it scares me how much I like you.”

This damn wine making my tongue loose. Why are you confessing all this, girl?

Braxton grabs my waist and pulls me onto his lap. He puts his arms around me and looks at me thoughtfully. “Why does it scare you, baby?” He questions me.

I bite my lip and look down at my hands, wondering how much to tell him. Honesty is the best policy. It might be embarrassing, but I’d rather get it all out there.

“Because I haven’t felt like this about anyone in a long time. You obviously know my ex and I weren’t in a good place at the end of our relationship. We hadn’t been for a long time. There was no lust or attraction between us.” I take a deep breath and continue. “But with you, there’s so much of that. I don’t think I’ve ever been so attracted to someone, not just because of your looks, because of your personality, too. It scares me because I could so easily fall for you.”

I dare to look up at Braxton’s face, wanting to gauge how he is feeling. He’s grinning from ear to ear. “And what would be wrong with falling for me?” He asks with an endearing, lopsided grin.

“Well, I don’t want to get hurt. I need you to be sure you’re wanting a relationship and that you’re ready to commit before I get my heart broken.”

Braxton tucks a strand of hair behind my ear and looks me in the eyes. “I’ve already told you that I want a relationship, Melia. I want the whole nine yards, commitment, long-term, future, everything.”

He gently holds my chin, forcing me to maintain eye contact. He wants me to see how sincere he is. “What if I told you that I’m not scared, I’m excited? Because I think we’re going to be great together. I think we’re perfect for each other.”

I can’t help myself; I lean in and peck his lips. When I pull back, he smirks at me.

“What if I told you that, I could easily fall for you, too?”

My breath catches in my throat as his smirk turns into a grin.

He continues, “And maybe, I’ve already started falling.”


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