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Chapter Fifteen


Melia’s POV.


He smiles at my breathy answer and places a gentle kiss on my nose. “You have me,” he replies. “But right now, I want to remind you why you want to be with me.”

With a wink, he captures my lips again. He nudges my thong to one side and finally, his fingers touch my pussy without any boundaries between them. He spreads apart my lower lips with two fingers. He rubs them up and down, circling my clit until it’s soaked with my wetness. I haven’t been touched like this in so long and it feels so good.

He rubs my clit in tight circles, rolling it between his two fingers until I’m breathless. He breaks the kiss and kisses down my jawline to my neck. He sucks gently on my skin and grazes his teeth over it.

An orgasm builds quickly. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt someone else’s touch, I have been having to do it all myself. “Braxton,” I gasp his name in warning, letting him know not to stop.

I feel him smile against my neck. He holds me tighter with one hand and rubs faster with the other. My body tenses up as my orgasm starts to take over. My eyes close and my body shakes. Pleasurable ripples radiate through my body, filling me with orgasmic bliss. I cry out breathily and Braxton whispers assurances in my ear.

“That’s it baby, cum for me, let me hear how good it feels,” he murmurs.

The sexy rasp to his voice tells me how much he’s enjoying this, too. I’m panting when I finally stop climaxing. Braxton slowly pulls his fingers back and replaces my thong. He pulls back to grin at me.

“How was that?” He asks, his gaze dropping to my swollen lips and flushed cheeks.

“Fucking amazing,” I mumble, and he chuckles.

He lifts his fingers to his mouth and sucks on them, all the while maintaining eye contact with me.

Holy shit.

“God,” I groan. “How are you so hot?”

He chuckles and removes his fingers from his mouth. He leans forwards and kisses me; his lips soft yet firm against mine. “I could ask you the same question, baby,” he replies cheekily.

He looks thoughtfully at me for a moment and runs his thumb over my bottom lip. “Be mine?” He asks. “Be my girlfriend?”

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. Finally, I find my voice. “Pardon?”

He grins. “Be my girlfriend. Do you want to?”

“I uh,” I stutter. “Really? So soon?”

He shrugs. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to, or if it’s too early, but I want everyone to know that you’re mine and I’m yours.”

I stare at him, trying to get this to sink in. It’s been six weeks since Mark and I broke up. That’s a little soon but given the fact we’d been out of love for over a year.

I guess it’s not too soon...

“Besides, it would stop eager women from asking me out at work,” he teases, and I narrow my eyes at them.

“Oh, yeah, we all know what a hardship that is,” I drawl sarcastically.

I put my arms around his neck, crossing my wrists at the bottom of his hairline. “Alright, King,” I tell him. “I’ll be your girlfriend.”

He grins at me, and my heart skips a beat. “Really? You’re my girlfriend.”

“Really. Lucky you.”

He kisses me senseless and abruptly pulls back. “I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

God, I’m in deep.


With Braxton and I now official, we have a couple’s gym sesh on Saturday. Braxton invites me round for dinner later. I enjoy training together. Braxton and I push each other to work harder, train harder. We come back up to apartments two hours later, both of us are sweaty messes.

I shower and shave my legs. I don’t shave my pussy. If I don’t shave, I won’t let him touch it. Yesterday, there was stubble, today, it is longer, and I want it bald when he first sees it.

I want to stop myself from moving too fast. We’re dating now, he has me, we’re not in any rush. Although, maybe tonight, I will repay the favour.

Blowjobs don’t count, right?

Even though I’m only going round to his apartment, I wear a dress. I don’t bother with heels, only flats. It’s not like I’m going to be wearing them for long anyways. I can smell how good dinner is before I even reach his flat. The delicious aromas have travelled down the hallway.

I knock on his door, my stomach already rumbling in anticipation.

Braxton answers it with a smile. He’s wearing black trousers and a white shirt. There’s no tie and the first three buttons are undone this time, showing a whole lot more chest.

“Hey, you look beautiful,” he says and kisses me softly. “Come on in, my beautiful girlfriend.”

I giggle at his statement. “Thank you, my sexy boyfriend. You look hot.”

I take off my shoes and follow him through to the kitchen. “Do you want me to do anything?”

“There’s a bottle of white in the fridge. Could you open it and pour us a glass each, please?”

I do as he asks, whilst he puts the finishing touches on our meal. We eat at his dining table, situated next to the window to offer a great view of the city. We discuss telling Brad about our relationship on Monday. We both agree that it is better that he hears it from us, rather than someone else. I feel nervous, but I hope he’s supportive of us.

It’s crazy to think that we’re an us now. I have a boyfriend. And he looks like a fucking model.

After a while, we move to his sofa. I take a sip of my wine, my eyes never leaving Braxton.

How is he so sexy? Like, seriously. He’s leant back on the sofa, his arm stretched across the back of it. He looks equal parts relaxed and content. He’s just so bloody handsome.

I finish my wine and silently wonder if the third glass, was a glass too many. I’m ridiculously horny and stuck in the position of not wanting to move too fast. My brain and vajayjay are at complete odds to one another. And my heart is somewhere in the middle, praying it doesn’t get hurt.

Braxton puts down his glass and reaches for my hand. He tugs on it gently, indicating that he wants me to move closer. I happily shuffle closer to him. Braxton brushes my hair away from my face and runs his fingers down my cheek.

“You’re so perfect, Melia,” he murmurs. “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

My breath catches in my throat at his sweet words.

How can I not fall for him when he says shit like that?

“I, uh, thank you,” I mumble, trying to get my brain to work.

Braxton grins and leans in for a kiss. I press my lips to his, kissing him firmly. I pour all of the affection I feel for him into the kiss. My hands hold onto his shirt for some grounding, his hands go to the back of my neck and my cheek.

He holds me in place as he kisses me. His lips move quickly over mine, leading the kiss in a way that makes me breathless. Our tongues touch and my heart flutters. He knows just what to do to me to have my thighs clenching together. I decide that he did something for me, now, I want to return the favour.

I slide my hands down his chest, savouring the feel of his muscular body under his shirt. My hand drops to his crotch, and I softly run my fingers over the outline of his cock. It’s a light touch at first, and I wonder if he’s noticed. I feel his cock grow harder beneath his jeans and I stroke him a little more firmly. Braxton makes a strained sound at the back of his throat and his hand wraps around my wrist, halting my actions.

He breaks the kiss and looks at me with heated eyes. I smile at him and lean up, resuming the kiss before he can say anything. He’s shocked for a millisecond, before kissing me back. He slowly releases his hold on my wrist, and I go straight for his hard-on. I squeeze him through his jeans, and he groans.

He pulls back, breaking our kiss again. “Baby, no. It’s okay, you don’t have to,” he says reassuringly. “We’re going slow, okay?”

I pout at him. “But what if I want to?”

He groans and tightens his grip on my wrist. “I don’t want you feeling like you owe me anything. You don’t.”

I smirk at him. “I know. But like I said, I want to.”

He hesitates and sighs heavily. I pull my hand free of his grip and reach for his button. I do it easily and start to lower the zipper. He grabs my hand again and I frown, annoyed at him.

“Are you sure?” He asks firmly, looking deep into my eyes.

I meet his unwavering gaze and hold it. “Yes. Let me do this, please.”

He considers it a moment more and then lets me go. I move away from him and slide onto my knees on the floor. I sit between his legs and start to shimmy his jeans down. He lifts up, off the sofa, to allow me to pull them down to his ankles. This leaves him in his black boxers, which are sporting a rather impressive tent.

I reach for the waistband and eagerly pull them down. His cock springs free and lays on his chest, reaching above his navel.


I gape at his size. I reach for it with wide eyes and attempt to wrap my fingers around him. The girth alone is impressive, my fingers don’t touch.

“Holy crap on a cracker,” I mumble and Braxton bursts out laughing.

“Never heard that before,” he comments easily.

I look up at him, my lips parted and my eyes still wide. “What are you used to? Shit, you’re huge? That will never fit?” I ask, half-joking, half-serious.

Braxton chuckles and shrugs his shoulders. “Something along those lines,” he says dryly. “Look, I’m not being an ass. There are bigger guys out there I’m sure, but usually I have to be careful how...rough I am. It can hurt.”

My cheeks are flushed from his confession.

What a burden to bear, a huge cock that can hurt women because it’s so big.

Tough life.

“If you’re trying to make me feel sorry for you and your giant cock, it’s not working,” I tell him, and he laughs at me.

“It’s not giant, Melia,” he replies.

I roll my eyes and look at it. It makes my hand look small. “It’s not not-giant, either” I respond, and he shakes his head at me. “Now, stop putting me off and let me attempt this.”

“Wish me luck,” I mutter and lean in.


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