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Chapter Eighteen


Melia’s POV.

Three intense orgasms later, my body is a sticky, shaking mess. I’m still shivering when Braxton climbs up my body. His lips are coated with my juices, and he happily licks them clean.

“You taste-” He leans down to kiss me. “So fucking good.”

I kiss him again, wanting more of him. Although he has satisfied me completely, I feel empty. I want to be filled by him. “You’re so good at that,” I whisper, my cheeks burning.

Braxton grins at me. “Why, thank you.”

“No, seriously,” I tell him. “I never knew it could feel like that.”

He kisses me again. “Oh, baby. I can’t wait to show you how good it can be. There are so many things I want to do to you.”

I swallow hard at his admission. “What kind of things?” I ask quietly, making him chuckle.

“Hot, sexy, naughty things that will send us straight to Hell, but you won’t care because they feel so damn good,” he responds jokily.

I grin at him. “Sounds good to me.”

“But that’s for another night. Right now, I need to be inside you, or I might just go crazy,” he says seriously.

I open my legs wider for him, a silent invitation. Braxton chuckles and lines himself up with my entrance.

“Wait! I haven’t done anything for you-” I start to protest, but Braxton silences me with a kiss.

He pulls back and smirks. “You don’t need to do anything for me, baby. I want you.”

I feel bad, but he kisses me again and I forget my own name. “Are you sure?” He checks, just as the head of his cock nudges my entrance.


He nods and slowly pushes forwards, sliding his very large, very hard cock inside of me. I breathe through my nose as I take him, trying to adjust to his impressive size. He seems to go on and on, filling me until I can barely catch my breath. I place my hands on his shoulders for support.

“Holy shit!” I mumble.

Braxton kisses my neck, grazing his teeth over the skin. “Are you okay? I won’t move until you tell me to,” he says.

I take a deep breath and gradually, the pinching pain disappears. “Okay, you can move now,” I tell him.

Braxton waits another moment before pulling out of me. He withdraws almost completely and then surges forwards, filling me again. He works up a steady pace, fucking me in long, smooth strokes. I lift my legs to wrap around his waist, allowing him to fuck me deeper.

Braxton increases his pace. He takes my hands and places them above my head, encouraging me to hold onto the bars in his headboard. I grip onto them tightly, no doubt making my knuckles white. He fucks me harder, pounding into me. My breasts shake with every thrust and the bed rattles beneath us. I hold onto the headboard for dear life.

An orgasm comes out of nowhere. It barrels through me, making my pussy clench around his cock. Braxton curses under his breath and moves impossibly faster. My body hums with pleasure as euphoria fills me. My eyes close and I cry out Braxton’s name.

“Oh, fuck! Baby,” he groans, and his thrusts become sloppy.

I keep my pussy clenched and I release the headboard to wrap my arms around his shoulders as he releases himself inside me. His body shudders as he thrusts one final time. He rests his sticky forehead against mine.

“Fuck, that was intense,” he mutters.

Whilst still inside of me, he wraps his arms around me, and we hold each other close.

“That was amazing, baby,” he says. “Was it okay for you?”

I giggle. “More than okay, it was insanely good,” I respond.

Braxton kisses my cheek. “I promise, that’s only the beginning. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

He pulls out of me and climbs off the bed. He returns a moment later with tissues. I clean myself up whilst admiring his perfectly-muscled body. Aware that I’m fully naked, I get under the covers of the bed. Braxton slides under next to me and pulls me to his side.

I snuggle into him, and he kisses my forehead. We lie like that for a while, savouring each other’s company. Braxton’s lips find mine. I kiss him back, moving my lips in sync with his. The kiss quickly becomes heated. My fingers tangle in his hair and scrape across his scalp.

Braxton rolls on top of me and I open my legs for him. His erection presses against my inner thigh and excitement builds in my lower stomach. I know I just had him, but I want him again.

Braxton breaks the kiss to look down at me. I can see from his dilated pupils that he is as aroused as me. The hard-on pressed to my leg is a pretty big giveaway, too.

“What do you like?” He asks curiously. “In bed, I mean.”

My cheeks heat up at the question. “Pardon?”

“Tell me what you like in bed,” he says with a shrug. “I want to know what you like, so I can pleasure you.”

My face must be bright red by now. “Um, I don’t know,” I mumble quietly, not making eye contact.

Braxton chuckles. He grabs my chin and makes me look at him. “Don’t go shy on me now, baby, I was just inside of you,” he says. “Could be again in just one movement.”

I try to close my legs, but I can’t with him between them. “I don’t know how to answer that,” I tell him honestly.

Braxton frowns. “Try not to be too graphic, but what did you like with your ex?”

I roll my eyes. “When we had sex, it mostly involved him lying there and me on top. There were no special positions, or toys, or roleplay. A lot of the time it was over in ten minutes,” I confess.

Braxton stares at me in surprise. “Fuck, baby. I’m so sorry. You deserve to be pleased and worshipped,” he tells me. Braxton kisses down my chest and sucks my right nipple into his mouth. He grazes his teeth over it, and I shiver. He moves back up to grin at me. “You have a body that was made to be worshipped.”

I blush at his comment, and he grins.

“You must like something, though? What porn do you watch? What do you think about when you touch yourself?”

His questions have my blush moving up to my temples and forehead.

Oh my God, I cannot tell him what porn I watch.There is no way that I am telling him what I dream about when I’m touching myself.

“Oh, my God! I’m not telling you this!” I respond, blushing uncontrollably.

Braxton looks at me for a moment and then pulls back. He grabs my hips and suddenly flips me over, so that I am lying on my front, and he is at my back. He wedges his erection between my butt-cheeks.

“How about this? Is it easier if you can’t see my face?” He asks quietly.

“Um, I guess,” I mumble.

“Relax, baby,” he gently says. “I want you to be completely comfortable with me.”

Braxton kisses along my shoulder and desire builds in me again. I push back against his erection, and it slides lower, between my legs. I wiggle my hips a bit and his cock presses against my opening.

“Baby,” he groans. “Do you want me inside you again?”

“Yes, please,” I respond.

Braxton flexes his hips and we both moan as he sinks inside of me from behind. He slowly pumps in and out of me.

“How about I tell you one of the things I like, first? Don’t feel any pressure, baby, because if our sex life is anything like what we just had, I’m not fucking complaining.”

“Okay,” I reply hesitantly.

Braxton spreads my butt-cheeks. He runs his thumb over my asshole, making me squeak in surprise and instinctively clench my pussy around his cock.

“I like this,” he says huskily, running his thumb over my asshole again. I clench my asshole in response. “Not just anal, although, I do like that,” he confesses. “Really, I just love teasing and playing right here.”

He presses gently on my butthole, and I remain tightly clenched, not letting him in. He moves his cock in and out of me, distracting me from his roving thumb.

“There’s something about it, so naughty but so fucking hot. I promise, although you might be nervous at first, you’ll end up liking it.” He leans down to whisper in my ear, I feel his hot breath on my shoulder. He continues fucking me from behind and pleasure builds in my lower belly. “Just as you’re about to cum, I’ll press my finger against it, and it intensifies your orgasm. Want to try?” He asks.

I’ll admit, I’m tempted. He increases his pace and begins fucking me harder, pressing my front into the mattress. I moan as an orgasm builds.

“Okay,” I gasp, and I can feel Braxton grin against my shoulder.

“I want you to cum for me, baby,” he murmurs.

My body reacts to his hot command. I clench around his dick as I reach my climax. Pleasure overwhelms me and Braxton fucks me through it. Just as I reach my peak and stars burst in my vision, Braxton presses his thumb against my asshole. As I’m relaxed, he pushes ever so slightly inside, and the pleasure knocks the breath out of me.

“Holy fucking shit!” I cry out and my body trembles with the intense euphoria that floods through it.

Braxton slows his thrusts as I come down from my high. We both catch our breaths back.

“How was that?” He asks warmly and I giggle.

“Okay, maybe you had a point,” I admit reluctantly.

“Now, baby,” he coaxes and flexes his hips, filling me. “Tell me what you like.”

He reaches underneath me and starts rubbing my clit in smooth circles. It feels good. Good enough that I decide to get it over with and tell him because he’s obviously not going to give up. I close my eyes and cover my face with my hands.

“Fine,” I concede quietly. “I like rough sex, okay? I like watching rough, bondage, dominating porn. I like being choked and having my throat held. I like having my hair pulled and being spanked. Are you happy now?”

Braxton’s thrusts stop, making me worried. “Brax?” I ask anxiously, looking over my shoulder.

He’s staring at me intensely, his face one of surprise. “You’re perfect,” he mutters.

He pulls out and flips me over, onto my back. Just as my brain is catching up, he enters me again.

“You’re like a dream, Melia,” he says adoringly. He leans down and kisses my forehead. “Everything you just described; I would love to do to you. I love giving it rough.”

“Oh,” I mumble, blushing to my hairline.

Braxton grins down at me. He begins moving faster, making me clench around him. He groans and momentarily closes his eyes. “I love it when you do that.”

“What?” I ask and do it again. “This?”

He groans. “Yes, that.”

I lean in closer to him, so close that my lips brush his earlobe. “Fuck me harder?” I request breathily.

Braxton curses under his breath. “Shit. You’re a fucking goddess, Melia. How can I say no to you?”

He starts pounding into me. I moan loudly, taking everything he gives me.

“Fuck, Braxton!” I cry out as another orgasm overwhelms me.

“Shit, cum for me baby,” he grunts. “I’m cumming, too.”

I come down from my high just as he climaxes. I get to see his orgasm face. He’s even fucking hotter when he’s coming. He slowly stops thrusting and leans in to kiss me.

“You are so perfect.”


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