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Chapter Nineteen


Melia’s POV.

I wake up the next morning with Braxton’s arms around me. I snuggle into his arms, and he nuzzles my neck.

“Morning, baby,” he mumbles sleepily.

“Morning, sexy.”

“How are you feeling?” He asks as I roll over, so that we’re facing one another.

“Sore. But in the best way,” I tell him, my cheeks pink.

Braxton grins and kisses my nose. “Good. That’s how I want you, knowing I’ve been there.”

I roll my eyes at his possessive statement. “I am well aware of where you have been, Mr King.” I scrunch up my nose. “We have work tomorrow.”

Braxton reaches out and strokes his finger down my nose and along my bottom lip. “Can we let people know we’re dating yet? I’d rather like to show off my girlfriend,” Braxton says amusedly.

“Okay,” I concede. “I’d like to show off my boyfriend, I rather like him.”

Braxton grins. “Oh, yeah? Is he handsome?”

I smirk. “Very, but rather arrogant.”

Braxton frowns. “I think you might be mistaking arrogance with confidence again.”

“Oh, really?” I reply teasingly.

Braxton starts tickling my sides, making me squeal. “Yes, really. I think my baby is being naughty.”

If he wasn’t tickling my sides like mad, I’d probably be melting at him calling me his baby.

“Brax! Stop!” I squeal as he relentlessly tickles me.

He pauses and pulls me close, nuzzling his face into my neck again. “I love the nickname,” he mumbles.

Eventually, we emerge from the bed. We work out together in the morning and spend the afternoon walking around the city.


Monday flies by really quickly. Braxton and I review some orders and make a couple of phone calls, trying to increase quantities.

After a successful day, we decide to celebrate with dinner at my place. We stop by the supermarket after work and pick out the ingredients for chowder. We return to our own apartments and meet in the gym fifteen minutes later, for an after-work work-out.

I’m training in the weights section when Braxton comes up behind me. He leans in close; I can feel his breath on my neck. “Don’t wear yourself out, baby,” he murmurs. Our eyes meet in the mirror, and I’m surprised it doesn’t crack with the tension that crackles between us. “I’ve got big plans for you tonight.”

I almost drop the damn bar. “Like what?” I ask quietly.

He grins. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

He slaps my butt and strolls away, leaving me very hot and flustered.


We prepare and enjoy dinner together. Afterwards, I get myself ready, whilst Braxton goes up to his apartment and gets his things for staying over at mine. He brings down his suit for work tomorrow and hangs it up. He also brings a duffel bag. He places it in the corner of my room and won’t let me near it.

After I’ve taken my make-up off and cleaned my teeth, I change into a silk nighty. Braxton is waiting for me in the bedroom. He smiles when I come in and he kisses my forehead.

“You look beautiful.”

My cheeks flush as I take the compliment with a mumbled ‘thanks’.

“I want to try something tonight. If you’re up for it, of course,” Braxton suggests.

I look at him, both curious and anxious. I’m finally going to find out what he was talking about earlier. Braxton grabs something from the bag and turns to face me. He holds up a twisted cord of black rope.

“Do you trust me?” He asks evenly, his eyes never leaving mine.

I look into his pale blue irises, and I know that I do trust him, implicitly.

I give him a wry smile. “Well, I did, until you whacked out that rope and now, I’m freaking the fuck out, if I’m honest.”

He grins at my joking reply. “Trust me, baby. I would never let anything harm you.”

I swallow hard and nod. “Okay. I trust you.”

He steps towards and places his hand under my chin, making me look up to meet his gaze.

“Thank you for trusting me. You have no idea how much your trust means,” he says sincerely, affection swirling in his eyes.

Emotion runs through me. This man is something else. And he’s mine. Braxton slowly slides off my underwear, leaving me completely naked. He grabs the back of my neck and pulls me in for a firm kiss.

“Lie down on the bed,” he orders.

I do as he asks, watching him as he approaches me. Braxton uses the black rope to tie my wrists and ankles to the posters on my bed.

“You know, before we met, I had a more active sex life with my vibrator than my ex. This is very new to me,” I tell him, trying to break the silence that surrounds us.

The air is thick with desire and sexual tension. Braxton smirks and kisses my thigh.

“With me, baby, that will definitely not be the case. I’m your boyfriend now, and I’m gonna blow your mind.”

I giggle. “You’re being arrogant again.”

He shrugs. “It takes the right woman for me to be this good. I need you for this, and I’m going to show you how good it can be. Trust me.”

I look into his pale blue eyes. “Always.”

He grins and sits down next to me. “You trusted me and told what you liked the other day,” he says calmly. “Tell me more. What do you like and not like?”

As he speaks, he runs his finger up my leg, under my nighty. I swallow hard, my mouth feeling dry. When I don’t reply, Braxton looks up and smirks.

“Tell me, baby. I want to know what you’d like me to do to you. Other than choke you, of course.”

My cheeks flush at his comment. I remain silent and Braxton’s smirk deepens. He raises my nighty up to my hips, leaving my pussy exposed to him. His eyes drop to it, and I watch his pupils dilate. He strokes his finger down my pussy, parting my lower lips.

“You don’t have to tell me, I can just find out for myself,” he murmurs confidently.

I close my eyes and choose to be bold and reply. But I can’t look him in the eye whilst I do it.

“When I touch myself, I rub my clit,” I whisper, my cheeks burning. “I like touching myself during sex, too.”

Braxton hums with approval. He rewards me by pushing two fingers inside of me. “Well done, baby. Tell me something else you like.”

I keep my eyes closed. “I like having my neck kissed and my nipples played with.”

Braxton kisses my stomach, and my eyes fly open, realising that he has moved lower on the bed and his mouth is close to my pussy.

“I’m proud of you. I will do all of those things to you as a reward,” he promises and kisses my inner thigh. “But for now, I think I have an idea.”

Braxton gets up from the bed and I watch him as he goes over to the wardrobe. He pulls his tie from around the hanger and returns to the bed. I rub my lips together as I realise he’s going to blindfold me.

“Will you let me? I think it will make this easier for you,” he says.

I nod slowly. “Okay.”

Braxton carefully ties the blindfold around my head, sending my world dark. I close my eyes and get comfortable.

“I want you completely focussed, no distractions,” Braxton muses as he strokes his finger along the side of my breast. “This way, your senses will all be focussed on touch. Don’t get in your head or overthink it, just feel.”

Braxton’s lips are suddenly on my neck, kissing the sensitive skin. He gently nibbles and bites, sending goosebumps over my body. I bite down on my bottom lip and try to steady my racing heartbeat.

Braxton settles between my legs and my hands instinctively curl against the rope. He parts my legs wider, giving him full access. His breath fans across my pussy and I resist clamping my thighs shut in reaction. Braxton chuckles and places a kiss right on top of my clit.

His tongue darts out and circles my clit. I shiver as he starts flicking my clit back and forth. He pushes a finger inside me. I grip my fingers tightly around the rope, limited in my movement from the bonds. He moves his finger in and out of me, in time with the swirling of his tongue.

The pleasure is insane. My toes curl and my hips buck against his mouth. Braxton is very skilled with his mouth and fingers. He builds my orgasm slowly. He slows down when he senses that I’m close and then brings me back to the edge again. He does this until I’m shaking with the need for release.

“Does my baby want to cum?” He teases me from between my legs.

“Yes,” I moan and thrust my hips upwards.

“Ask nicely,” Braxton responds.

I huff in frustration. “Please! Please let me cum,” I beg.

Braxton chuckles. “I can’t deny you, baby.”

He returns his mouth to my pussy, licking and sucking until I’m quivering. He reaches up and pinches my right nipple. He rolls and tugs it between his fingers. This time, when my orgasm starts, he doesn’t stop or slow down. Braxton carries me through it, pumping his fingers in and out of me as I clench around them.

My body is still shaking, long after the orgasm has receded. Braxton places his large, warm hands on my thighs, to stop them from quaking.

“Are you ready, baby?” Braxton asks and I frown behind the blindfold.

“Ready? For what?” I ask, somewhat hesitant.

“To cum again.”



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