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Chapter Twenty


Melia’s POV.

Braxton continues his pleasurable assault on my pussy until I cum another three times. My whole body is quivering, and I can’t seem to make it stop. He moves up my body and pushes stray strands of hair from my face. He slides the blindfold up and rests it on my forehead.

I blink a couple of times, adjusting to the low-lighting from the bedroom lamps.

“Baby...are you okay?” He asks gently.

My body shakes underneath him, and my hands won’t stop trembling. The intensity of the orgasms has quite literally shaken me to my core.

“I’m fine,” I reply brokenly. “I just can’t stop shaking, that was incredible.”

Braxton chuckles and lies down next to me. He pulls me into his arms and holds me as my body quakes. “Little one, you’re so adorable,” he mutters and kisses my forehead.

I snuggle into his touch. I love affection when I’ve been intimate with someone. Even though we haven’t had sex yet tonight, I still appreciate the affection he’s giving me now. It makes me feel cared for.

“Let me know when you’re ready and we’ll continue. Or, if you would prefer, we could stop?” Braxton offers.

There is no accusatory tone to his voice. Nothing to suggest which option he would prefer I would choose. He is giving me the choice completely, without trying to sway me in any way.

“No!” I blurt out and my cheeks warm at my outburst. Braxton chuckles. I suddenly wish the blindfold were back on and I could hide behind it. “I’d like to, uh- carry on. If that’s okay with you,” I mumble, looking down.

Braxton chuckles again and kisses my nose. “You, Melia Wynter, are both the sexiest and most adorable woman I have ever met.”

My cheeks get even redder at his compliment, and I can’t bring myself to look at him. Braxton places the blindfold back over my eyes.

“Better?” He asks, amusement in his voice.

I smile at him, once again shrouded in comforting darkness. My shaking slowly stops.

“Yes, thank you.”

He kisses my nose. “Such a polite girl.”

Behind the safety of the blindfold, I find it in me to be daring. “Braxton?” I ask softly.

“Yes?” He responds, whilst trailing his hands up and down my body.

He runs his fingertip up my cleavage and circles each of my nipples, making them hard.

“Can I...please you?” My voice is shy, and I thank God for the blindfold.

Braxton brushes his lips over mine. I lean upwards, trying to get our lips to touch so that I can kiss him. He pulls just out of reach and chuckles at my efforts.

“Do you want to, baby?” He questions me.

“Yes, I do.”

“Then, of course you can,” he replies. He kisses down my neck, making me shiver. “My body belongs to you now, Melia.”

He unties my hands and feet from the ropes. He takes my hand and places it on his cock. My lips part in surprise. He’s so hard, it feels like stone. It is hot in my hand. I stroke my hand up and down once, feeling the soft skin over the hardness. Braxton kisses my cheek and rolls over to face me, giving me better access. He reaches over and gently cups my pussy; he pushes one finger inside me. It is so sensitive from my orgasms.

“This is mine,” he murmurs huskily. “Just like this is yours.”

He tenses his cock, and it twitches in my hand, making me giggle. Blindly, I sit up and fumble to steady myself. I find Braxton’s position with my hands and get him to lie on his back. I kneel by his side and bend over, bringing my ass in the air and my mouth to his cock.

I take him into my mouth, and I hear Braxton inhale sharply. I want to make him feel good.

I twirl my tongue around his length. I move my head up and down. Each time I pull back, I suck on his cock, then I take him back into my mouth smoothly. I build up a steady rhythm and Braxton’s hands knot into my hair.

“Fuck, baby,” he groans. “You’re so good with your mouth.”

His praise makes me happy, and I work my mouth faster. I suck harder and move my head more quickly. The head of his cock bumps the back of my throat. Any tears that spill from my eyes are absorbed by the blindfold. My nose runs but I sniff and power through, I want to please him.

I move higher on the bed, finding the right angle so that he can slide down my throat. I take him as deep as possible. This time, his cock slides to the back of my mouth and down my throat. The action cuts of my air supply. I breathe in each time I pull back and then I surge forwards, taking him into my tight throat.

“Holy shit,” Braxton whispers. His hands tighten in my hair. “That feels so fucking good.”

His voice is unrecognisable, thick, and husky with arousal. I love it when he gives me praise.

“Baby.” His voice is guttural. “Stop. I want to be inside you when I cum.”

He eases me from his cock, and I pout at him. He chuckles and wipes my bottom lip with his thumb.

“Want to keep that blindfold on whilst I fuck you?” He asks and I shrug in response. “Bend over. I want to take you from behind,” he orders.

I happily do as he asks. I get onto my hands and knees for him. Braxton runs his rough hands down my back, feeling the smooth skin under his fingertips. He grips my waist with one hand whilst lining himself up with my entrance with the other.

He rubs the tip of his cock up and down my pussy a few times, getting himself nice and slick in my juices. He pushes forwards and slides into me with ease. I moan at the feeling of being filled with him again.

“Shit, that’s fucking hot,” he curses behind me. He slowly thrusts in and out of me and I realise he’s watching his cock disappear inside me. “Fuck.”

He thrusts in and out of me and my orgasm steadily builds. He increases his pace and I’m breathless, taking everything he gives me. Braxton suddenly grabs my hair and pulls, urging me to straighten up. I raise up and rest on my knees. He is still inside of me and his chest presses to my back.

As Braxton starts pounding into me in this new position, his hand reaches up to wrap around my throat. Desire spikes through me. He’s choking me, just like I asked him to.

“Do you like that, baby?” He asks gruffly in my ear, squeezing his hand around my neck.

I can only nod. Words fail me. My eyes feel like they’re going to roll in the back of my head with the intense pleasure that I’m feeling. With his right hand still wrapped around my neck, Braxton slides his left down my body and begins rubbing my clit.

“Brax...” I moan his name softly and he grunts in my ear in response.

My orgasm hits and the force of it makes me feel like I’m floating. My body goes limp in Braxton’s hands. He holds me up, circling my clit with his fingers as I shake with euphoric pleasure.

“That’s it, baby,” he murmurs. “Cum for me.”

I clench around him, and he curses under his breath. He keeps pounding into me, somehow keeping his own climax at bay. I convulse one last time, before collapsing completely. Braxton lets me fall forwards and he slides out of me. He rolls me onto my back and pulls the blindfold off my head. He throws it across the room and looks at me, concern in his pale blue eyes.

“Melia? You okay?”

I smile up at him. “I’m more than okay. That was...whoa.”

He chuckles and shakes his head. “You had me worried then.”

“I’m good, you just fucked me until I almost passed out,” I reply with a shrug. He rolls his eyes. I pout at him. “You didn’t cum.”

He smiles. “That’s okay, I enjoyed that a lot.”

I sit up and push on his shoulders, urging him to lie down. “No, I want you to cum, too.”

I throw my leg over him and straddle his hips.

“Baby, you don’t have to do this,” he starts to protest.

I place my finger over his lips. “I want to.”

I line his cock up with my entrance and slowly sink down on it. Braxton curses under his breath and his hands go to my waist. I find my balance and then I begin riding him. I use my thighs to lift myself up and lower myself down on his cock. Supporting myself with my hands on his pecs, I speed up until I’m riding him quickly. Braxton throws his head back, the veins on his neck and arms prominent.

“Fuck,” he gasps. “Melia, you’re gonna make me cum-”

He reaches up and wraps his hand around my throat. It’s the final straw for me. I clamp down around his cock as my orgasm crashes through me. Braxton pistons his hips upwards, fucking me through my orgasm. His hand is tight around my neck, not enough to cut off air, but enough to make me cry out in intense pleasure. I practically scream, unable to stop myself from vocalising my pleasure.

My eyes close and tears of pure happiness roll down my face. Braxton moans my name and tenses up; I feel him release inside of me. The only sound that fill the room is our ragged breathing. We both pant as our hearts hammer in our chests. I collapse onto Braxton’s chest and cover my face with my hands.

“I’m sorry,” I mumble.

He’s still inside of me. Braxton wraps his arms around my sticky body. “What’s wrong, baby? Why are you apologising?”

“That was so embarrassing,” I groan. “I’m sorry I screamed.”

Braxton chuckles and pulls my hands away from my face. He cups my cheeks with his huge hands before I can hide myself.

“Don’t apologise. That was so fucking hot. I love knowing that I made you scream like that, it’s an ego boost.”

I roll my eyes at him. “Like you needed one.”

He laughs and holds me close to him. I lay my head on his chest, giggling when I realise that he is still semi-hard and inside of me.


“Yes, baby?”

“Thank you for choking me.”


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