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Chapter Twenty-One


Braxton’s POV.

I can’t believe that I get to work with my gorgeous girl.

I watch her as she goes over my ideas for our new pitch. She takes her bottom lip between her teeth as she concentrates, rolling her pen between her fingers.

There’s nothing better than being around her. I’m at my happiest when I’m with her.

I knew, the second I saw her, that I wanted her. It was like being punched when I found out she was taken. I never thought I’d be the kind of guy that would go after another guy’s girlfriend, but suddenly that didn’t matter when I met her.

Melia Wynter.

Even saying her name makes me fucking hard.

I could tell that she wasn’t happy in her relationship. There was no spark in her when she spoke of her boyfriend, and Marta told me what a ‘wet mop’ the guy is. I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.

I knew it wasn’t a good idea to flirt with her, but like I told Melia, I can’t resist around her. It was selfish of me to want her when she was taken, but I knew that I could make her happy.

After we spoke a few times, I could see that her boyfriend wasn’t satisfying her. She was so tense all of the time, like there was some burden she was carrying.

I wanted to make her happy, I wanted to show her how good it can be.

My brother saw Enna and just knew. I saw Melia and suddenly, I knew exactly what he’d been talking about. I just knew.

It’s too early to tell her that I love her. It’s too early to feel this way, but I do, I can’t help it. In just a few short weeks, she has become everything to me.


The weeks pass quickly and soon, Melia and I celebrate our one month anniversary. I want so badly to tell her how I feel, but I bottle it. We have an amazing night with great food. We don’t make it to either of our flats.

We chose a restaurant on the outskirts of the city, which meant we had to drive. On the ride home, my girl started stroking me through my jeans.

I pulled over in a deserted lay-by and I took her right there in my car. Melia rode me whilst I was sat in the driver’s seat, it was fucking hot.

A few days later, we go out after work. For once, we choose to drive to dinner. I don’t mind not drinking, I know we’re having sex later and I like to be in complete control for that. I want to savour every second with her.

Even after we’ve finished at the restaurant, and we’re in the car home, we’re still laughing over things we talked about during the meal. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much with a woman before.

I’ve had female friends in the past, but never close ones, like this. Melia just gets me, we’re so similar on so many levels.

I offer my hand to help her out of the car. We take the lift up from the parking garage to her apartment floor. I’ve taken to leaving some of my things at hers and vice versa. It makes impromptu sleep-overs easier.

Melia lets us in and we both remove our coats and shoes. As I’m untying my the laces on my second shoe, Melia playfully pushes me.

I fall to the side slightly before catching myself. I look up at her and narrow my eyes.

She grins at me and giggles.

‘You’re going to regret that, baby,’ I warn her.

She bursts into giggles and starts backing up, away from me.

‘Only if you catch me, and I don’t think you will,’ she goads me.

I finish taking off my shoe and I straighten up to my full height. She squeals in excitement and turns on her heel. In her tights, she disappears into the lounge area.

‘I’m coming for you, Melia,’ I bait her, following slowly. ‘You better hope that I don’t catch you.’

Giggles come from her bedroom and I step into it. She screams when she sees me and runs into her en suite. She slams the door shut, just as I reach her. The lock clicks into place and I sigh.

‘’re just dragging this out. You’re making it worse than it needs to be,’ I taunt her from the other side of the door. ‘Be a good girl and open the door. Don’t get yourself into more trouble.’

I roll my eyes at the giggles I hear. I take my wallet from the back pocket of my trousers and unzip the coin section. I choose a large 2p coin (about the size of a US dollar coin) from my wallet.

I go over to the bathroom lock, which is visible from my side of the door. I slot the coin into the lock and turn it. Melia squeals with surprise as the lock clicks and I open the door.

She backs up to the shower and jumps in it.

I smirk at her and lunge forwards. I place my hand over the on/off knob and she screeches in surprise.

‘No!’ She shouts. ‘Don’t turn it on!’

She launches out of the shower and out of the room. I laugh and follow behind.

She skids on the floorboards in her tights, heading for the kitchen.

She doesn’t get that far. I tackle her to the sofa and we both fall on it. I’m careful to hold my weight, so that I don’t crush her.

I begin tickling her sides, until she’s both laughing and crying at the same time.

‘No! Brax, no!’ She cries, tears running down her face as she laughs.

I finally relent and stop, letting her catch her breath. I look at the beautiful woman below me. Her make-up is smudged and her hair is mussed, but she’s stunning.

She’s so small beneath me. I never thought I’d think that about the tall, powerful woman I see at work. But when she’s under me, she’s tiny. When she’s in my arms, she feels so small and perfect.

She sobers up and blinks up at me. She pouts and sticks her bottom lip out.

‘That was mean, Braxy,’ she whines and I frown, not a fan of the nickname.

‘Braxy? No, that won’t do.’ I start tickling her sides again and she screams.

‘Stop!’ She begs.

I give up and she breathes a sigh of relief. She squirms below me, getting more comfortable on the sofa. Her thighs are on either side of my hips and her wiggling rubs her crotch against mine.

Her eyes go wide as she feels how excited I am.

‘Tickling really does it for you, huh?’ She muses.

I roll my eyes at her. ‘It wasn’t so much the tickling and more the sexy woman rubbing her body against mine.’

She grins at the compliment. ‘Sexy woman?’

I smile down at her and kiss her nose. ‘Yes.’

I kiss her cheek, along her jaw and down her neck.

‘She’s also smart and beautiful and funny and kind,’ I state her traits between kisses.

Melia giggles and wraps her arms around my neck.

‘What about her boyfriend? I hear he’s very handsome.’

I pretend to think about it for a moment.

‘True, he is very handsome, and sexy, too, don’t forget that. But some people worry that he’s arrogant,’ I joke, referring to her teasing of my arrogance.

‘I think they might be mistaking arrogance with confidence,’ she replies teasingly, referring to my previous defences.

We smile at each other and I can’t stop myself from leaning down and kissing her. She’s too fucking irresistible.

Her little hands play with the hem of my t-shirt as I deepen the kiss, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She tugs on my shirt and I get the hint. I break the kiss and help her take my t-shirt off.

With my chest bare, she runs her hands down it, marvelling at my body. I love seeing how happy my body makes her. She stares at my muscles and tattoos with open appreciation. I’ve never had confidence issues, but seeing my girl so impressed with my body makes me so fucking happy.

‘Sorry,’ she mumbles, blushing as she pulls her hands away.

I take her wrists in my hands. My fingers overlap around her wrists, they’re so small. I place her hands back on my chest, making her blush deepen.

‘Don’t apologise for touching me, baby,’ I murmur. ‘My body is yours, touch it whenever you like.’

She shyly nods and starts running her hands up and down my chest. It’s soothing and I close my eyes, enjoying her touch.

She presses on my pecs and I open my eyes. I realise she’s wanting me to sit back. The second I do, my baby climbs onto my lap.

I’m rock hard beneath her, I can feel the heat radiating from her pussy through her tights. She starts kissing up my neck and along my jaw, until she reaches my lips.

Whilst her tongue caresses mine, she undoes my jeans. She slides her hand inside my boxers and grips my cock. She strokes me slowly and I dig my fingers into her thighs, trying to hold myself back.

She suddenly jumps off me and I blink a couple of times, trying to get my brain to catch up. Melia ditches her tights and thong. She pulls on my jeans and I lift my hips, allowing her to pull my jeans and boxers down to my ankles.

With my cock accessible, she climbs onto my lap and lifts her dress. She lines me up and places her hands on my shoulders. I watch her intensely as she sinks down onto my cock.

I grit my teeth and hold back a groan at her tight pussy enclosing around my cock. She’s so fucking wet and so tight it’s like she was made for me.

Melia exhales as she takes me completely. She opens her eyes and looks into mine. She bites her bottom lip and looks oddly nervous.

I brush a wispy piece of hair away from her face and stroke her cheek. Before I can ask what’s wrong, she speaks.

‘I love you,’ she says confidently, her eyes never leaving mine.

I swallow hard, trying to register whether I heard that correctly or not.

Is she serious?

‘What did you just say?’ I ask dumbly.

She blushes. ‘I love you.’

I pull her into my arms and bury my face in her neck. She gradually reacts and wraps her arms around me.

‘I love you,’ I mumble into her neck.

I pull back and cup her face in my hands, wanting to look her in the eye as I say it.

‘I love you so fucking much.’ My voice is raw with emotion.

Her eyes tear up and she leans in. My lips meet hers and her pussy clenches around me, reminding me that I’m inside her. Her words made me briefly forget.

Melia breaks the kiss and rests her hands on my shoulders, supporting herself. She gets her balance and then starts riding me.

I groan and put my hands up her dress. I grab her asscheeks and squeeze them, not so gently.

‘You’re so fucking good at this,’ I bite out the words as she gets faster.

I can see that she’s going to come. She gets this look in her eyes and her lips part in pleasure. I reach up and wrap my hand around her throat. She loves it when I do this.

I lift my hips up to thrust into her every time she lowers herself. Together, we help each other reach our climaxes.


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