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Melia’s POV.

“Holy crap, you look incredible.”

For once, I might actually have to agree with Enna’s compliment. I swallow hard and stare at my reflection, wondering if this woman can really be me. I lift the white veil and throw it over my head, so that it rests down my back. The white bodice of my dress sucks in my waist and pushes my breasts up in a way that accentuates them but isn’t so much that it’s inappropriate for a church.

The skirt of the dress flares out in a metre-wide circle. It’s exactly how I’ve always dreamed my wedding dress would look. I run my fingers over my engagement ring on my left hand, thinking of the night Braxton proposed to me.

It was our one-year anniversary and, I’ll be honest, I’m surprised he waited that long. He’d mentioned it so many times before actually doing it. Tomorrow is our two-year anniversary of being together and we’ll be spending it on a plane, jetting off on our honeymoon.

The bridal party consists of my three bridesmaids: Marta and two of my friends from university. Enna is my maid of honour; we’ve become like sisters in the last two years.

My mother is here, too, tearing up in the corner. We don’t have the world’s closest relationship, mainly because she and my father live hours away from me, so I only see them in the holidays. But I’m so glad she’s here.

I feel like I blink and suddenly, I’m stood next to my dad and waiting for our cue. The music begins and the bridal party trickle out, into the aisle with the groomsmen. Keon is Braxton’s best man, and something tells me that Keon and Enna will be having hot best man/maid of honour sex tonight.

I grip my dad’s arm and he leads me down the aisle. My eyes meet Braxton’s, and I can’t help but well up. He looks so perfect in his tuxedo.

As I get closer, I can see that his eyes are shining with unshed tears, too. Honestly, the both of us are hopeless. My father hands me over to Braxton and my hand grips his.

“I love you,” he mouths the words to me before we both turn to the vicar.


This day is, quite honestly, the best day of my life. The ceremony was perfect. I cried a little, but my magic eyelashes managed to stay on. Braxton and I wrote our own vows and that’s what got me, that’s when I cracked. Hearing him promise to love me unconditionally, for the rest of our lives. Well, damn, how am I not supposed to get emotional at that?

Later on, we go to the reception. There’s about fifty guests. Braxton and I wanted to have our friends and families here, but we wanted it to still be quite small. We have the speeches first and I’ll confess, Keon did well with his. He had us all laughing.

Braxton and I thank everyone for coming, and the food is served. I go back for three slices of cake, because why the fuck not? I chose it, and it’s bloody delicious.

“I can help you burn it all off later,” Braxton whispers darkly in my ear as I finish off the third slice.

I frown in feigned confusion. “But there’s no gym in the hotel?”

Brax gives me a deadpan look, cottoning on to my joke. “Very funny, but we both know that I have a different kind of workout in mind,” he replies with a smirk.

I grin at him, unable to contain my happiness.

My desire for my delicious husband only grows as he spins me around the dance-floor, weaving through other couples. He leads with such grace and confidence.

It appears there’s not much he can do, that doesn’t turn me on. It’s inappropriate for me to be feeling this way, surrounded by our friends and family. But at the same time, our guests are under no illusions of how a newly-wedded couple spend their first night.

Keon comes and steals me away from Braxton after the fifth song. He sweeps Enna into his arms in retaliation. A kind of unspoken competition forms between the two brothers. They each throw and spin Enna and I around the room, competing for best dancer.

A truce is called when Enna and I leave them both for more champagne. We catch our breaths back at the side of the room. I watch Braxton dance with his family members, spinning around his beautiful niece.

“I know that look,” Enna comments mischievously. “You’ve only got another hour and you two can be alone.”

I take a sip of my champagne and shrug nonchalantly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Enna laughs at my reply. “Sure, you don’t. Keon and I barely came up for air on our wedding night, you’re gonna have a great time. Just make sure he doesn’t drink too much.”

I roll my eyes at her comment. This is why I love Enna though, totally relaxed, and open. “Don’t worry. He’s been holding back on the alcohol all night, with the promise of giving me the night of my life.”

Enna raises her eyebrows in surprise. “That’s a big promise to fulfil.”

I smirk as I look at my sexy husband from across the room. He catches me ogling and winks, sending a delicious shiver of desire through me.

I don’t doubt that he will keep his promise for a second.

“Something tells me he can do it,” I reply, holding back a smile.


“Finally alone,” Braxton comments as we enter the honeymoon suite.

He kicks the door shut with his foot and sets me down gently. I take off my heels, eager to feel my numb feet again.

That was the best day of my life,” I tell him as I undo all of the pins in my hair.

It falls in a cascade down my back and Braxton lovingly runs his hands through it.

“And I’m about to give you the best night of your life.”

I smirk at him through the mirror. “Oh, really? That’s big talk, Mr King.”

He grins. “And I’m a big man, Mrs King.”

Braxton kisses along my neck and I moan, leaning back into him. “Yes, you are,” I agree breathily.

Braxton helps me out of my dress, revealing the pristine white lingerie underneath. It’s white lace with little cut-outs here and there. It’s pretty fucking sexy if I do say so myself.

Braxton groans and throws his head back, closing his eyes for effect. “I am the luckiest fucking man on the planet,” he says emphatically. “You are the most perfect woman to exist.”

Braxton strips out of his suit whilst I take off my make-up. We both clean our teeth and freshen up, in our underwear. Once done, Braxton takes my hand and leads me to the bed.

“Close your eyes and put your hands out,” he orders quietly.

I dutifully do as he asks. I hold my hands out with my palms facing upwards, expecting him to give me something. I flinch and my eyes open as he clips cold metal around my wrists.

He handcuffed me.

“What the-” Braxton cuts me off by pressing his finger to my lips.

“I thought we could have some fun with these tonight,” he suggests with a smirk.

I narrow my eyes at him. “You could have some fun with these. I am rather limited in my actions right now.”

Braxton chuckles and pushes on my shoulders. I get his intention and lie back on the bed. He grabs my ankles and drags me to the end of the bed. He kneels in front of me and slides my lace g-string off. His large hands part my thighs, baring my pussy to him.

Fucking hell,” he whispers under his breath. “You’re an angel, Melia.”

I can’t reply. His mouth closes over my clit and my brain loses all ability to function. My head falls back against the mattress as he buries his tongue inside my pussy and wiggles it. He parts my lower lips with his thumbs and moves his tongue up, to circle my clit. He makes figure-8s around it until I’m panting.

“Brax,” I gasp his name, letting him know that I am close.

My hands are gripped together, my wrists tied by the cuffs. I dig my fingernails into my skin as I near my climax. Braxton flicks his tongue faster and it’s too much, I can’t hold back anymore. My body shakes as my orgasm hits.

Intense pleasure radiates out from my pussy around my body. White stars burst in my vision and the world temporarily falls away. I cry out Braxton’s name and thrash about on the bed. He holds me firmly in place, his tongue never relenting. I’m panting heavily when I come down from my high. Braxton smirks from between my legs.

“I’m thinking three more,” he muses aloud.



Three earth-shattering orgasms later, I’m a boneless heap on the bed. Braxton kneels between my legs and rips my bra from my body. There was no way to get it off with my wrists tied, but I’m not sure that aggressively tearing the fabric was the answer. That shit was expensive.

I watch as Braxton moves higher up the bed. His boxers are discarded and my husband, the embodiment of male perfection, is stark naked. He grips his hard cock with one hand and shuffles towards me. Anticipating what he wants, I open my mouth for him. He presses the head of his cock inside and I eagerly suck on it.

He grabs my cuffed wrists when I try to touch him. “Just your mouth,” he orders huskily.

I close my eyes and focus on my task. I lick my lips and then take him as deep as I can. I take a deep breath each time he moves out of my mouth, ready for when he pushes back in.

He fucks my mouth in long strokes, groaning when he hits the back of my throat each time. His hands tangle in my hair, holding me in the position he wants me in. He thrusts his hips faster and more aggressively, chasing his own climax. I take it all, wanting only to please him.

“Shit, Melia,” he grunts. “Fuck!”

His movements become sloppy, and I feel like he’s going to bruise my throat with how forceful his thrusts are. He stills suddenly and fills my entire mouth with his hot cum. I swallow it all, licking my lips when he pulls out. He sits back on his heels and catches his breath.

“Fuck.” Once recovered, he grabs the keys to the cuffs and unlocks them. “We can use those again, later. I want to hold you right now.”

We get into the middle of the bed, and he situates himself between my thighs. His cock nudges against my entrance and I open my legs wide, bringing my heels to my ass and my knees to the bed. He slides inside of me easily and we both moan. Braxton rests his forehead on mine and starts slowly moving in and out of me.

It’s the closest to love-making that we’ve ever come. The pace is not hard or fast. It’s slow and sensual. He rolls his hips, hitting a spot inside me that has my toes curling against his back. I wrap my arms around his neck and play with his hair. Braxton smiles down at me and pecks my nose.

“I love you, Melia,” he says warmly.

“I love you, too.”

Tears of happiness pool in my eyes and Braxton kisses them away. We rock against each other, gradually reaching our climaxes instead of chasing them with our usual frenzied fucking. When we cum, we cum together, holding onto each other as we fall apart.

“Baby,” Braxton grunts my pet name in my ear as we reach our climax.

I have never been so happy.


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