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Joe Romano is a humble man from a humble Italian background. Hardworking, married man with two young children. Living the perfect small town life. The envy of his neighbourhood. But when he suspects his wife is having an affair with the man next door, there's only one thing in Joe's mind. Revenge. Angelica is the 18 year old daughter of his next door neighbour. The perfect ammunition to get back at his wife and really hurt the man suspected of turning his wife's head. Can he resist temptation?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

The morning started like any other, alarm clock pounding in my ear drums at 6:30am, the world outside still peaceful and calm. I open my bleary brown eyes to find my wife stood in the doorway of our bedroom wrapped in a big, white fluffy towel.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." She proceeded to walk into the room, rubbing her wet hair vigorously with a smaller white towel.

"Good morning, beautiful. How was your run?" I ask as I stretch my arms up high before reaching for my t-shirt and dragging my weary body from our warm, comfortable bed.

"It's pretty cold out there today but it certainly helped wake me up, that's for sure." She reached for her hairdryer, the remainder of her sentence inaudible due to the noise of the dryer. Catching her eye in the mirror as she sat at her dresser and nodding as if I understood a word she just said.

I mouthed "Coffee?" into the mirror as she worked her way through her long brown hair. "Yes, please."

As my tired body makes its way to my children's bedroom, I knock gently not wanting to startle them. "Good morning!"

In unison, both reply with a sleepy but sweet "Good morning, Daddy."

Zack, our youngest who had just turned 4 came running up to me in his Mickey Mouse pyjamas with one sock hanging off the end of his foot, launched himself into my arms. "Daddy, is it time for breakfast?"

"It's is little man, what would you like? Cereal?" He answered with an enthusiastic nod of his little head. "My favourite, please."

Placing him back on his feet and taking him by the hand. "Isabella. Do you want cereal too?"

I look towards my 6 year old daughter who slips her feet into her princess slippers, standing up and stretching her arms out in her Frozen pyjamas. "Yes please, Daddy." She walks to my other hand. As we all begin the descent down to the kitchen hand in hand.

It was moments like this that made my life feel complete and content. I couldn't have asked for a more loving, beautiful family.

As Isabella and Zack finished off their breakfasts and orange juices, I turned around at the sound of a chair crashing down against the kitchen floor.


My smile widens as I watch my wife embrace Zack as he wraps his little arms around her slender legs.

"Good morning, sweetie! Did you eat all of your breakfast?"

"I did, Mommy. Look." He takes her by the hand and leads her to his empty bowl on the table.

"You're such a good boy, Zack!" The pride in his smile shines through.

"Hey honey! You look great." I say as I watch my wife Emma, walkstowards me in her tight black Lycra gym vest which complimented her olive coloured skin like perfection and hot as hell tight black yoga pants which left almost nothing to the imagination from behind.

"What time is your first class?" I ask as I lay a soft kiss on her beautiful soft lips.

She pulls her hands behind her head, tying up her long brown hair into her signature ponytail. "Yoga at 8. So I'll need to leave soon, you'll be okay dropping the kids to school, right?"

"Of course. I don't need to be in the office until 10 today."

"You're the best." She says, tip toeing to kiss me on my cheek as she grabs her coffee from the side. "I need to run. Have a good day."

"You too, honey." I watch as she scuttles over to the kids, embracing them both and telling them both to have good days at school before kissing them both on their heads before turning to me and blowing me a kiss.

"Love you, Em."

"Love you too!" And with that she disappeared down the hallway and out of the front door.

"Time to get dressed, kiddies!" I shout enthusiastically. "I'll race you both upstairs."

I watched them both breeze past me and up the stairs to their bedroom. Safe to say, I'll be the loser again.

As well as the morning had started, once I had dropped Isabella and Zack to school and began my journey to the office. I realised I had left my work laptop at home so had to make a quick diversion back home to pick it up.

As I drove closer to the house, I spotted my wife's car back on the drive again. "I thought she had a class?" I mumbled to myself as I pulled my car in beside hers.

"Emma? You home?" I shouted as I threw my keys down into the bowl.

No answer.


Still nothing.

Confused, I searched downstairs in the lounge and the kitchen with no sign of her. My heart began to pound as I begin walking up the stairs, I could hear something moving around, which sounded like it was coming from our bedroom.

"Emma?" One more try as I reach the handle to the bedroom. Still no response.

My heart jumps into my mouth as I open the door.

"Jesus, Tiddles!!!" Our cat races from the bedroom as I push the door open. "Fucking cat." I mumble as I look around the bedroom, still no sign of Emma.

But my laptop bag is thankfully in the bedroom, which I grab and sling over my shoulder.

Glancing out of the window, something catches my eye in the garden next door.


I watch as she lay her blue and white towel on to the grass. Her toned physique on full show as she now stands up straight wearing nothing but a purple bikini. Her bronzed skin being drenched by the morning sunshine. The cold snap from first thing this morning clearing, the sun was now beating down without a cloud in the sky and it looks like she is planning on making the most of it.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her, her long blonde hair falling down to the middle of her back. Watching as she lays herself down on the towel, one leg out straight with the other bent up from the knee, the sole of her foot flush against the floor, sunglasses covering her eyes as she begins a day of doing as little as possible by the looks of it and my god did she look good doing it.

I soon found myself with my trousers unzipped and my hand lost underneath my clothing, my palm wrapped tightly around my hardening shaft.

I had a beautiful wife but there was something about my 18 year old next door neighbour which always captured my attention. I knew what I was doing was wrong but couldn't stop myself. The thoughts of what I would do to this girl consumed me.

My pleasure was cut all too short as activity from the front of the house had now caught my attention.


I watched as my wife had her arms draped around Angelica's father, David.

"What the?"

I quickly zipped myself back up, grabbing my laptop once more as I raced down the stairs, grabbing my keys and slamming the door behind me.

Her car had gone.

Looking across to David, who completely ignored me as I shouted across to him before slamming the door shut on me as I walked towards his house.

I stood, speechless.

What was that all about?

Thanks for reaching the end of the first chapter! Hope it has grabbed your attention enough to stick with it!!

What did you think?

Going to attempt weekly updates but that is dependant on how busy I am with my day job and how much writing I can get done in my spare time!
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