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what happens when land meets sea . when innocent meets not so innocent , when fact meets fake ,when love finally meets for the first time

Erotica / Romance
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Where is that smell coming from

It was her
during my midnight stroll by the ocean I smelled the most amazing thing ever ,and at that very moment I knew it was my moon paired mate. But I was beyond puzzled because when I looked in the direction of this delectable scent all I saw was endless ocean ,Even more confused I decided to jog home .
As I started to saw the palace I started to speed up the hill toward the gate ,as I ran by, all the guards bowed and while i was looking back i ran into a hard wall ,i turned around to see my dads beta Alex laughing .Alex reached his hand to help me up .Once I was up Alex chuckled and said (What's the hurry) when i got up i elbowed him in the side and said (I think I found her ) He paused and whisper screamed (Her ,Her ) I scowled and said (No Alex i found Mother Teresa ) he just looked at me at walked away
But that's not who I was worried about telling
Who i had to tell was my mom and dad THE GD ALPHA AND LUNA!!!! But Before i do that i have to find the girl first ,just thinking about what i would do to her when i found her had me tense in all the very wrong places. Maybe if i follow the scent i will find her but as soon as I tried to leave I saw Ashley running down the halway
I was frozen in horror as I saw Ashley kneeling in front of me (Baby ) she said with tears on her face ,I was stuck i couldnt move full of anxiety because i knew what she going to say
let me know if you guys want me to continue this story ;) \_00_/
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