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Erotica / Fantasy
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Working Overtime

“Ryan, congratulations. We would like to offer you the role and if possible, we would like you to start on Monday?”

There’s feeling quite like it when receiving and accepting a job offer. Excitement and anxiousness all rolled into one emotion. The proud feeling you get knowing you have beaten all other applicants to the job. Knowing that someone has complete faith in you to perform at your highest level.

Then comes that first morning, that’s when the nerves really begin to take hold of you. Will I be good enough? Will they like me? What are the people like?

Constant doubt races through your mind and then you reach the reception area and the knot in your stomach becomes tighter, almost strangling your stomach to the point of vomiting your entire breakfast all over the marble floor beneath you.

“Hi, Ryan. Welcome to the team.”

I looked up to see a familiar face, Ken. The old man who had interviewed me exactly 7 days ago. He’s silver hair and bushy grey eyebrows giving me some sort of relief, a familiar face can do that to you. Calm you down in certain situations. Even though I had only met this man once, he was a comfort.

Shaking his hand as he offered me his. “Hi, Ken. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity.”

“You killed the interview, Ryan. You fully deserve this role. Now, shall we go up and I’ll introduce you to the team?”

I smiled and nodded. The knot in my stomach pulling tight once more.

“How rude of me.” Ken turned to face me. Would you like a coffee or a glass of water?”

“Coffee would be great.”

He clicked his fingers at the lady behind the reception desk. “Mary! Get this young man a coffee, we’ll be in my office.”

No please?

I couldn’t stand rudeness, so smiled at Mary who looked as if the insistence of my coffee order was the final straw, I could see the anger in her face towards Ken. This clearly wasn’t the first time he had barked orders at her.

I smiled and thanked her as she stood up. The smile wasn’t returned but I would make it my mission to befriend her. She looked like she needed a friend in this place.

As we took the elevator to the company floor, Ken attempted to make small talk to cut the awkwardness in the air but my opinion on this old fucker changed. Just because you’re in a good position within the company doesn’t mean you can treat people below you like shit. It amazes me the power these people think they have. If you put Mary and him on the street together and unknown to one another there would be no power, he’d treat her like a normal human being, so why is it acceptable to treat people like that in work?

As the doors opened, I walked out into a musky office space. It smelt like a hospital canteen and after making the short walk to his office, I could see why.

The place was full of grey haired old men. I must be the youngest by a good 30 years. What was going on? I understood it was a law firm but come on! Have they not hired anyone since 1975?!

As we sat down opposite each other there was a knock at the glass door. I turned around to see Mary stood with two cups of coffee in her hand.

“Come in.” Ken waved her in and that was the last bit of communication he made towards her. No thank you when she placed his cup down on his desk, so I made the point of thanking her and smiling when she handed me my own coffee.

She smiled but it was slight and meaningless, this poor woman had no life in her. I mean, she was another one of the silver haired brigade, she couldn’t be too far off of retirement herself so not sure why she continues to put herself through it.

As she left, Ken nodded towards her. “That’s my wife.”

My eyes widened. “Really?!” I probably sounded more shocked than I should have and I think my response caught him off guard.

“Yep. 30 years this year. Don’t worry, she’s the boss at home. I don’t always treat her like that. It’s called balance.” He let out a roar of laughter.

I smiled but couldn’t help but feel amazed that he knew he was doing it and made her feel so small in front of all these people. But it’s not my business, they’ve been married for so long that it obviously works for them.

Slamming his hands down on his desk. “Enough about my marriage. I’m pretty sure your ready to get stuck in to some work, aren’t you?”

“Well, that’s why I’m here!” I replied sarcastically.

“Great, let me get Alice in here as she’ll be the one you’re shadowing for the next week or so until you’re up to speed.” He picked up his desk phone and punched in the four digit extension. “Alice, we’re ready for you.” And hung up. “She won’t be long.”

Alice? Let me guess, 68, grey haired, divorced and living at home with her 8 cats. I’m not here to work alongside her but take over when she retires in a months time...

A few minutes went by and I turned around at the gentle knock against the glass door once more and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

She was beautiful.

She looked like she was in her early 20’s. Younger than than me but also by far the youngest in the office by a good few years. I’d say she was around 5’2 but the heels she was wearing gave her an extra couple of inches, her brown reddish hair tied back in a bun, her freckles over her nose were cute as fuck, her cheeks soon became a flush red once her blue eyes realised that I was staring.

“Alice, please meet Ryan.”

I stood up and offered my hand, my palms were beginning to sweat by this point, I just hoped she hadn’t realised.


A few weeks had passed and the sexual tension between Alice and I was almost unbearable by this point. The training had gone really well and I was by this point pretty well settled in a capable of working alone but that didn’t stop me heading over to her desk at any given opportunity. The scent of her perfume in my nostrils just made me feel comfortable.

Everything about this woman was beautiful.

We had swapped numbers very early on and had become very flirty over texts but kept it professional in the office. We had to as we knew that in a few years time half the office would probably be dead given how old they all were, so surely we had to be in some sort of line to take the company over.

She told me on numerous occasions how pleased she was that I wasn’t old and grey when I arrived. Which did make me question at times whether she was only attracted to me because I was around her age which finally gave her the opportunity to flirt with someone.

“Hey, Ryan and Alice. Do you both have a moment?” Ken approached us from behind and beckoned us to his office.

Alice’s blue eyes found mine and I could sense the worry in her face. “This isn’t going to be good.” She said as she stood up and rubbed her grey pencil skirt down as she stood up straight.

As we gingerly made our way to his office, I think we both thought we were going to be told off for our behaviour. That someone had seen us flirting and deemed it unacceptable.

“What’s up, boss?” I said enthusiastically as I sat down, trying to change the mood cloud that was hovering over us.

“I need to ask you two a huge favour.” His facial expression changed, he looked scared almost. “I need you two to work late tonight. We have a deadline with our sister company that needs to be hit today or we face huge financial implications should we not meet the agreed deadline.”

“Is that it?” I ask, somewhat confused.

His mood changed once more, it was almost like my positive response lifted the weight that was sitting on his shoulders. “You don’t mind?”

I shook my head. “Not at all. I don’t mind working late if it means the work gets done and I carry on getting paid!” I winked towards him as I noticed Alice shuffle forward on her chair as she cleared her throat to speak.

“We got this, Ken. We’ll make sure with hit this deadline for you. We are the dream team of this office after all.” Hitting my playfully on the shoulder.

“Thank you so much. I owe you two for doing this. I really appreciate it.”

Alice and I both stood up. “You can count on us, Ken. Go home and leave it in our hands.”

He walked over and shook our hands. “Lifesavers. Just drop me an email once it’s done.”

“No problem at all.”


The extended shift at work wasn’t as fun as I imagined it would be with just the two of us in the office. We worked non stop until the work was nearing completion.

“How long you got left, Alice?” I pull my headphones from my head as I look across at Alice, who’s hair was now up in a bun and her white blouse was unbuttoned by a couple of buttons, I’d never seen her in glasses before but the screen must have been taking its toll on her eyes and they suited her. She looked like she was ready to go home.

She looked over at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. “About ten minutes. I’m so done, Ryan. We better be getting paid overtime for this.”

I nodded in agreement as I pushed myself back from my desk and walked over towards her. I laid my hands on her shoulders and began to rub her tight skin without even thinking about it. “Want me to go and make another coffee?”

She moaned against my touch. “No thanks, you just carry on doing what you’re doing.” She closed her eyes and moved her head back, clearly enjoying my touch.

I added a little extra pressure with my fingers and I pushed down near her collar bone. Her moans stifled but clear enough to hear through her closed lips. I couldn’t deny that I was beginning to rise to the occasion.

“Let me just finish typing the last few emails up and you can take me home and massage my entire body, if you like?”

I stood motionless for a second. I mean, I know I was testing the waters by touching her first but I never in a million years thought she really wanted me.

“I’d like that.” I replied as I released my grip from her shoulders. Sitting down beside her as my work was done but as Alice was the more senior of the two of us, she had the authority to close this deal. So I waited patiently, my mind taking me to places they probably shouldn’t be in the office but knowing she wanted me, I couldn’t help but allow naughty thoughts to consume my mind.

Watching as her fingers typed like a crazy woman, I could sense she was ready for the day to be over but was she now rushing in order for us to get back to her apartment?

After a few minutes, she slammed her laptop lid down and leant back in her chair. “Thank fuck that’s over with!” She stretched out her arms and looked at me with those blue eyes once more, her hand reaching above her head to untie her hair from her bun, allowing it to fall back down her shoulders, shaking her head from side to side allowing it to fall into place. She looked like one of those sexy secretary’s you see in certain movies, even more so with her glasses on.

“Is it time for us to go home now?” I ask, as if her home is my home. Potential mood killer right there, well done Ryan.”

She bites her lip and stares towards me. “Have you ever fucked in the office, Ryan?”

My eyes widen at her forward approach. I have but do I tell her that?

“Is that what you want?” I reply with instead, ignoring the lingering question.

“It’s a fantasy of mine. And right now, I’m so horny and I’ve wanted you to have me from the moment I first met you.” She stands up from her desk and walks a few paces over to me, she leans down and kisses me softly on the lips. “Come on, let’s celebrate our hard work.”

I lean myself forward to accept her lips, grabbing her hips and pull her down on to my lap as her legs hang over me, her short black skirt hitched up to the top of her thigh, our tongues meeting one another half way as my hand rests on the exposed skin on her thigh.

I slowly move my fingertips across the skin of her inner thigh. She lets out of soft moan into my mouth as I reach the lace material of her underwear, using the tip of my finger to trace her slit. Her tongue slips deeper into my mouth as the kiss grows stronger.

“I’m so wet for you already, Ryan.” She pulls her tongue from my mouth, gently using her teeth to bite my lower lip as she pulls away from me. My erection now pushing hard against my underwear as she opens her legs slightly, allowing me to push her underwear to the side, using my finger to glide over her wet folds. Letting out a soft moan as I begin working her clit with my fingertip.

“Mmmm yes!” She lets the words escape as she grinds her ass on my erection. “I want you inside me...” Her sentence trails of as I push two digits together and slide them inside her warm hole. I could feel her attempting to clench as her hips moved against my thrusts.

She didn’t allow me to play for long before she slipped her body from my lap and fell on to her knees in front of me. “Take it out.” She bit her lip as the words left her mouth, her eyes not moving from mine. She had that ‘come get me’ look burning from her blue orbs.

I clumsily and hurriedly unhooked my belt and unbuttoned my grey trousers before pulling them down to my ankles alongside my boxers. My fully erect cock now had nowhere to hide. “Mmmm someones thick.” She whispered as she took me in her palm, wrapping her fingers around me as she worked her hand up and down my shaft, using her fingertip to gather the precum seeping from my tip to lubricate my entire shaft as she masturbated me.

After what felt like and eternity of teasing, Alice stopped and hurriedly placed her hair back into a bun, she leant forward and used her tongue to whirl herself around my head, her eyes now back on mine as she held my cock and allowed her saliva to drip on to my tip, her hand still moving up and down to fully soak my already wet cock before finally wrapping her lips around me.

Closing my eyes and throwing my head back against the black office chair I was sat on, trousers and boxers around my ankles. I couldn’t have been more vulnerable if I tried.

Were there cameras in this office?

The panic in my mind soon subsided as Alice sucked my cock better than anyone had in a long time. Her lips were soft as they worked up and down my shaft, her fingers playing with my balls, rubbing them just how I liked it. Opening my eyes to see Alice’s closed and my cock filling her mouth fully as she bobbed herself up and down. I loved watching her with her eyes closed as she sucked my cock, she looked like she was giving me 100% attention and enjoying it herself.

My fingers either side of the chair, gripping on like my life depended on it. “Fuck, Alice! This feels so good.” I could feel her smile against my cock as she continued to work me between her lips, not long after my admission, she released my cock from her mouth with that sexy ‘pop’ as it left her wet lips.

She stood back upright to her feet, slipping her sexy black heels off and discarding them across the office, hitching up her skirt, she wiggled herself free from her underwear. Watching in awe as she pulled them from her body and dropping them to the floor. She hitched her skirt up to her waist, unveiling her pussy to me before leaning her bare ass on the desk beneath her.

“Your turn to get on your knees.” Her eyes gazed down to her now open legs as she pushed herself away from the desk slightly.

I liked this side of Alice. She appeared so sweet and innocent in the office but this authoritative attitude she was giving off was hot as fuck. I bit my lip as I fell to my knees below her, scurrying between her legs, my neck and head now stretched towards her, my tongue aching to taste her, she lowered herself slightly, the heat from her pussy radiating against my face as she lowered her wet folds on to my waiting lips.

Using my fingers to part her folds, my tongue began gently caressing her clit. “Oh fuck!” She moaned as I heard her nails scratching against the plastic on the desk. I picked up my pace pretty quickly, flicking away at her throbbing bud. I could feel her becoming wetter by the second against my tongue. I released one of my hands and inserted two fingers inside of her, curling them at the tip to grip myself inside. She moaned and gasped as I inserted my digits. She was tight. My fingers soon became soaked in her juices as I extended them to fuck her slowly with my fingers, my tongue now working figures of 8 against her clit.

Her moans becoming louder and louder as the moment intensified. I removed my fingers before and replaced them with my tongue, manoeuvring myself further beneath her as my tongue slid inside her, tasting her beautiful sweet juices. Her hands now gripping the edge of the desk, almost certain her knuckles were turning white with the amount of effort she was holding on by.

Quickly moving back to her clit in a move to intensify her satisfaction, I could feel her body beginning to quiver against my tongue. “Fuck, fuck!” She moaned, her groans growing stronger as she released her orgasm. Her body convulsing as she reached her high, her breathing now completely out of control as she gave in to the build up of pleasure.

“Stop! Please stop!” She let out a huge sigh of relief as I stopped the assault on her clit. I stood back up, maintaining eyes contact as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“You need to fuck me now, Ryan. I have the implant so we’re good.” She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra. Both soon joined the pile of clothing we were building on the office floor. Her nipples were as hard as they could possibly be, I couldn’t contain myself. I pulled her towards me from the small of her back, arching it, thrusting her head back as she allowed me to consume one of her small buds into my mouth. Her hands now tight around my neck as she let me explore her body with my mouth and tongue.

Her body writhed around in pleasure, her exposed breasts being showered with kisses and gentle bites. Her hand found it’s way down to my throbbing erection, stroking me as she begged me to bend her over the desk.

I didn’t need another invitation, I wanted to be inside this girl more than anything right now. She laid her hands on the edge of the desk, pushing her ass back out towards my erection. “Fuck me.” She said as she turned her head back around in between her two hands, resting it close to the desk.

Taking my hand around my cock, I slowly inserted myself into her warm, inviting hole. I felt her clench around me as half of my cock was inside, the remaining half was more than pleasurable as she accepted my entire length.

Is slowly began to thrust inside of her, not wanting to over do it soon and reach a climax I could feel wasn’t too far away already. A few deep breaths soon erased the want to cum. I looked down in awe of her perfect backside, her cheeks so firm and peachy. I wanted to slap one cheek but decided against it for now.

My two hands now gripping her hips on either side, my thrusts becoming deeper and faster. Alice’s moans stifled between her closed lips as my balls began to slap against her. I wanted her to moan louder for me but knew the risk of being caught was high.

Her juices now flowing from her entrance, pooling around the base of my cock and against my balls. “Harder, Ryan.” Alice looked back momentarily before placing her head back between her hands. Her boobs rocking beneath her along with each thrust.

I gave her exactly what she wanted from there on in. Pushing my body back slightly to give myself more leverage and watched as my soaking wet cock, slid inside her and the back out slowly. There was something hugely erotic about watching my cock being devoured by this beautiful girls pussy.

I proceeded to fuck her hard and fast as she had asked. The sound of sex echoing around the empty office space, bouncing off the walls, the wet squelching between us as loud as anything.

“Fuck! I’m coming!!!” Alice screeched, her voice higher than I had ever heard. “Oh fuck, yes, don’t stop, don’t stop!!!!”

Her body convulsed even harder than it had done previously. Violent thrusts of my cock banging her deeper into ecstasy. I could feel myself on the verge of my own release at this point, the warmth of her cum surrounding me.

As much as I knew I should probably pull out, I couldn’t deny myself my own high. I pounded her wanting, aching pussy even harder as my own orgasm was now peaking. Filling her up with my warm, creamy offering. Squirting all I have to offer inside of her.

She did say she had the implant, right?

As I emptied my final drops inside her, my body collapsed on to her back. My breathing erratic but my body and mind perfectly pleasured. I hadn’t felt this content in a long time.

I held myself inside her until we had both come down from our personal highs. “Ready?” I ask as I grab my cock about to pull out.

“Yeah, go for it.” I could feel Alice clench herself together as I removed myself from her in an attempt to stop the inevitable gush of my cum that was about to follow.

I grabbed her bra and shirt so she could get herself dressed before pulling my trousers back up.

She rushed to cover herself up as we heard the familiar ding of the elevator in the distance.

“Shit, quick!!!” She whispered to herself as I ran back to my desk. I watched as she grabbed her underwear and shoes, throwing them under her desk just as Ken appeared in the open plan.

“How we getting on, kids?” His voiced bellowed out from across the room.

Alice looked over at me and smirked. “I think we’re just about done here and to a VERY high standard.”

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