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I held her from behind and pressed her to the wall. Something is so different about her. That my body only carves her.... " Tell me.. I am not the only one who wants this..." I asked her. " No.. I don't want you..." she said in anger. And the game is on... Crayton Alexan, 35, Billionaire by birth.. But controls the dark mafia world. Ruthless bussiness, a sex addict with lots of charms. A man who doesn't believe in love at all. Rivana Wilder, 26,the only daughter of lost wilder family. A great, sharp minded woman who lives only for one motive... But what will happen when there raw passion.. spark the fire of love and jealousy. Can they survive from this fire or burn themselves in the betrayal and revenge..?

Erotica / Mystery
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Finally... My dearest brother is married. Seeing him happy is the bestest thing for me. Of course he deserves that. Just one year ago we all are wandering like broken pieces and now.... Look at us.... Totally changed. I sipped bourbon and look at surroundings. Rosette wants a small wedding... So her wish is granted.. Small, private..happy marriage.. The best thing is that.. I can't stop admiring this girl. She literally changed everything around us. I am happy that we have a person like her. I smiled and keep sipping the drink.

" Crayton... Why are you sitting alone like this..?" I heard Rosette voice. I turned around and look at her surprisingly. I thought no one can see me... But she caught me.

" Nothing just... Enjoying my drink.." I said with a smile. She nodded and said " Then... I would like you to have dance with me... " I look at her with surprise and nodded to her. She led me to the dance floor and the song " I will" by Citizen Way start playing.

" You know.. I don't remember when I last danced with someone else.." I said jokingly. She smiled back and said " Yes I know... Conard just told me.. That's why I pulled you here.." We keep following each other steps.

" He just wants me to enjoy here.. That's why.. "I said.

" Yes... Your face is telling me that clearly. You are happy for us.. But functions are exhausting kind for you.. Isn't it..?" she said. I smiled and said " Yeah.... Specially when I can't find suitable women.... I mean.. You know... That already.. "

" But it's hard to match your taste Crayton... " she said teasingly. I smiled mischievously and replied her "There is no type for me.. Rosette.. Didn't I told you earlier.. Women's are beautiful creatures... I meant all kind of women.." It's always feel easy to talk with her. I never thought that.... I can be able to get along with anyone.

" Yeah I remembered that... Anyways why you didn't invited your friends..? " she asked me surprisingly.

" I have no friends except Conard.. Rosette.." I said blankly. This is the truth. A person like me... Doesn't make friends.

" Mhmm... So basically Conard is your best friend also...? she asked.

" He is everything for me.. I know we are twins but basically he raised us... No words can define our relationship.... But here is the point.. You are now married to him.. So you can be my friend too.." I said

" I accepted your friendship Crayton..." she said smilingly.

" Wow.. Seriously.. Then I accepted too... But I am telling you... Now I get official right to scare you.. " I said while laughing.

" Yeah sure why not... I will be ready for your more pranks too... " she said.

And then we finished our dance...I handed her back to Conard and then I headed for my other drink. But when I turned around.... I got bumped into girl which led me to spilled my whole drink on her. She looks so short in front of me. I tried to look at her face but she keep mumbling something and tried to clean her. I don't remember that someone even invited her... So who is she..? And most importantly... Did I saw her somewhere...?

" I am sorry... Wait let me help." I said. But before I can say anything she left from there... Weird... Clumsy girl...

But who is she..?

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