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Zach was born into a poor family and after his parent gave up their three children and up and left. Zach, at the age of 16, started selling his body for money in order to feed and educate his siblings. Two years later Zach runs into a man the peeks his interest. Alex is the beta wolf of the biggest pack in town. Not only that but he also own multiple business around the world. One day he goes out drinking with some friends when a kid comes up looking for money in exchange for his body. However Alex isn't sure if he can be with someone that is tainted. "Alex? Why are you here?" he asked with an annoyed tone Now the time to ask. "I wanted to know why you don't have parents? Why your siblings don't know your birthday? Why they don't know how you make money? Why you chose that way to make money? I want to know more about you." I said as his face fell.

Erotica / Romance
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I know I'm not the best author and I get lots of writer's block but I do my best.

This book will be fiction sorry if that bothers you. That sounds like a you problem tho.

Sorry if this bothers some readers but you do have some options to fix it if you would like. You can...

A) shut up and deal with it. Cuz if you complain about in my book despite this A/N I will be pissed.

Or you have plan...

B) where you can click the back button and get the hell out of my book.

If you're going to nit-pick and complain about my writing, my characters, or that's something that is not accurate to real-life then just leave.

Now if you would like to be a good reader, then...

A) shut up and read my awful writing.


B) give me some constructive feedback on what I could do better.

There is no need for you to be mean about my writing, and if you are I will be sure to do the one thing that will piss you off, Write exactly how you tell me NOT to.

Word of advice DON'T PISS OFF THE AUTHOR IF YOU OR ANYONE ELSE LIKES THE BOOK. Cuz the author is the one that's can unpublished it.

Quick Note: This book has mature content so (~Y~ ) Means that mature content including (Rape, Sex, Suicide,) is going to be present. The same symbol will occur when the mature content ends. All listed above may be in some chapters but some may not occur in this book or other books at all.

Love ya. Bye

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