She Left Me Broken (gxg)

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Riley Jacobs is a player, she sleeps with whoever and doesn't care if she hurts them. Why? Because 2 years ago the love of her life Mariah Collins just up and left with just a letter and little explanation. What happens when Mariah comes back? Will Mariah be able to break down Riley's walls that were built when she left her or will Riley get her revenge and mess with her head?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1: Blondie

Riley’s (POV)

I woke up with a headache and to the sounds of birds chirping and sunlight in my eyes. I squinted my eyes open and groaned while grabbing my phone seeing it was 7:30 am.

Why am I awake this early on a Saturday. I went to get up but felt something warm holding me down. I looked down and saw blonde hair on my chest and felt arms around my stomach.

Who is she?

Why is she still here?

Fuck I don't remember last night. I moved the hair out of her face and saw she was actually really pretty. I carefully slid out of her arms while quietly getting off the bed. Hopefully she doesn't wake up cause I do not remember her name.

I went around the room that wasn't mine and started putting on my clothes. Once I was getting ready to leave I heard her voice, stopping me in my tracks.

Fuck so close

"Come back to bed, it's way to early to be leaving" she said in a sleepy but sexy voice "I can definitely use a round 4" she said as she smirked at me

I looked at her up and down and bit my lip.

What's one more round gonna do?

"Alright but after I'm leaving" I said as I started to take my shirt off. She smiled widely at me and nodded

I made my way on the bed and kissed her pulling her warm body closer to me as I got on top of her. Her hands went in my hair and gripped it. I moaned softly against her lips as she started to undo my jeans.

She was already naked and ready so I helped her pull my pants off and she flipped us so she was on top and straddling me now. She smirked and pulled my panties off "you don't remember my name do you?" She asked me as she gripped my thighs.
I moaned at her touch while shaking my head and went in and started kissing her neck, biting it softly then whispered in her ear as she moaned

"nope but I don't think you know mine either so I guess we're even" I said sliding my hands down her sides and grabbed her round ass squeezing it gently turning us over so I'm back on top of her. I took her hands in mine and pushed them above her head an started to grind my pussy against hers moaning at the feeling.

She moaned and leaned up pressing her lips to mine with so much hunger. I moved my hand down to her folds and slid a finger deep inside her wet tight pussy causing her to clench her eyes shut tight moaning in my mouth. I pumped my finger faster inside her wet pussy then stuck another finger in. I kissed down her neck her skin was so soft as I made my way to her erect nipple i bit down on it causing her breath to hitch while she moved her hips the same pace as my fingers getting the friction she needs then gave the same attention to her other nipple slowly sucking on it.

"Harder. Fuck!" She screamed
I complied to her demands and thrusted my fingers harder and as deep inside her as i can go. I moved my mouth down her body slowly once I reached her mound my tongue found her clit I swirled my tongue against her clit moaning once I tasted her juices. I felt her pussy clench around my fingers while she moaned

"I'm about to cum" she said. I let go of her hands and gripped her thigh holding her in place while pumping faster inside her pussy.

"Cum for me blondie" I said after a moment I felt her shake against me indicating she hit her orgasm. I pumped my fingers slowly helping her ride out her high then pulled my fingers out moving my face to her dripping wet pussy hole licking up her juices while moaning she tasted so good and sweet. I looked at her after I was done. her face was red her breathing was heavy and uneven and her eyes were closed.

I kissed up her flat stomach leaving my marks while hearing her moan softly till I reached her plump soft lips kissing her softly. "I gotta go" she opened her eyes and looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes with confusion

"You don't want me to return the favor?" She asked still out of breath.
I shook my head and got off of her and out of bed putting my clothes back on "no it's fine thanks though, you were fun"

she scoffed and put the sheet over her body glaring at me "do you want my number so we can do this again?" She asked I laughed shaking my head

"sorry blondie but I don't see people more than once" after saying that I walked out and left

my book is also on wattpad as the same user name, so if you wanna read up to chapter 30 it’s on there but i just want to put it on here too.
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