GAY Sugar Daddy

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"Did you imagine I was a guy just now?" I ask when we're already lying on the bed.

Though instead of sleeping outside, we agreed it's better to be inside tonight, after the whole incident two hours ago. The floor is still covered with his cum that I coughed out. He decided to leave it for his housekeeper to clean it tomorrow. Sorry, Margo.

"Would you be mad if I say yes?"

"Figured," I shrug. And when I turn to him I realise he's already looking at me.

"Are you mad?"

"Do I look mad?" I flash him the sweetest smile, because honestly, I'm not. Not even the slightest. I totally understand it's not his fault. He's incapable of choosing who he's attracted to.

But yeah, I do feel offended. A bit. I'm a female who can't make a cock stands, of course you'd be offended too right? If you're perfect like me.

"But I really am sorry about what happened. I mean the cum-in-your-mouth thing. I won't do it again."

"It's my first time that's why-"

"Your first time?" He's definitely surprised with my confession.

I nod, "I thought I could handle it but it's too urghh."

He laughs, "Tell me about it."

Shit. He's gay. Of course he has his fair share at eating cum too. So I laugh along with him, "Bet you handled it better than me."

"Not that much better but at least I swallowed the whole thing during my first time." Can't believe I'm comparing notes with the perfect guy I want to marry.

Correction. The kind of perfect guy I want to marry. Because I don't do relationships with my sugar daddies, aside from this professional one.

"I seriously wanted to swallow yours because I've tasted you when I was licking and stuffs so I thought, hey I can do this, but when you shoot it in my mouth, the warmth and how thick it is, combined with the saltiness, urghhh-" I gag again remembering what it felt like an hour ago which he sits up immediately, rubbing my back.

"I'm okay." I tell him once I stop coughing. He nods and removes his hand from my body.

"Do you do it every time you give a blowjob?" I ask him when we're both sitting on the bed, facing each other.

"Do what? Eat cum?"

I nod.

"Most of the time." He answers casually, like it's nothing out of ordinary.

"You're impressive." I am truly fascinated by this particular skill.

Perhaps my face shows how high I think of him, he smiles as he adds, "After some time, you get used to it."

"I guess," I shrug, "Are you a top or a bottom?"

Obviously he's a top. The way he fucked my face, oh my God, he's a fucking top. Top top top.

"I'm a switch."

"There's a switch too?" Excuse me, he's the first gay guy I've ever had such honest conversation with. All my gay friends are more interested at being my stylist rather than comparing notes on how to fuck men better.

"Meaning I can be both."

"But you must've liked one more than the other..." I'm on my mission to prove I'm right; that he's a top. Or he likes to be the top.

"I like to be the bottom."

"You doooo?" I gasp, "Cause I do too!"

Both of us laugh in sync, filling the room with our loud and wild laugh. Yeah I also don't know where the hell is that Exclusive, classy Elle.

"So question," I raise my index finger once we've tone down our laugh, "If we're having sex, are you gonna do my ass? And... do I have to peg you... too?"

I giggle as he laughs again. It's almost midnight but the way we are so alive right now, I don't think we're sleeping anytime soon.

"I've never done a pussy-"

"Meow." I interrupt his answer with my naughty cat sound when we roar in laughter yet again.

"Okay okay sorry. Continue."

"So. I was saying. I've never fucked a woman. I don't mind either way, your choice." He smiles, reassuring me he's really okay with whatever I decide.

"I've never done anal so I'm going with the front door." That, earns him a total shock as if I told him I have three nipples.

"Alright, I'll knock on the right door, I promise."

I giggle again by how cute his promise is, "Good."

"But if you want to try the other door, I have a lot of experience at both taking and giving it. So you should grab this opportunity because I definitely know best." He puts two thumbs up in between us which warrants me another laughter, I can't believe he just advertised himself like that.

"Guess it's fair you take my first back door because I'll be your first front door. Gosh this door thing is getting me confused already! Fine fine, we'll do both. Perhaps I'll try to eat your cum again. Practise makes perfect right." I think I'm too comfortable with him that I blurt out everything in my head. Damn it. Bring back the classy Elle!

"I'll teach you how to do it. But you gotta teach me how to eat you too." Oh. My. God.

My jaw is totally dropped to the bed, I can't believe he's asking me that.

"Do you think we share too much info? Or like, ask too much stuffs? Should we just go with the flow?"

He doesn't seem bothered at all with my concerns, "I'm fine either way. But I'm the kind of guy who confesses his love if he falls for someone." Got it, you're a straight forward person.

"But I'm the kind of girl who thinks first if she can be in a relationship even if she's already head over heels with him."

He nods, "So you're a thinker."

"And you're a doer."

He nods again.

"I think we should sleep." I'm ending the conversation. No more sharing experience on sex. I've talked too much today. Shared too much.

"You think?" He mocks me.

"Yeah I think. Just like I think maybe I wanna wake up early tomorrow to catch the morning wood."

He laughs heartily at my serious tone, "You're good at seeking opportunities."

I lay on my pillow, getting ready to sleep, "That's the only way if I don't wanna do any blowjob."

He looks at me instantly with a concern lingering in his eyes, "You don't have to blow me if you don't want to."

"And how do we get it up then? Not that I resent it, I'm asking totally on the educational purpose."

He shrugs, "I can watch porn."

"We can watch porn."

I must be beaming at his proposal when he smirks, "Gay porn?" with the are you sure tone.

"Two hot guys naked in a video? Why not!" Though honestly I've never watched gay men porn. Lesbian, sure. Bisexual, sure. But male-male porn?

So many firsts with him, I'm starting to think I'm in a sexual exploration too. Geesh.
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