GAY Sugar Daddy

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When I open my eyes in the morning, he was already up. Leaning on the headboard, with the duvet covering half of his body while another exposed for exhibition, he's totally absorbed with his phone for the fact I've been watching him for a few minutes now.

I've seen his morning hair before and think he's fucking hot and sexy with the abs lining up at the front. But today, to see how chaotic his not-too-short-yet-not-too-long hair with that serious facial expression, oh my. He sure looked extra hot and sexy. Dreamy indeed.

Without saying anything I curl my right arm around his middle as I hide my face between the pillow and the right side of his body, just inches to where his kidney is.

"Hey," the warm tone greets me, "Good morning to you too."

I unhide my face and grin at him, "No breakfast in bed today?"

He has already put down his phone, focusing on me but remains in the same position. And yes, he's letting me hug him and doesn't seem bothered with it. Guess all it takes is one blowjob?

One hella blowjob. Because my jaw still feels the effect of being forced on his cock beyond my limit.

"I thought I'd reply the emails first then I'll go down, but you're up early today."

"Is it?" I raise my eyebrows, "It's still early?"

"Well. You're normally up around 8 so yeah, 6.30 is early baby girl." Baby girl? If he's waking up to a guy, is it baby boy then?

Bahaha okay that's actually funny rather than sexy.

"Why are you laughing? What's so funny?" He's genuinely curious but I shake my head repeatedly, nope, not gonna share that. Never.

The last thing I want him to think of me is I'm a homophobia, for the fact I'm not just that but many others. Not because I have genuine hate or something, it's just because I like to joke around.

Though some can't take my humor so it's best if I tip-toe around it. Seal my mouth and laugh with myself instead of sharing those homophobic, racist, feminist comments I have in my mind.

"I'm up at 6.30 today. Don't you think it's funny?" I don't but let's just say it is, okay? Because my mom would. Her youngest child who's lazy as a cow is finally up before the sun comes out. Geesh. What an achievement.

He does that awkward face, between wanting to lie and tries to think of something to change the subject. Fine. Not funny.

"Since I'm up early, do you think I get to catch that morning wood? Or the moment has passed?"

The awkward face remains, along with the desperation of wanting to change the subject. I laugh seeing how cute he is as I tighten my hug, squeezing whatever flesh I can get in my embrace.

"You should see your face." I finally say as he remains rigid.

"I think we should sleep naked one night a week. So it's easier to just take advantage of you instead of asking and feeling guilty when I see this face." I release my hug and bring both arms to my side, now lying while staring at him the same way he is at me.

"Is it another joke or..."

Of course it's a joke, silly. Duh.


I wanted to laugh but the way he says it, a hundred percents serious with no humor in it, makes me feel awkward myself.

"Saturday night."

The way he said it, as if it's decided, makes me regret what I said. Shit. I've never slept naked before.

Sure I'm a whore, I sleep with guys for money, but I always, always sleep wearing something. Even if I'm tired.

When you sleep with so many guys, for money, the only way to feel you're not that cheap is when you put yourself in your clothes, even if the next morning everything flies away. Because for that little time I have for myself, to sleep on the bed on my side, in my clothes, at least I feel like I'm still me. Still in tact.

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to." I don't want to.

"I'm okay with it. Like you said, we don't have much time."

Oh great. Stupid Estelle.


Thankfully, for the next few nights I'll be in the comfort of my own bed since our deal is to share the bed only in the weekend.

I'm also grateful we get along just fine despite some hiccups, like that morning scene when I offered to sleep naked. Idiot. Moron. Stupid Estelle. I wish I can take it back.

"Do you want a pet name?"

I was busy cursing myself when he suddenly says something, "Huh? You want a pet?" Pretty sure he said pet. Right?

He chuckles but his posture remains. Damn it. He looked so fucking hot with the aviator, lying on the sun lounger in a swim trunk, abs on display, wet hair wet abs shit I'm this close to be wet too. Good thing I'm in the water so I'm technically wet now.

"Pet name. Like Baby, Sweetie, Darling-"

"Ohhh." I interrupt his list as I float myself in the pool, still watching him. Or rather, admiring him.

"Oh?" He sits up, now looking at me, "You want me to call you Eee then?"

When will we ever end this cycle of Ohhh and Eee, "No Owen no. I was like, Ohhh I understand now, not I'm gonna call you Ohhh." I roll my eyes at him as he laughs.

"I know." He's just teasing. I knew it.

"I don't think we need pet names." I tell him once I climb up and squeeze water from my hair as he watches my every move.

"Don't you think it's more intimate with pet names?"

I don't answer him but continue walking to my chair that's beside his, wanting to reach for my towel to dry my body.

"What do you think you're doing?" He suddenly asks when I'm about to sit on my chair, so I turn to him, obviously not getting his enquiry.


"My lap is where you belong, Precious."

My eyes widen hearing the last word, "Did you just call me Precious?" And don't get me started with the six words before that. Where the hell did that come from?

"Come to Daddy." He taps his lap and that's when I laugh hysterically as he does as well, even louder than me.

"What the fuck is that!" I wipe my tears as I try to kill the laugh. But him laughing on his chair is not making it easier.

"Daddy? Really, Owen? Geesh." I walk to him anyway while he's still having the bits and pieces of his laugh.

As expected, the laugh dies instantly when I straddle him, sliding my bare ass on his clothed crotch before placing them on his lap. The bikini bottom I'm wearing doesn't cover my ass at all since there's only a string in between my cheeks.

I stifle my laugh seeing him too shocked with my action, but I purposely want to taunt him so I try my best to keep a straight face.

He looks at me with a questioning look. Hello, "Aren't you the one who says I belong here?" I land my palms on each of his thighs and caress them lazily.

I can see the saliva being gulped going down his throat, oh God this is too funny. But I'm too naughty to say no so there, "Never dare me Daddy."
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