GAY Sugar Daddy

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Have you ever done something unexpected that when you receive the outcome you obviously didn't expect to happen, you push yourself further wondering how far can you go, like grinding on his crotch while taking his tongue in my throat.

It's supposed to be another joke but I play it too far when I lean in for a kiss, which he doesn't reject but somehow, welcomes me instead? Well he sure seems like he's welcoming me by how furious his tongue is wrestling mine right now.

"Can I kiss him too?" I ask softly after he lets go of my lips, both of us catching our breath and obviously ready for the fourth round of lips latching but my question stops that.

He looks at me in the eye without saying anything but I know it's a yes. Because if he doesn't want it, he would've said no, like six nights ago when we kissed for the first time.

But what happened? This is only our second kiss but he seems different compared to that night. Is it because he's getting more comfortable with me? Or he's somewhat attracted to me? Like finally attracted to me?

My hands creep to his swimming trunk, peeling it off to make way for a kiss. He's cooperating with me when he voluntarily lifts his ass so I can slide it down.

I keep my eyes at his face the whole time, wanting to verify if he doesn't want it. I'm always big on consent, so if there's a hint he's uncomfortable with it, I'd surely stop right away.

Touching it gently, I realise it's semi hard. Not sure if it's from me, or the kiss, or he just came out of the pool so it can be the coldness of the water maybe. But I'm glad either way. Because this is progress.

Adjusting my body so I can still keep the eye contact while kissing his cock, I can't help but feel proud for how fast we're progressing. Three months seems to be the perfect timeline by the rate we're going.

Unlike the first blowjob, it takes much shorter time to get him steel hard. Though this time he still closes his eyes, perhaps imagining it's a guy instead of this strawberry blonde hair girl.

"Your mouth is perfect." He groans the moment I let go of him. He sure appreciates being vacuumed with my mouth.

"Tap my knees if it's too much." His hand lands to the back of my head at the same time he says it. Here we go.

He expertly manoeuvres the movement of my head, taking his cock in and out of my mouth. Knowing I make him feel good by how much noises he makes, I'm definitely glad I initiated the kiss, both on his lips and genital.

At one point he holds his cock so deep in my mouth without moving it at all, I struggle to breathe and gag, tears streaming down my cheek, "Be a good girl," is all he said.

"Such a good girl." He lets go the moment I'm this close to tapping his knees, and I cough repeatedly as he watches me.

"You did good." He throws more encouraging words while I calm myself, recovering. This time around he doesn't rub my back or offer a bottle of water, he just watches me. Fucking watches me.

If it's another client, or should I say, a normal client, I would've jumped on his cock and take my share of the game. But to consider he's never had a pussy before, perhaps I'll take a step back and save it for when he's ready.

So I ask that one question, "Do you want me to finish you?"

He looks at me with concerns in his face. Which later he shakes his head, "Margo and Phillip are here. Don't think that's appropriate." He says as he picks up his swimming trunk and wears it again.

Right. The help. Of course.

I stand up and take my phone to leave for my room, "I'm gonna go shower."

He follows behind me as both of us go back into the house and climb the stairs to the second floor. It's awkward when we are not saying anything along the way but it'd be awkward too if we were to start a conversation. So I shut up and only open my mouth once we're both standing in front of our room, "See you later for lunch?"

He smiles and replies politely, "See you at lunch."

Before I melt with the forever-charming dimple, I turn around for my door only to be spun back by that familiar large hand, "This way, Precious."

He drags me by my waist then slams the door close, at the same time pushing me to the back of that same door, attacking my lips.

I certainly did not see that coming but I return his kisses nevertheless. He takes my left hand and guides it to his cock, feeling the length, as if asking me to relieve him from the pain.

Or in another word, finishthejob.

"Let me fuck your face." He says it when I don't take another step but keep on stroking his hardness, with no sign I'm gonna go down on my knees again.

"Maybe it's time you fuck something else."

He looked unsure, "Now?"

"Get on the bed." I order him before giving him more time for him to think, or change his mind.

"On the bed?" He's totally buying time.

"On the bed, Owen. Now." I growl with authority and that's when he obliges, both of us walking to the bed.

"Take it off, and get on bed." I can't believe I can be a badass like this but I totally cheer for the comeback of Exclusive Estelle.

Again he follows the order, removing his swimming trunk then climbs the bed to his side, leaning on the headboard.

I bring my hands to the back to untie my bikini top as he watches my every move, stroking himself as if I'm giving a strip show. So I pull off that seductive face while removing the top, and proceed with the bikini bottom.

Deep down I pray his dick won't go down, because that will prove how much he isn't interested in me. Like please, from that hard to a softie just because he watched me strip my clothes? Damn, what a confidence boost.

I round the bed and walk to him, settling in between his legs, again taking his semi hard cock in my hands. He actually goes softer because of me.

I take him in my mouth until I hear that painful moan, signalling he's ready for me. As expected, he shuts his eyes the whole time.

Fine, whatever, as long as we're progressing.

With him still in my mouth, I touch my lips downstairs to check if I'm wet for him. He's not the first guy who makes me wet just by blowing him but I need to ensure I'm ready to take him. He isn't that small to begin with.

My fingers take over by stroking him up and down, applying pressure to mimic my mouth, while I bring my body to straddle him. His eyes open immediately the moment I sink all of him in me, which I greet with a welcoming smile. Welcome to the other side, O.H.

I don't move and let him sort out whatever he's supposed to feel because this is his first time, I'm gonna give him a moment there. But boy, he feels so good and from the look he has, we're sharing the same thought.

"Ride me." He says softly as he places his hands on each side of my hips. The way he looks at me, I pray hard this time he won't go soft again because he better closes his eyes if he's about to. I'm not going to settle with getting out of here unsatisfied.

I raise my body letting his cock out inch by inch then stop just as I reach the tip, slamming myself down again which he widens his eyes as he curses, "Ffffffuck that's good!"
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