GAY Sugar Daddy

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"This is better than your mouth." He lets it out in a sigh while I continue riding him in a steady pace. His hands are still resting on my hips, assisting me with my movement.

"Is it better than anal?"

He grins, "It's too early to give my conclusion."

I want to give more to help him conclude but my movement has somehow slowed down because I'm a bit tired and lacked of energy.

I did ten laps just now so my legs can't really take this. Who told him to cook so much for breakfast that I feel guilty for eating like a pig so I decided to do that much swimming.

There goes my goal to give him the best first time. I knew this is a bad idea. I should've just given him another head and do this when I'm fully charged.

Suddenly he flips me around, putting me on my back as he smirks with his dick still in me, "What happened, Precious? Tired?"

Before I can answer him he has already charged himself in and out in a fast, sloppy pace. It's so fast that he lets himself out just a few inches before slamming right back in, and continues to fuck me like he means it. This is the guy who loves to be a bottom? Really?

"The way you grip my cock right now," he grunts in between thrusts, grabbing each of my thighs so I won't move much, ensure I'm wide spread and leaving ample space for him to move.

I wait for what's coming after what he said, I want to know what happens from the way I grip his cock, but nothing comes after that but just more pants and sighs.

I feel my orgasm coming close when he keeps a steady rhythm while hitting that one spot over and over again. He lets out a few more noises as I make my own, that at one point he takes my jaw and attacks my lips, kissing me, perhaps letting go of those tension built between us.

I latch on his arm the moment I come, needing something to hold onto while I ride the bliss. It's good. It's really good. He fucks like a real man despite being gay.

Shit. Did I just say that? Fuck like a real man? He is a real man, Estelle!

"Did you just come?" He asks as he slows down his speed.

I nod, and after a moment I finally speak, "Yeah."

"I thought you did. Can you tell me if you come again? Before you come again?" Hm?

"I wanna catch that feel. And bottle it for memories, in case I won't fuck a woman again after this."

I giggle at how cute he is, "Okay."

"One more, then?"

I giggle again, how much cuter can he be?

All of a sudden he flips me like a pancake, that I now lie on my stomach. It's so fast I don't think it's cute anymore. He could've broken my bone or something!

He kisses my shoulder blade down to my back as one of his hands pulls my body up so I'd stick my ass in the air, preparing me for a doggy.

And when I feel his cock sliding through the crack of my ass cheeks, I get nervous. No. Don't go there, Owen. Don't you fucking dare go to the wrong door.

"Owen!" I shout his name when he nudges that one hole, my right hand flies to my ass, wanting to shield that precious hole, forbidding him from probing that entry.

"Shit I forgot." He sighs, showing an obvious guilt on his face.

Knowing this is his first time, and I want to make it a memorable one, I neglect my annoyance and try my best to control my emotion, "It's okay, just go down the road, and you'll find the right one."

"Okay." It comes out as a whisper which I approach his face and kiss him, to make everything less awkward.

Then I feel his cock touching my wet sex, as he devours my mouth. I moan at the heat his hardness provides, if it's up to me I'd rather he shoves it inside instead of teasing me like this.

"Is this the right-"

I let out a cry when I feel him getting into me again.


He chuckles hearing my moan, "Guess it is then." And goes back into his amazing rhythm, all over again.

That's it ladies, I'm gonna bring this guy to our side. Everybody deserves a piece of him. Yeah yeah you can thank me later.

"I've made my mind," he whispers in my ear when I'm in a brink of cumming again, "Your pussy is better than anal."

Just like that I'm floating when the knots in my tummy releases me to the happy cloud. Seems he's having his happy ending too when he stops thrusting and stills with a groan.

Not even two weeks, and I'm already winning.

"Shit." That one word makes me turn to him in a lightning speed.

"What? What is it?" I ask seeing his shocked face, "What is it, Owen?"

"I forgot the condom."

Looks like somebody signed a contract without reading it first, because all babies and daddies have to do the mandatory full medical check up, and the girls especially need to declare their birth control method which does not include condoms. It's either the pill, IUD, implant, or any reliable method that won't be forgotten in the heat of the moment.

Guess this is considered as one of the heat of the moments.

Except I was the one who fucked him first, which I'm totally aware of the non-existence of that particular rubber material. I know he's clean, I'm clean, and obviously protected, so what's the problem?

Though it's fun to play a little, teach him a lesson or two to always read where he's gonna put his signature on.

"Shit I'm so sorry Elle." He runs his fingers through that sexy-as-hell hair with regret clearly shown on his face.

I take my time to capture this sexy pose; kneeling in between my legs, with a semi hard cock, sweat running through his killer abs, and that sexy as hell hair. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Everything is absolutely perfect.

"Owen." As if too overwhelmed with what happened, his name is the only thing I let out. I try to control my voice as I feel drips of his cum coming out of my pussy.

"I'm so, so sorry Elle. I promise I'll be with you, I promise I'll support anything you choose to do." His eyes show how desperate he is to want me to trust whatever he says, "I promise, Elle."

I almost feel bad for playing him like this but I'm way too curious to know how far can I go with my acting skill before I got figured out.

"I'll take care of everything. I promise. It's my fault you're pregnant, my mistake."

"You call our baby a mistake?" I feign a choke of how surprised I am. Excuse me, please hold out an Oscar for my award winning act over here.

"Noooo," He touches my arm instantly, "No no that's not what I mean."

"You said it yourself."

"I did but-"

"My baby's a mistake. My baby's a mistake." I hide my face in the pillow to prevent me from laughing like an ass when he's this confused, definitely in misery.

The next thing I know his naked sweaty body is hugging me from the side, "Would you marry me?"

Shit. Did I take it too far?

Suddenly I feel a finger probing my entrance, and when I lift my face he's already grinning wickedly with that same finger has safely entered me.

He played me?!

He adjusts one leg to rise above, giving easier access for him to run his fingers, yes fingers, there are two now in my pussy, going in and out in punishing speed making my hand runs straight to his biceps, seeking for support.

"Owen." I managed to say his name in the middle of his torture, which earns me a smirk.

"Owen!" I scream when he fasten the speed, my head keeps on shaking to the left and right eventhough I really want to cum. Because it's too much. This is too much.

"Shit you're drenched." He's truly fascinated with his handy work after he finally stopped once I reached my third orgasm.

"And you're still gay." I murmur when I take a glance at his cock. If he's a hetero, he sure will be up and ready for the second round but now, hello Softie.

Okay fine, semi Softie semi Hardie.

"Hey that's not nice." He catches the direction of my eyes, "And you lied."

"You lied too."

"You lied first."

"Not as bad as you."

He scoffs, "Me? You tried to trick me into thinking I made you pregnant!"

"Well you asked me to marry you! That's even worse!"

"How is that worse?"

"I could've said yes!"


"Do you know how embarrassing it is if I say yes when you don't even mean it?"

He made that you're unbelievable face, while I reply with a YOU are the one who's unbelievable.

Both of us stare at each other until his hand suddenly flies to my head, nearing my face to his which later he lands a kiss on the forehead, "Thank you for giving me the best first time."

That little speech caught me off guard. I lift my head to look at him as my heart goes awww seeing his sincere smile. But I need to play it cool after our little argument just now.

"Yeah yeah I'll marry you."

He chuckles at my murmur as I grin, have I told you how much I love seeing him laugh? And how good it makes me feel when I'm the reason he laughs?
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