GAY Sugar Daddy

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"You're hungry?" I stop rummaging the fridge hearing that familiar voice. Taking an apple out, I close the fridge again as I feel the heat radiated from his body signalling he’s standing behind me.

"I marinated chicken for lunch, I can cook it now if you're hungry."

Lunch. Yeah I skipped that after our little get-together at his room. Instead of rushing for lunch, I took my own sweet time taking a bath and then nap for a couple of hours before finally coming down for food. It's almost 4 now.

"Yeah I'm hungry." I take a bite on the red apple and lean on the kitchen island.

"Alright gimme fifteen minutes." He opens the fridge again then takes out a few food containers which I believe have all the ingredients he prepped earlier while I had my much needed nap.

Ten laps in the infinity pool followed by fifty minutes sex? Of course I needed that nap.

"Have you eaten?" I ask after I hear the searing sound from the pan.


"Did you wait for me?”

"Just a little." His back is still facing me as he busies himself with the cooking.

I step forward to get nearer, "Sorry."

I honestly feel guilty because we've been having meals together since the first day I arrived, he must have been waiting for me because I didn't tell him beforehand.

“Sorry,” I throw my arm around his middle, hugging him from the back, “I was too tired so I took a nap. Sowwy Owen.”

I managed to paste a trail of kisses at his back before he angles his body, using his other hand that is not holding the spatula to grab me for a side hug, kissing my temple briefly, "It's okay."

I look up and still feel guilty when he has that serious face instead of the always-smiley one, "I promise I'll never make you wait again. Did you eat alone? Did you already cook for me? Sowwy Owen." I kiss his chest which he instantly rubs my back, trying to sooth me instead.

But the smile on his face is the one who managed to sooth me. Yay he’s back. My Owen is back. My smiley Owen.

"I waited a little while replying emails then I figured you're not coming down so I asked Margo to eat with me. No biggie." Another kiss on my temple and then he shuts off the gas.

"Let me plate this then you can continue with your apology, okay?" He looks at me briefly which I nod, "Okay."

He takes a plate then starts putting chicken, potatoes, and some other veggies which like always, the presentation is as if I'm having a meal at a Michelin Star restaurant. I swear there was one evening when he plated our dinner with dry ice to create the smoke effect. It's crazy how far he went with his food presentation.


"I was too tired after the bath I fell asleep while taking the bath. Then I put on the robe and decided to nap for ten minutes before lunch but yeah, my ten minutes nap always turn to be more." I grin then open my mouth to take the chicken he's offering.

We're sitting at the backyard having my lunch-almost-dinner with him feeding me as I sit and just open my mouth for food. He's adamant about nourishing me after depleting my energy for his pleasure; yeah imagine how bad I blush when he said that to my face.

"But you told me it would be hard for you to sleep at night if you nap more than two hours."

"You should've come and knocked on my door." I narrow my eyes at him, playfully blaming him.

"I wanted to but you always come down during meal time so I thought maybe you purposely do that. That's why I just stop waiting and eat with my second sugar baby."

I giggle picturing him sitting with his fifty two year old French housekeeper, cozying up with each other while having lunch. That'd be beyond adorable.

Though Margo is a fun person to have a conversation with. She's a clown that one, even her accent itself is humorous.

"Was it a good date?" I play along before taking another bite.

"She's a French, so." He shrugs which I laugh louder this time around.

This thing between us, it's healthy. Of how good we are at communicating. We joke, we share intimate details, we are basically two best friends who have sex.

"I like how I can just share things with you and not worry much." I voice my thought and look at him dreamily. That's one thing I look for in a partner. Too bad you're a daddy.

"Would you like to share how are you going to spend the night tonight? Saturday night is at Daddy's right?" I giggle because just a second ago I was calling him daddy in my mind. You really fit me to the core, Owen.

"I don't know." I take another bite and munch. If it's up to me of course I would like a repeat of what we did in his room just now. But will it be too soon after his first time just a few hours ago?

"Maybe a great second time?" Oh my God. Is he a mind reader or something?

"It was really a great first time. Thank you, Elle. Your pussy's amazing."

I choke on my meat hearing his compliment, which I meant to laugh but I was munching so the meat kinda fill up my throat. Or my nose. Or both.

"Here," he rubs my back while offering a glass of water. I cough as I take the glass. Damn it. Why do I have to be embarrassing like this.

"You okay?"

"Yeah." It's my pride that is not okay. Choking like a stupid fish yearning for water. Damn it.

"Think I've had enough." I shake my head when he offers another bite, which later he lands the chicken to his mouth before putting the plate on the table as I finish the water.

"I still need to bottle that moment when you cum, you-"

The water I intend to gulp suddenly spurt out of my mouth with his bluntness. Does this man even has a filter?

"Hey hey you okay?" He quickly rubs my back again which I nod my head repeatedly, wanting to let him know I'm not that much affected. It's just me and my digestion system.

"Is it because I talk about the..." He stops there but his facial expression tells me the rest of what he's wondering about.

"I just need a minute." I bring an index finger up while putting the empty glass down then inspect the front of my top that's soaking wet now.

I'm wearing a baby pink tank top with a burgundy colored bra underneath so the bra I'm wearing now is totally visible because of the wet front. Great, now I look like a whore doing the carwash.

"You should get out of this top. It's so wet." He says and at that moment both of us look at each other, then a second later laugh in sync.

"I sound like a cheap porno I know I know." He smacks his own forehead while I giggle at the admission.

His laugh dies down once I start to remove my top. And when his eyes wander too long at my half exposed tits, I ask him casually, "Like my bra?"

Wearing a sexy transparent, non wired, non padded lace burgundy bra that is also one of my favorites, I'd look at myself the same way too if I were him. The bra's pretty and always make me feel sexy, even if it's underneath clothes.

He brings his gaze to my face, looking all flustered, "Sorry."

"Sorry? Sorry you didn't like my bra?" I purposely drag the awkwardness he must be feeling now.

"No. It's, uhh. I like it. Very much."

Bahaha this is fun, poking him when he's all shy and awkward.

"It’s pretty right? This is one of my favorites. I have another in black."

He runs his fingers through his hair then looks at the infinity pool, sighing. I'm almost confident he's halfway on the road of being bisexual by the way he's reacting these days.

Then he turns his sight towards me, "I think I like them." Hm?

"Right now all I want is to drown my face in your cleavage," Wow. Isn't that too honest? "And kiss them till forever."

Now I'm the one who's all awkward and slightly turned on.

"I thought we should be transparent with each other." He obviously tries to justify where that confession comes from, perhaps from seeing my shocked reaction.

"So I'll see you for dinner?" He takes the plate and glass then gets up from the couch we're sharing, leaving me dumfounded with this arousal in between my legs. I thought he's gonna do what he wanted? What happen to drowning your face in my cleavage?

"Okay." I force a smile and watch him walk away, back into the house.
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