GAY Sugar Daddy

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"What was that?" I certainly ask him with an attitude, a hand on my hip with a face that shows confusion and, well, irritation.

"If we're gonna be transparent with each other, I'd like to know why did you leave after you told me you want to drown your face in my boobs."

He stops focusing on the dishwasher rack in front of him and tilts his head, finally looking at me in the eyes.

"You can just do it, you know. I'm your sugar baby. Yours to fuck." Might as well put everything on the table.

I can't read his face but there's no smile or anything positive there, purely blank blunt face.

"I think it's too soon." He closes the dishwasher and walks to the fridge, perhaps to take stuffs out for dinner prep.

"It's normal for kids to be excited when they have a new toy." I can't believe I need to convince him into having sex with me.

All my six sugar daddies were always in the mood, texting me all the time, wanting me to be with them every single day despite being busy with work or stuffs, but this one... urgh.

I swear if any of my sugar daddies has this much ample time for me, two weeks of being stuck in the same place with nothing to do, I'd have to be pushed on the wheelchair by how sore I am. Those daddies fuck me more than twice in a day during the weekend yet this one... urghhh.

"You're not a toy," is all he says.

Since he doesn't want to play with words, fine, "I'm your sugar baby, Owen." There. Stipulated by our contract. A sugar baby.

"We just had sex."


He doesn't say anything, but stare at me with his mysterious eyes. Though I did catch those same eyes travel south sometimes, inspecting my girls. I haven't put on a new top; I came here straight from the backyard.

"Would you have the same doubt if I were a guy? Don't tell me you only fuck once when you meet someone new?"

I can see the twitch in his eyes, so I take a step to get closer to him.

"Tell me, Owen. We need to be honest for progress to happen. I can't move forward if I don't know the reason you won't fuck me. Is it me? Is it you? Is it the timing?" I stop myself and sigh, "Yeah you did say it's too soon. Okay." Got it.

I walk backward to the place I stood just now. Asked and answered, all on my own. Alright, guess he needs time then.

"I'm still full so I'll skip dinner. See you tonight." I leave for the stairs and go to my room.

Gosh it's somewhat embarrassing. If only I talk to myself first, or be patient, instead of rushing to him and confront him like that.

But if I don't I'd never know if it's me, or him, or something else. So now I know it's too soon for him.

Alright. I'll go slow, Owen. It's okay. For now let's open this nightstand so I can be with my precious pink dildo.


"Hey." He greets me when I take two sweet potato fries from his plate.

Seeing him sitting alone on the stool next to the kitchen island, eating while watching something on his iPad, well, it seems like I'm doing the right decision to come down because honestly, I feel guilty since I already ditched him at lunch.

"Hey," I grin while stealing another three fries, hopping on the stool next to him, "I promised we'd eat together so here I am."

He curves a smile, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." I begin picking up the fork he left on the plate to close his iPad and stab a piece of steamed broccoli, then pop it into my mouth.

"You want me to cook for you?" He asks when I move the fork to the grilled chicken.

I quickly shake my head, "No it's okay. I'm still full."

"Yeah I can see that." He teases when I already pick up the knife to cut the chicken into smaller pieces.

"I just wanna have a taste of this," I put one into my mouth, then stab another piece and offer it to him, "Say aaaaa."

"I'm not saying aa-"

But I already plop one into his wide opened mouth and nod approvingly, "Good boy."

He laughs as he munches but opens again when I offer the broccoli next.

"Margo went home already?"

Still munching, he hums a "Hmm."

"It's still early." Because Margo and Phillip works from eight to eight, it's only six thirty now.

"She needs to go early to catch her flight."

"Her flight? To where? Wait. Today is Saturday. Why is she here on a weekend? I thought they're only here on weekdays?"

"She'll be on leave for a week that's why she's here today, to wrap up everything before going away."

I arch an eyebrow, "So we'll have the house to ourselves for a weeeeek? A whole weeeeeek?"

He chuckles, "What naughty things are you having in that dirty, dirty mind hm?"

I playfully push down the left strap of my spaghetti top revealing my collarbone, and pull my infamous seductive look, "You know it."

"I do," he takes the same strap and puts it back to its original place.

"You're boring," I huff and puff then push the fries into my mouth, "You're 33, not 53."

"And you're 22."

"What do you mean I'm 22?"

"I thought we're revealing each other's age?"

I hit his chest and sigh loudly which he laughs, thinking he's funny with his dry joke.

"Do you know what Margo said to me on the first week I was here?"


Immitating Margo's french accent I say, "I thought Owen is gay."

Without waiting for his laugh to die I continue, "He never brings a woman here. It's always men I swear. Men men men. No no I'm open, very open Estelle, but he's gotta start having family you know. Wife, kids, I'm glad he is not gay anymore."

He shakes his head as he laughs, can't believe his long term housekeeper shares that with me.

"I'm sorry about what I said before," I change my tone and get serious, "I just think that it's a good progress you start to like my boobs. Maybe later you'll like my pussy too. I pushed because I want you to get on it while it's hot, while you want me. If you wait I worry we're gonna have to start all over again."

He doesn't react to what I said but he's clearly putting them into his mind. That's good enough for me.

"I'll see you tonight," I change the tone of my voice to lighten the atmosphere, "Thanks for the meal, Owen."

I'm about to hop off from my stool when he suddenly scoops my ass to his lap, then moves his hand into my hair directly to the scalp, gently pushing my face so I'd look at him directly.

Everything happens so fast and the next thing I know I'm returning his kisses while moaning.

"Next time remember," he breaks the kiss but our lips and nose are still touching one another, "My lap is where you belong."

I unconsciously smile at his no-nonsense tone but he takes that smile away when he kisses me again. And my pussy is where your cock belong.
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