GAY Sugar Daddy

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"Okay it's my turn," I tell him after propping my arms to each side so I can see his face, "You're wearing too much clothes, by the way."

He grins mischievously with his mouth glistening with my pussy juice, and some on his nose too, making me giggle by how cute he look right now.

Wondering how hard he is for me but I plan to go slow so I'll figure that out later, first let's enjoy this strip show.

"You sure you don't want another?" He asks, still holding my thighs and kneels in between them.

"Or you're the one who's getting attached to pussies now?"

Those eyes that used to be mysterious, well they still are, but now are looking at me dangerously, "Nothing better than a pink pussy to worship. I aim to please."

"I thought I'm the one who should do the pleasing."

"Then say please." Just like that he widens the opening of my thighs and eats me, now expertly attacking those areas I've guided him minutes ago.

True to his words, just a moment later I'm pleading for another release, chanting please like a true whore. Well that's what they say, good girls go to heaven but bad girls go to heaven now.


I shouldn't be discouraged.

I shouldn't be discouraged because it's okay.

It's okay Elle, it's okay.

"I'm sorry."

"Hm?" I force a smile on my face realising I must be frowning or something that he managed to read me.

"Can I?" I ask cheekily while titling my head a bit, licking my bottom lip, purposely showing him how much I can't wait to taste it.

"Of course, anything for you."

I managed to roll my eyes before giggling, hearing him joke around I definitely feel at ease knowing he's okay again even with his softie wilting in front of me.

Touching his shorts and brief that currently stop just below his dick, I lower it further down to his ankle. He then kicks the clothes joining his shirt that he discarded earlier.

I don't know if I'm getting an extra point for effort but I intentionally let out a moan a second after taking him in my mouth, indicating I want to do this, not because I have to. The precum taste salty which is not my cup of tea but hey, fifteen hundred bucks a week is enough to psyche myself it's a tasty salty.

Compared to before, he grows much faster and I'm totally getting the hang of this. Feeling him thicken both in length and girth in my mouth, this dick itself is like a trophy for my achievement to be able to do this in record time.

I mean, soft to stiff as a board in less than five minutes? Hellooo, bring more gay men this way please.

Suddenly he touches my head and gently holds it in place while he reverses himself, taking his hardness out of my mouth. He steps away, leaving me alone at the same spot like an idiot, just watching him walk to to the mini bar at the end of the corner. Seriously? Another drink? Am I that bad to fuck he needs a liquid courage?

Returning with two water bottles and placing them on the nightstand, I'm seriously confused right now.

But then it hits me. The first time I blew him. The coughing. The sore throat. Most probably the mineral water is for me, preparing for the after effect of his rough face fuck. Ohh. Okay.

He approaches me again, standing tall while I'm still kneeling on the carpeted floor. Taking a cue of our position, I bring my mouth to his harden length for the face fuck I suppose he's waiting for.

But he touches my jaw and tilts my head. Leaning in, he meets my face as he gazes into my eyes, "No."

I'm about to question the no but that got cancelled when he kisses me briefly, "I would like to empty my balls in your pink pussy, not your mouth." Is this the moment I'm supposed to say awww?

The heart warming aww disappears when he kisses me again but this time deeper and starting to make me dizzy with overwhelmness. He feels like drug, making me want to keep on latching my lips and tongue with his, never to stop. Never.

He brings me up on my feet without breaking the kiss, then both of us move carelessly to the bed behind me.

He hovers over me as we smile at each other. As our naked body touch, there's that warmth I feel again in the atmosphere.



We stare at each other as I wait for it. I'm up for kissing but I would like to see his face more, what kinda expression he has when he first goes into me. Will it be a smiley face like he always has on?

Pushing his erection into me, or should I say with precision; into the right hole, I cry in satisfaction to finally be filled with a warm rod instead of the cold dildo.

"Tell me what you think," he asks in a low tone, still thrusting in me but surprisingly he's a lot calmer, he's taking his own sweet time going in and out instead of moving like a mad person he did this morning, "of this?"


"Do you want me to go faster? Deeper? Harder?" Ohh. This.

"Anything you want, I don't mind." I flash a smile at him though personally, I like those better. But we're going slow, remember? Dip into every option, because this is for him too, to figure out which one he likes more. He's the one who's doing the exploring, not me.

Suddenly he pushes my legs towards my face, "Hold your ankles, please," he asks politely with a smile and a dimple on his face.

Of course I'd do it. It's a freaking dimple. I'd do anything for that adorable dimple. Which he hasn't wiped it off since the moment he entered me.

But when he slides his erection along my slippery clit instead of going inside me, teasing me by hitting his cock on my pussy multiple times, those dimple that's still on his face is not looking cute anymore.

"Owen." I put enough warning when I call his name.

"Hmmm?" He finally looks at me instead of watching our private parts playing with each other, or should I say, teasing each other.

"Put it in."

"Put what in?"

I narrow my gaze at him, he fucking knew what I'm talking about and yet here he is, messing around.

"Put your bird into my bee."

He laughs while still holding his hardness. I realise the tip is touching my bee so I slide myself down and feel victorious when I managed to put inches of him into me.

"Hey-" he's about to complain but then I see his face, the one that shows he's thrilled to be fully enveloped with my tightness.

I shamelessly move my hips and ride him while he watches, not even saying a word but keeps on humming in approval.

Bad girl is bringing heaven to you, huh?
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