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After cleaning up, both of us are back on the bed. Only this time we opt to be out on the terrace, sleeping under the stars.

"I'm not trying to sound like a pervert but-"

I give him a knowing look, we've passed that pervert stage Owen. We're so more than that now.

"Yeah I know, pervert," he puts a palm on his chest, admitting he's one, "But aren't Saturday night supposed to be nakey-nakey night?"

I giggle hearing his nakey-nakey while he gets off the bed, "I'll start, then you. Okay?"

I don't want to but a promise is a promise so I agree, "Okay."

He removes his sweatpants when I gasp, "You're not wearing underwear?"

"Who wears one to bed?" He asks as if it's a nonsense thing to do.


"You should let it breathe. One whole day being trapped in a confined space, come on. It's your turn now. Let it breatheee."

"Why don't you help me since you're such an expert."

He crawls to my side of the bed and reaches for the hem of my flimsy nightgown, "Up," he says softly so I raise my hips to ease the process of removing my clothes.

He then reaches for my panties and again, "Up," pulls it down to my ankles, all while staring at me right in the eyes.

He takes the pool of my clothes and get off the bed, putting them on the nightstand while I pull the duvet to cover my body.

"A cuddle? Or it's too much?" Wow who's this man? Just hours ago he mentioned about too soon but now he wants a nakey cuddle?

"Cuddle-cuddle or sleep-cuddle?"

"Sleep cuddle. Wait. What do you mean with cuddle-cuddle?"

"Talk while cuddling." But I can see the other meaning he's interpreting; cuddle that leads to another round of sex.

"Do you cuddle your partner when you sleep?" I decided to change the topic before we dive into his version of cuddle-cuddle.

"It depends."


He leans to the headboard but still looks at me while we converse, the duvet is only covering his bottom part, leaving the six packs exposed for my eyes to feast upon, "My first boyfriend didn't like cuddling. So it depends, on who it is. That's why I ask first. I don't mind either way."

"I always sleep on my side."

He smiles, "Okay," then lowers his body to lie horizontally on the bed.

"And it's summer."

He turns his head to look at me, "Okay."

To be honest, I just want to be in my own space after spending sexy time with daddies. Sweat, or other bodily fluids that I've removed from my body, look, I'm all clean now why would I want to tangle myself with another human being especially in summer?

"You're cute." He murmurs while still staring at me, we're both looking at each other from our own pillow, only a few inches apart.

"You can just say no, you know."

So he knows I'm uncomfortable with it.

"Summer or not, I'm sure the aircond is taking care of it."

Dumbass Elle, obviously we have the aircond! Such a poor excuse to use the weather.

"I take it you never sleep naked?"

I shake my head lightly, don't even plan to say anything. I just wanna look at him, hear him talk, then drift to sleep.

"Then why did you suggest it?"

"We all say things we didn't mean."

He chuckles, "Do you want me to dress you back?"

"It's okay, I'm breathing now."

The chuckle has turned into a full laughter, "Like the wine? Let it breathe so it'll taste better? So I can enjoy it later?"

I hit his chest playfully, but still don't plan to talk much. I'm too tired to have a conversation.

"Okay okay," he grabs my hand before I managed to take it away, puts his hand on mine and squeezes it lightly to make it stay on his chest, "I can see you're sleepy already."


"Goodnight, Precious." He plants a kiss on my knuckles while I murmur a goodnight to him.

Closing my eyes I let him hold my hand, too tired to even care about it.


Still remembering how amazing last night was, I wake up feeling truly satisfied and content.

Sex satisfied, and content with the amount of orgasms I received. Today is going to be a good day.

But once I turn to my left, realising there's a sexy man sleeping next to me looking all delicious and appetising, I'm having that craving again, the need to fill up my pussy with his hot rod.

I unconsciously smile seeing the tent where his genital is located. Look what I've found, a piece of meat ready to be taken advantage of.

Touching my pussy to check how wet I am, well, it's enough to say I'll be providing good lubrication without his precum.

So I invade his space but try my best not to wake him up, position myself to squat right on his morning wood while giggling to myself of how naughty I am.

Pulling the duvet to cover our naked body, I take a deep breath to ease the giggling. Once I've managed to be a little bit more serious, I gently take his erection while watching him sleep. Good thing he's sleeping on his back so this makes things way easier for me.

The first thing I see when he's already deep in me, is a widening smile. Knowing he's already woken up eventhough his eyes are still tightly shut, I become bolder by moving faster. His hands automatically reach for each side of my hip, and I can hear the faint moan.

"Are you awake?" I stop riding and ask him in an innocent tone.

He finally opens his eyes with the same smile, only this time he's added the dimple.

"Sorry," I move up to let his dick out but he presses on my hips, stopping me. So I flash a confused face. Though I'm fully aware of why he's doing that. A man is a man, even if he's gay.

Wait. Did he imagine I was a guy just now? That's why he refused to open his eyes?

"Use me, take me, do whatever you want to me," he seems to be asking for a favor but his tone can be mistaken as an order, "Whether I like it or not."

Suddenly I'm feeling hot.

So I let go of the duvet and expose my body, which he seems to appreciate by the attention he's given to my tits with his eyes.

"Ride it Pinky, it's all yours."

"Okay Brain."

His body shakes before I even begin as he laughs, then he starts to sing the theme song the moment I establish the rhythm of my joyous ride.

"Shut up Owen! It's not sexy!"

"But I'm giving you a background music."

"I swear I'll stop if you keep on singing."

He didn't. So I stop. Huh. Never forget that I like winning so much I don't mind whatever I'm risking, including an orgasm.

I even get up from bed to go back inside the house and off to my room. My good old friend who never denies me pleasure is waiting for me in my nightstand.

"I'm sorry." His voice from the back stops my step. I'm in dilemma between my ego and realising the fact that he pays me for this, so he can do whatever he wants. Even if it means fucking with the theme song of Pinky and The Brain in the background.

"Here," he gives me a pillow. Seriously? Asking for a face fuck after all that?

But I take it anyway, like the moron I am.

"Come," he touches my naked body and guides me back to the bed, while I'm still hugging that stupid pillow.

Once we're next to the bed he goes behind me, and puts a hand on my back, gently pushes me so half my body is on the bed with the pillow underneath me as my feet are still on the floor.

"I'm sorry I ruined the moment just now," his whisper on my right ear tickles me, I can feel his naked chest touching my skin.

"I'm sorry I'm gonna ruin you again though," he says with the same apologetic tone.

He spreads my wetness around my pussy, some on his hardness before he puts the tip from behind. Unconsciously I wiggle my butt to ease him in as if he even needed that, but he's definitely happy by the sound of his growl.

"Owen." I mutter his name when I feel him all of him intruding me once again.


I didn't exactly want to call him it's just something that comes out of my mouth in the heat of the moment. But of course, being Estelle, I encounter it with something to make me look less eager, "Uhh what's the pillow for then?"

He slams harder as I can hear the sound of our skin slapping, the slick sound of how wet we are, "For you to hold onto, when you lose control like this."

Shit, I am holding it as I take all his hard plummeting. Definitely a Brainy.

Intelligent, funny, and such a pervert, he's definitely someone I'd want to spend my whole life with. There'll never be a dull moment with this man.

Too bad he'd want to spend his whole life with a guy.
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